Monday, April 11, 2005

a little night blogging

its 11:05 p.m., 2305 hours - the time change is still buggin' me! i'm more tired than i rightfully should be - seeing how nighthawky i am by nature. don't know what i'm really in the mood to say, should it be heavy or light? maybe something in between?! maybe just some some free form thinking?!

Rob's watching a tv show on a expensive, experimental 'floating laboratory' some sort of research vessel that ran on power generated by force of the ocean currents.. . this lab was apparently 'lost at sea'! ha ha. . . and years later they found it in a Vancouver scrap yard. yeah, it sounds intriguing, but i've seen enough tv for one night.

the dog has been walked and did her 'piddle and business' as my mom in law daintily puts it! This is also a woman who is too shy to tell people that she needs to excuse herself to use the facilities, so she cryptically tells them that she needs to see Auntie Jane (#1) or Ebeneezer (#2) LOL!!! HA HA HA. . oh my she's a funny lady. We laugh a lot when she talks, cuz she's so darned amusing; only she doesn't get why we're laughing, so she tends to get a tad bit upset. oh my. really, she's a dear.

We used to go for these drives sometimes with Rob's mom, dad and his Oma - 'the country' was a 5 minute drive from where Rob lived - that was a LONG time ago. . . . we were still teenagers! We'd pile into the beige "Reliant" station wagon. . and drive below the speed limit. .for some reason Rob's dad would shimmy that steering wheel back and forth repeatedly as he drove.. 'eh uh, eh uh'.. we don't know where he picked up that method there.. must have been hard on the car's alignment!? so we're in the country driving 40 km/hr in an 80 zone everyone's passing us. . its so funny. The windows are down, which suddenly becomes a bad thing as the pungent aroma of manure greets our nostrils. The two older women start clucking their tongues, exclaming "Oh! that smell!" So what does Rob's mom do? She grabs for her purse, extracts a bottle of cologne and a tissue - sprays the tissue with cologne and places it OVER HER NOSE and inhales through her 'emergency filter'. GREAT! Now the car smells like Estee Lauder and cow crap and dad is put putting along, herky jerky with the steering wheel and Mom's getting high in the passenger seat and Oma's, well, i don't even know what Oma's doing, maybe she was knocked out by the fumes?! I don't know.. . Rob and I are laughing. . and the whole time i'm thinking "okay, why are we driving in the country in 'field fertilizing' season?? oh my. . and after this we go for ice cream!! i swear i could smell that disgusting combination of odours for days after. . .

oh that was fun going back there in my mind. Dad and Oma are gone now. . Dad was this deadpan, razor-witted, crusty old Scotsman who had this uncanny knack for distilling a person's character down to an eerily accurate phrase or even word! I miss him - he was often misunderstood by people as grouchy and gruff. . but i thought he was great. I used to laugh out loud when he would say grace over the meals that Mom would cook - droning out: "We thank thee Lord for SMALL mercies. . . AH-men." He was always saying these hilarious things to Mom, who would become incensed and would disgustedly utter her famous "Oh, George!"

Oma, she was SHORT! must have been all of 4' 11" . . .i was almost a foot taller!!! a sweeter woman never existed -- okay, maybe Mother Theresa. Oma had this long, long snow white hair that mom would always take great care of. . i can still see her doing Oma's hair, brushing it all out braiding it and winding it into a tidy bun. Oma called Rob her "wee Georgie".. *Rob's first name is George!! after his Dad*. When she met me for the first time she hugged me and remarked on my 'beauty' and gave me this delicate, flowered handkerchief. I still have it almost 30 years later! She was such a cute, little woman, so prayerful and full of faith in God, so encouraging.

So now Rob and I are middle aged! oh my! Mom's positively geriatric now - though she's increasingly feisty and as Norwegianly stubborn as ever!! Our own kids are both adults and we have 2 grandkids!!! Wow, where have the years gone? and now where has the time gone?! i've been at this entry a while, so i'll close and say thanx for reading. don't know why i thought of that 'country drive' memory, but it was fun!!! Aren't memories the best? *the good ones, that is!*

over and out!


Denise said...

Estee Lauder and cow crap!!! HAHAHA! That's the best thing I've heard in weeks! =) You made my day, kat.

supersimbo said...

what a great story.....memories are great! we used to go as kids to a caravan that my grandparents had at the coast and we would head off all excited even though it would rain constantly and there was dang all to do. then aunts and uncles would arrive and just sit there drinking tea and talking crap and i used to get hayfever cuz some guy would be cutting grass outside.......i remember hating it by the time our week was over but you know what..........i miss. My grandparents are all gone, my mums aunt and uncle, davy+jean are also gone and i miss them too. these were the folks who were like "morrie" in the book i just read..........full of teh info i needed to get me through life........i wish i now had a chance to just tell them how much they meant to me

Lindsay said...

I am laughing my head off as we speak! Bala really has a lot of victorian ways about her, doesn't she? I loved how you said she was positively geriatric! And that hilarious grace Baka used to say. Ha ha!

Kathryn said...

you guys are awesome! i love reading your comments! Ally, i'm sorry that you have also lost some dear people. . sounds like they meant a lot to you! I can picture you all on your vacation - just hangin' out - bonding, sneezing!! ha ha