Tuesday, April 05, 2005

SHORTS! Are you ready?

Spring is on the way!!! woo hoo! I walked my grandson to school today - a rare treat! Linds wasn't up to the walk this a.m. and wanted me to give Jimmy a lift to school. Well, Rob was on the way out the door to work, taking the car and our often-in-the- shop van ('miracle on wheels!) was where else?-- in the shop! So, i had to walk - but it was a great way to start the day, compared to the usual roll out of bed and get going on the computer for 8 hours!

On the way over to get Jimmy my eyes were jolted by a neon sign at the local "Curves" fitness centre for women "SHORTS! Are you ready?" Wow, not a nice thought first thing in the a.m., and i felt a bit of urgency, must have been the huge letters! When i see stuff like that it does one of 2 things to me: 1. It makes me want to become a marathon runner so that i can wear even booty shorts and LAUGH at fat and cellulite! 2. It makes me want to eat some cheesecake, cuz its depressing having it be an issue! is that twisted? probably! Some ppl can eat anything they want and drive past the Curves sign and not even notice it. D'oh! Good thing at the time i saw the sign was that i was walking briskly, so i felt kind of okay about things!

Gettin' back to our walk to school -- Jimmy was skippy and cute. . . We held hands and walked past school buses, cars, tow trucks. He talked to me the whole way about houses that he liked to look at, shadows, manhole covers with 'bells' on them (Bell Canada), the fire station, the birds chirping, the school crossing signs - his buddy walking on the other side of the street with his mom and sister. . We had lots of fun!

We got to the school yard just as the bell went, and I took him to the line, and he filed in with all the other 4 1/2 year olds. . I had a little moment where i thought "Wow, he's almost 5! I'd better not kiss and hug him goodbye in front of all these kids! He'd probably be embarrassed." Too bad they have to grow up so fast! He went in the door unkissed and unhugged, but i 'got him' later when they came over for a quick visit after school!

well, that's it for today. . . if you'll excuse me, i'm gonna go work out!!! (that neon "shameavation" works!) Thanx for the reality check, Curves!!!

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