Monday, April 18, 2005

smoke signals

hey! Happy Monday!! blech. . i'm not entirely genuine when i wish you a Happy Monday, cuz Mondays. . .ugh. I remember a song in the 80s, i think Geldoff's "Boomtown Rats" penned it! "I Don't Like Mondays" . . i'm not THAT averse to them that i'd want to shoot anyone or anything. . they're just so icky. Have you ever heard that you shouldn't buy a vehicle made on a Monday or a Friday?. . Mondays everyone's not wanting to end their w/e, and Fridays they can't wait to start their w/e!!! But this is a "Monday post" so, let's stick with the first day of the week. I'm in favour of having a "double weekend", Anyone else? My friend Bruce used to get philosophical and say that his life was just nothing but "5 and 2, Kathy, 5 and 2 -- what's it all about?" *5 days of work - 2 days of unpaid work!* Ever feel like your weekend is a 'marathon' to cram all the stuff you need to do all week but can't get to cuz you have to work?!!! And if you're a church-going person, you only have a 1 day weekend. . so you have half the time in which to do ALL THOSE THINGS! and its super crammed full of 'stuff' and usually UNFUN stuff. . . cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, errands. Bruce is right, life can sure feel like 5 and 2!!!

But you know, i'm looking out of my sliding glass door into my back yard as i write this. . . the sky is this beautiful pastel blue. . i can see the evidence of a couple of jets' recent journeys there and i'm wishin' i was on one!!! (back to counting the blessings here. . focus! ) i see my grandkids' toys scattered around the lawn and think of their visit yesterday!! CUTIES! i had some great home made spaghetti and meatballs for supper, my dog got a haircut Saturday and she looks like a million doggie bucks!! *pretty Maggie!* its almost canoe season *yes, i'm looking at my canoe out here!! * Plus, an old friend dropped me an email today, Everybody Loves Raymond was very funny just now - i have a fresh case of Diet Coke with Lime in the fridge!!! and yeah, its Monday and yet all these good things?!! Hey! maybe i should make it a Monday habit to 'count my blessings'. . sounds hokey but seems to do the trick!!! Actually, i may seem irreverent, but counting blessings is something that i am sometimes challenged to do by others, or i will just make it a point to do it at other times; either way its always a great help with perspective and makes me a lot less whiny and a lot more grateful to God for all of life . . . even Mondays!!!

Now for something completely different. . . . Read this! (selection of the new Pope)!s6.73430_734763/2.b7371/1??cm=CTVNews

I know very little about Catholic ways, so if i seem stunned, its cuz i am!!! So, all these cardinals (interesting that their robes are red like cardinal birds!) BAH! they're in their conclave. . .is that kind of like an enclave?? and they're going through the election process and the debate is: (pardon the oversimplistic summarizing) Do we stay traditional or do we get with the times? don't get me started on THAT one!!!! oh boy. . . (that's another post to do with my former denomination) So, when the day is done and the vote results are in they send smoke signals to those on the outside, to let them know the outcome!!!!??? I've never heard that. . i've only been alive for over 4 decades, yet i had no clue. It kinda struck me funny, I don't know why!!! in this day of technology overload, the Vatican sends out smoke signals?!!! ha ha!!! Not only is the smoke signal thing unsual, but the COLOUR of the smoke means certain things. . . Today it was "dark smoke". . . which means back to the drawing board!!! Did anyone know about this 'pope picking process'? oooh, i can certainly alliterate, fancy shmantzy!!! heh heh. . (actually i hate when people overuse literary devices!!!)

oh boy. . anyway, i'll close for now. I feel like my mind is jumping all over the place today! even moreso than usual. i'll blame it on the diet coke and the brownie!


Denise said...

I knew about this process. I remember learning about it a religion class many moons ago! However, did you know that they only have a certain amount of time in order to pick a new pope? I can't remember how long(a week, or a few days...something like that). What happens if they don't choose in that time? I have NO idea! Also, they are continually voting(on paper). When the votes are passed forward and counted, if its not a 3/4 majority then the papers get burned and it starts over again. Plus, when they do send the white smoke signal, the new pope has 1 hour(I believe) to get fitted in his robes and go out into the public. All this ritual!!!! lol! ;)


Lindsay said...

Like I said the other day, the Catholic church cannot hope to change any of the major issues if they can't even let go of such an archaic ritual as this. Did you know the new pope, Benedict, at 77, is the oldest pope to be voted in since 1730? I'm surprised someone lived to be 77 in 1730! Why do they pick someone to be the pope who already has one foot in the grave? Doesn't make much sense to me.

Kathryn said...

i don't think that they want to change. From what I've been reading, one of the cardinals said that they wanted to deepen their ways, not change them. . Your friend and mine, George Cranford, said something that comes to my mind now. . (it wasn't about the catholic church) but about my former church (which shall remain nameless!) "They're in a rut so deep its turned into a grave." I guess the 'deepen' comment caused me to recall George's words of wisdom? I don't know enough about the catholic church to say if its in that 'grave' situation. . i sure hope it isn't? Just goes to show you. . 'the church' at large in the world is afraid of change. i would say that's why numbers are dwindling everywhere in the Western world (with the exception of a lively area here and there). And there's the hypocrisy issue, or perceived hypocrisy - the ppl who don't yet call themselves followers of Christ watch those who do claim to be - and sadly often find much reason to stay away from God, the church and "Christianity".