Sunday, February 07, 2010


age is playing hopscotch up and down my spine
and silverishly creeping at my temples.
she is settling my inner jumpiness,
a little bit anyway.
she's confering wisdom
which i take in sips,
when i really should take gulps.
no wonder it takes so long
to learn
how to live.

i have thought of age in such negative terms,
all the things it takes away. .
independence, dignity, continence
yes, I've thought of it as a
of thoughts
but as much as she seems to take away,
she also gives
experience and knowledge

age seems capricious,
far too stingy with some
and way too generous with others.

no rhyme
no reason.
just mystery.

it is no hardship really
to pay the toll
that age exacts
in exchange for
the messy sweetness
of being

i know
i should be
infinitely more grateful
to breathe,
and feel and
think thoughts.
know love
feel that reassuring thump
in my chest.
because there's no telling
how long.

i need to come
to a detente
with age
she will not stop for me
she will not,
my lifelong companion.
i try to erase all traces of her
with hair dye
and barbells.
i stick out my tongue
at age.
but age just grins back
at me through
my own laugh lines.
and says
"You know I'll win".