Wednesday, August 30, 2006

shout out to the girls at work!!!

Wow. . . I am so impressed with the women I work with. I love them and respect them. Walking in someone else's shoes really does give a new perspective. I've once more been able to see everyone working, I watch them, their expertise is inspiring. Yes, girls . . you rock!!! They're like my family. . I've known some of them for over 2 decades and we have weathered so much together. Others I've known a shorter time, but they are equally fantastic! Geez, I'm getting very emotional sitting here thinking about all of them! I'm not going to post pictures, want to keep the work place anonymous. . heard of too many ppl getting too personal and divulging too much re work in the blogosphere. .corporations don't like that! So, I will play it safe. I'll just speak here in general terms. For those of you I don't work with, this will just give you an idea of the work side of me and thanks for reading!! Why don't you all share with me your work experiences? your thoughts about your job, your co workers, etc. I'd love to hear it!!!

In case you're all wondering where this gush of emotion has it's origin, i have had the distinct pleasure of working 'in house' for a few days during the last week and a half and have felt once more connected and part of the team. I have been able to do other jobs and have such respect for the regular 'doers' of those jobs! Pulling charts is back breaking, physical work. I kid you not, we have chart banks in several parts of the building, that go literally from floor to ceiling. (good thing I'm tall i don't need the step stools!) I have reached high and squatted on my haunches, I have sat down on the floor to file, bent over at the waist and crouched to find the right numbers on the bottom rows. I have yanked tightly packed charts out of their crammed spaces and then used my entire upper body strength to wedge them back in without damaging!! Here's a little aside. . . . it's a weird thing to speak in the chart area. . . sound cannot escape and does not carry through the long corridors. . voices take on an extremely mute, strangulated quality. . very strange.

I have walked and walked and walked up and down the narrow aisles and rows. . I was joking with one of the girlies that I would probably have nightmares about being crushed by the massive banks, or of feeling squeezed in the close, narrow aisles, seeing thousands upon thousands of colour-coded numbers close in on me!!! I have assembled charts and seen what happens to all the documentation from all the different areas. I have even seen my own work on these charts, which was weird for me! but cool!! (yes, i checked for mistakes and happily didn't find any!! phew!)

I've been so happy to be in with everyone, taking breaks and having lunch with these wonderful people, catching up on things - though we all keep in touch via e-mail - it's such a great thing to have hugs, share laughs, find out where the chocolate stash is, work side by side. It has spoiled me to the point that I'm going to really find it hard to transition back to solitude - a thing I have never taken to and probably never will -- at least not when it comes to work. Companionship makes work lighter and more enjoyable (most of the time!) Being alone is nice sometimes, but not all the time. I think it's unnatural to work alone and I really dislike it.

Our work place is big, but not huge. . . you see people in the halls, in the caf, in the lobby, walking in at the start of the day and out at the end. It's really about community and commonality. I've been able to hear, in person, some touching news , sad news, funny stories, exciting stories and I feel so privileged to be in a position to listen and share.

Girls (and a few guys over the years!!) you know who you are! I cannot ever tell you what you mean to me and how you've made me a better person. I can't really describe just how amazing it is to share the details and experiences of life with all of you. I pray for you all often and I think the world of you. You are all beautiful and wonderful and you have my genuine, whole-hearted admiration.

Friday, August 25, 2006

trialing the new camera

I'm taking it along with me whenever we go out. It's fun to see what my new Pentax can do! It's really easy to use. I like . . .yeah. .

the grandkiddies are favourite subjects. . natch!

Robbie has an interesting look in his eyes. . .and he is kinda glowy. . Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Weekend in pictures

Tapas at the Royal Botanical Gardens - Friday night.

Black Creek Pioneer village scenes. . . . Sunday
Print shop

Flour mill

Saddlery - James sitting out front!!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm happy! Can you tell?

What a great thing it is to have love in your life. These are just 2 of the people I love and who love me! My grandson, James and my granddaughter, Erica. . Rob teases me and tells me that when i smile my eyes squint. . and well, he's right! I look like a dork - but a happy one!

Oh, birthdays - they don't feel like anything at the time, but you have enough of them and your body starts feeling the effects of time passing! I love to think of every year that goes by as a great present that lasts for 365 days.

and these 2 little cuties. . are some of the best 'presents' ever! (next to my daughters, of course!! and oh, my husband. . .i'd better say that or he may feel miffed. . but he knows i love him like crazy!)

Sorry, i'm lazy tonight. . i can't think of one good thing to say - so i'm doing the picture thing!!! ha ha!!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 07, 2006


Hello everybody. As you might have guessed by me saying "Hello everybody"that this is not Kathy but Her husband Rob.I've commandeered her blog just to let you know that today is her........ BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Probably shouldn't tell you her age. I have to live with her!!
Lets just say she doesn't look old enough to be a grandmother.

HappyBirthday Kathy

Friday, August 04, 2006

state of the world

All kinds of things have been percolating down there, in my inner self. I've been hard pressed to attach words to them, this is the first time i've had time to myself to even try. I hope the words stick and that they match up? It's a rare thing to authentically match thoughts and words. This is one of those times when i sit at the computer with absolutely no idea of where to go, but I'll let myself go and see what happens.

I've been distressed these days watching the news, the world seems to be having seizures and they just don't seem to stop -- they start at one point and they shake the whole thing. There are so many points of origin and so much tumult. Those of us sucking on popsicles and listening to music feel strange, living so blithely in this continent while things are so convulsed elsewhere. We feel the rumblings and they give us pause. I can't reconcile it all in my mind and my heart. I feel odd.

The moon and sun stay their courses - bearing mute witness to it all. The stars appear nightly, on schedule. Everything here is as it should be. Trees are strong and vibrantly coloured. The sky looks the same. The soil is busy producing food for us. It all works, until i turn on the TV or the computer and I see twistedness and crumbling and naked grief, enraged crowds of people pumping their fists in the air - cut away to photogenic, well-dressed people who look me in the eye and in measured tones say words like: strike, launch, hit, dead, flee, retaliate -- until i can't stand it and i change the channel to something benign like the food network or the learning channel. . but somehow watching people bbq shrimp or have a makeover is something i can't seem to watch either and i turn it all off and i sit there, stunned.

When i burn my hand my entire body ceases to be about it's components. The wound throbs with urgency and insistence, bringing a sharp, singular focus to that damaged part -- my thoughts are all about it, my brain formulates a plan of treatment and the rest of my body complies and carries out the plan.

it's easy to tune things out. but easy isn't always best and easy doesn't heal.

You know, i'll think leave the other things in there for now. This seemed to be closest to the surface. Maybe now I can sort out the other stuff? it's not going anywhere.