Thursday, April 21, 2005

ahhh rhymes with 'spa'

I just had the best day!!! I worked my full shift. . so that wasn't fabulous - and this week i'm working on the 'old work'. . as i mentioned in my first post - i am a medical transcriptionist and my job is to listen to doctors all day long, as they speak of all their findings on all the patients they see in the course of a day. We have all kinds of doctors, so i do all kinds of documenting. . .its a learn 10 things new every day kind of job!!! and it can be stressful, cuz there is a production aspect to it and an urgency to a lot of the work, sometimes other staff are waiting for the stuff we must transcribe.. not to mention the technical nature of the stuff. By the time my shift is done every day my poor brain is fried!

Soo, this past Valentine's Day!!! (i'm a huge V-day freak!!!) My Robbie bought for me a 'spa package'. . . which is just this gift that keeps on giving! i LOVE it! You go there several times, each time receiving some kind of beauteous pampering -- facials, massages, exfoliation, hydrating, cleansing, hair cut and highlighting, pedicure, manicure!!! High maintenance girlie stuff!!! (not a lifestyle i'm terribly familiar with!) So, yeah, i was at the spa today for my facial - oh it was very lovely.. . the 1890 house has been converted into this gorgeous retreat, with huge, overstuffed brocade chesterfields and exposed stone interior walls, candles burning and natural light spilling over an antique polished wood floor, winding staircases, plaster statues, I never want to leave once i get there!

Today the little spa pixie put me in the "Lavender Room". . which it itself was very tranquil with potted lavender, lavender toule draped from one corner of the pure white ceiling to the opposing bay window corner. The dropped antique chandelier chain was wound with lovely purple and moss green vine and the bed in the centre of the room was just the place to be after a long day on the job!! After being offered a terry robe, I was literally tucked into bed!!!! and scrubbed and steamed and washed. . the smells were lovely and clean, the coolness of the products on my skin was refreshing - and best thing was i got to lay down, close my eyes and let someone else take care of me!!! Wow - what's that like??? I'll tell ya what its like:
H E A V E N!!!!! (or what i would imagine Heaven to be. . . lying in bed in a lavender room with soothing music, having my face massaged and washed and having nothing to do but sigh and breathe deeply!!! )

I felt almost guilty, you know. . . some people don't even have a home to go to or food to eat, some people are treated with cruelty and falsely imprisoned. . some people have endured devastation and loss untold in freak storms or earthquake or wars, some people are grieving or lonely, suicidal even. . and i'm lying in a beautiful spa, relaxed, well treated. I think that's why i would never buy spa time for myself, cuz i don't think that's something i should be spending my money on. . but you know, it was a beautifully thoughtful gift from someone very dear to me *who knows very well that i would never get it for myself* and i when i leave the spa, the world with its multiplicity of problems will still be there, and I will once again have the chance to be kind to others, to give of my time, my money, myself, to pray, to do whatever is in my power to help in even the smallest ways.

After 'spa time'. . I went to dinner with my dear co-workers and had the most wonderful time actually seeing them face to face!!! (like i said, I work from my house. . so am alone most of the time - unless my kids or grandkids are here for a visit - or my sister comes for lunch with my nieces in tow). So, tonight, we women ate pasta and laughed and talked and bonded. . (none of us ate dessert - how virtuous!!!) Barb was retiring TODAY!! We who are still working 40 hours a week are green with jealousy!!! and she is giddy with anticipation of her 'new life'!!! Good for her!!! she's earned it!

I gave my friend, Peta a lift home. . we had a great gab - just like old times, when we would car pool to work in the evenings when our kiddies were small. . Now we're both grannies!!! ha ha!!! but i think we look pretty darn cute and not at all like we could have grandkids!!! heh heh..

I hope that you guys reading had a good day?? Why don't you tell me about it?

Thanks, God for life, and good things. Today was a great gift -- thank you . . all my love, Kathy.


Denise said...

*sigh* I wish I could say that my day was a luxurious as yours, Kathy! wasn't! ha! I got to do laundry, freeze outside in the early morning, and comfort a crying toddler at the mall when the postal worked wouldn't let us pick up the parcel we were there to get(he was SO crushed b/c he was playing postman!). All this in the midst of attempting to get him to poo and pee in the potty!
What a day!

Kathryn said...

ahh, Dee. . you need some special Denise time! poor baby. . Want to come with me to the spa?!!!

Lindsay said...

Did you go to that big manor across from GCI? I think you told me, but I forgot. It sounds nice, but I don't think the whole spa treatment is for me. I'm just not girly enough, I guess!

supersimbo said...

haha spa's are not just girly are they?

Kathryn said...

silly me. . of course spas aren't just girly!! would you go to one, Ally?! I don't know if i could get Rob to go to one?! but then again, i've never offered! maybe i should?!

yeah, Linds. . its the one across from GCI. . you'd love it - the building that is.. cuz i know how much you like old homes and buildings! That would be my dream house!!!

supersimbo said...

heck yea i would..........u know i do say that but if i was asked 2moro i might chicken out!

Denise said...

I know guys who have been to spa's before. Guys get massages too, you know! =)
As for me and special Denise time, Kat, I'm scheduled for my pedicure tomorrow!!! YEAH! =)

Kathryn said...

ooh, a pedicure for Dee. . enjoy!!! i've never had one of those, but get one at my last visit!

Kathryn said...

i once had an hour long massage, it was AWESOME! (another gift from Rob!)

Denise said...

You'll love it, I promise. I just wish the weather didn't look so grim for tomorrow! Blech!
I got a hot rock massage for my b-day from my boss. It was very nice, but made me feel the need to get a regular one.

Kathryn said...

wow, a hot rock massage?!!! can i work for your boss too?????!!!!! hot rocks? ouch!! i picture that to be uncomfortable - but from the sounds of it, its great. do tell!!