Monday, April 04, 2005

Here goes!

I'm jumping in! ahhh!!! Yes, this is my brand new blog and I'm kinda scared. I don't really know why!!! Hi, I'm Kathy/aka Bloggie McGee. (Yes, I'm a Simpson's fan as some of you may have guessed from the title) *Homer to Dad: "Oh Dad, if it was up to me you'd live forever! But try telling that to "Killie McGee" up there." * For someone usually never at a loss for words, I suddenly feel like I am! Some friends are blogging away and I really enjoy reading their blogs and commenting, so i finally decided to give it a try.

Today has been a good day. I worked. I went to the dentist for a cleaning and had the hygienist from hell, with her scrapey hooks and pointy instruments! Ow!!! I wonder what hygienists think.. . like they can see up your nose, right? and hopefully most people keep that area clean when they go some place where someone's gonna be looking up it?! and they smell all kinds of gross mouth smells. . I thoughtfully thought twice before having feta, garlic and oregano dressing on my veggies at lunch! and they see all kinds of different 'conditions' of mouths. . *shudder* not the job for me! Hair dressers, they see things too. . just had my hair cut the other day, so i'm thinking of what they might see too. . . for starters they can see inside your ears. . so yeah, that could be an adventure for them? I have a friend who cuts hair - she notices people's zits! ha ha!!! oh, i'm not at such a loss anymore, eh? Enough about occupational hazards for one day.

My oldest daughter, Linds and my grandkids, Jimmy and Eri came over for a lunch time visit! Any day when they're here is a great day!! Once I get goin' i'll post a picture or two if i can manage the technology?!!!

My husband, Rob was off work today, doing the trim for our downstairs washroom. I hate working when he's not! Misery loves company!!! Rob's a man who can fix anything. . he's in the maintenance field - works at the hospital here in town -- vehicle mechanics, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, you name it he does it! So, he saves us a TON of money by doing almost everything we need around this house and with our 2 vehicles.

I work from home - on my computer - I'm a medical transcriptionist. Fancy word for 'typist'! I work for an entire city full of physicians at our local hospital here. So, yeah, my brain is perpetually full of latin, and drug names and protocols, surgical terms, body systems, diseases, diagnoses, etc. . but i'm not gonna say any more about that - cuz by the end of the day i've had it "up to here" with 4 syllable words and I just want to NOT think!!!-- maybe watch a movie (cuz Rob and me are movie freaks!) , read my Bible, talk to God, walk the dog, see a friend, exercise, have a piece of chocolate.. YUM! Our youngest daughter, KK, is away at school -- but she's almost done. . once her exams are finished she's home again!!! can't wait! We've missed her sooo much; she comes home every w/e, but the weeks can be long without her. We have a dog, Maggie. . a Bichon/miniature poodle cross and what a little quirky thing she is! i'll introduce her in future posts. . like I will with everyone else in my family!

I'd just like to type/think about little everyday things in this blog, big things, important things, fun things, life!! So welcome and thanx for stopping by! I'd love to hear from you too so feel free to talk to me!

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supersimbo said...

hey kat, so cool to see you blogging now! i will definately keep an eye on your page and will link from mine if you want?
i dont think i knew what your job was? can't rememeber whwther you told me or not but i am impressed...........seriously. you must be smart!!lol
anyways, welcome to the world of the blog!