Wednesday, April 06, 2005


all i wanted was some 'orange blossom honey', some tomato paste in a tube, some 'challah' (egg bread) for my turkey stuffing, some mascarpone cheese (that stuff is DELICIOUS!), some fresh carots and celery, fresh berries and goodies. . so me and Rob had a rare Thursday off and we decided to check out the Toronto. Only the South Market is open during the week in the 'off season', but that was enough for us!

It was a great drive in - we always drive the Lake Shore cuz we love to see the water. The lake was grey and dull, but still great to see! We lucked out and got a pretty cheap parking lot, really close to the market - so that was cool!!!

We entered at the lower level and found ourselves not knowing where to look first!!! The smells, the colours of all the foods, the people. . . Rob is so patient in crowds - i am NOT! I actually feel compelled to race through crowds. . even if i'm not in a hurry - i don't understand it, but yet i do it every time! Anyway, we poked through little, tiny shops and saw some cute 'bunny' cakes and cookies for Jimmy and Eri! we saw these GORGEOUS strawberries, pyramid stacked, beautiful, deep red, humungous berries - $3.99 for a quart! eek!!! Rob thought that they had been genetically modified - so he wouldn't go for them! I was kinda pouty for a while - especially when we ran into Mom and Alexis!!! (whom we didn't expect to meet) Alexis bought some of the wonder berries and was raving about their sweetness and that of course made me more pouty! I never did get any! we did grab a couple of fried apple rings -- YUM!

So, now we get to the sweet part of the story. . . after checking out the historical part of the complex - an exhibition on the top floor - very interesting - blueprints, architectural drawings, furniture, architectural models etc. We decided to go out the way we came in, and take in the lower level before we called it a day. Bought my precious braided challah, a very nice loaf!! got my tomato paste in a tube!! mission accomplished -- all except for the honey.

I saw a sign that said "Honey World". 'Wow', i thought, 'if i can't get orange blossom honey there, i won't get it!' The shop was so crowded. I'd never seen so much honey in my life!!! I love honey - it is so delicious. I could not wait to try some of the more exotic varities. The quiet man behind the counter told me that he had some of what I was seeking, but that it had crystalized. I kinda shrugged and said "can i still use it?" He said sure, just warm it up - so i was going to just buy it, but then Mr. Mild Mannered Honey Guy went into 'hypersampling mode'!!!!! He showed me some New Zealand "Tawari" honey and asked if we'd like a sample? We said "sure". Well, that was a HUGE mistake - cuz this little man must have given us 20 samples each of all these kinds of honey, pine tree honey, leatherwood honey, the Queen's favourite honey, Manuka honey, we were getting all honey buzzed and feeling kinda woozy! Rob had to finally say 'I think that's enough honey for one day.' I actually was feeling a bit weird!!!

Oh, it was FUNNY! We laughed after we were an appropriate distance from Mr. Honey World - cuz we didn't want to hurt his feelings! *he was such a honey!* (GROAN!) I couldn't resist - sorry!!! I bought some delicious, delicious "Tawari" honey, which has a really butterscotchy taste. check this out That was a great day - a great outing with Rob and got all my food to make a great family meal, not to mention the yummiest honey that i've ever tasted (and enough samples to qualify as a meal for two!!!) Every time i have my toast and i get the jar of honey from the cupboard i laugh and think of Mr. Honey World! We'll probably go back again when i run out!!!


Denise said...

*OH!* I love the market! But I don't get down there close to enough. I cannot even remember the last time I was there.
I don't like honey, though!! lol.

Lindsay said...

That's funny what you said about the honey salesman! You got a bit of a sugar buzz from the honey, did you? It turns out the market you went to isn't the same market I was talking about. I just remembered I went to Kensington Market, and it was all outdoors.I love reading people's blogs, it's almost as much fun as writing them!
See ya later!

supersimbo said...