Friday, April 08, 2005

blogger blues

oh man! yesterday i was feeling so bloggy and I wrote this joyous, little blog entry and when i went to publish, pffhhhhhtt - it disappeared! grr..

okay, now these things happen - so i had some supper and watched a bit of TV, hung out with my family . . then tried again a few hours later. . guess what??? same thing happened!!! so, now i don't really have the time. . but I will settle down later - after 'date night' with Rob! (we're goin' out to eat, then catching "Sahara" in the big screen).

so, to quote "Ahnold" (still freaks me out that he's the Governor of California) "I'll be back."

ta ta!


Lindsay said...

Tell me how Sahara was!

Kathryn said...

Saharah was FANTASTIC!!! great movie!!!

supersimbo said...

hey blogger must been sick cuz i got ultra pissed off with it last night cuz i kept losing stuff taht i typed!!

Kathryn said...

i know!!! blogger WAS sick! I sent tech support an email cuz i couldn't post comment on your blog! they assured me they would check into it!