Friday, April 29, 2005


all right, with a blog name like Bloggie McGee. .it would be rather remiss of me NOT to have something about the Simpsons!!! I love the show. .REALLY do! it makes me laugh excessively, which is something that i just love doing. . yes, i'm one of the those people who laughs longer than anyone else in the room. If i had to list my hobbies, which I suppose I did for this blog?! LAUGHING would be right up there. Not that i'm a laughing ninny, it has to be funny, i don't have nervous laughter and i don't laugh unless it strikes me , but when it is. . . oh man i'll just blurt it right out! Do you ever marvel at the different laughs people have? i do! there's the 'asthmatic ' kind of laugh. .almost soundless wheezing, the machine gun style laugh. . hehehehehehehe. . the squealing girlie laugh, the booming trucker laugh, the snorting pig laugh (which i confess to when i really get going) there's the 'i'm-up-way-past-my-bedtime' laugh! you know the one. . . the one that goes all goofy about things that would never pass for funny when you're well rested!!!

Now the Simpsons. . . that show triggers the belly laughing (when the writing's good that is). Rob, when he laughs at the Simpsons and other funny things. . he falls out of his chair and pounds his hands on the floor. He's embarrassing to go to the theatre with, i must confess. I sometimes have to remind him that we are NOT in our rec room and that there are 200 others in the room with us! He has trouble controlling himself. . now i do when we're home, but out in public i try to reign it in!!

Here's a little info for you. . . (if you are interested) It seems the Simpsons are celebrating a milestone. . .!s6.73430_734763/95.a7393/4??cm=eSmallPic if you want to check it out the Simpsons website. ..

Not everyone will appreciate this show and I totally respect your opinion. So, obviously you will not need to click the links. I think i love the show so much because its such a parody. .i love how it calls everything into question, really its such a cultural mirror. .okay, maybe a bit on the 'fun house' side with exaggeration and/or distortion. . .but it more often that not hits the nail on the head! The irreverence is scathing at times, hilarious at other times. There is no issue that the show has not addressed. The writers have obviously used 'religion' as one of their prime targets! Those are my favourite segments! As for political satire, you'd be hard pressed to find it any more biting than here. There are forays into environmentalism, the cult of celebrity, professional sports, the gender gap, the generation gap, nuclear energy, the public school system, the private school system, gifted children, illiteracy, the music industry, organized crime, gambling, homosexuality, adultery, divorce. . . LIFE! I know this awesome Salvation Army officer who used to use Simpsons episodes for his preaches. Norm was da bomb!

Anyway, I'm probably preaching to the choir here!!! But some of you who visit may not share my enthusiasm for this show, never mind TV!!! There seems to be a growing movement among Christians to shut off or get rid of the 'idiot box'. I have no such inclination. SCANDALOUS! I like TV! I don't shlump around with the remote in my hand for hour upon vacant hour, i enjoy TV. Sure I could watch less. . but then again i could watch more. TV can be really great. . i can see things that are very helpful, inspiring, beneficial. If i totally tune out, do i tune out society to a small degree? I mean after all. . the people i work, my sisters, my family, my friends, they all watch TV! We all talk about the shows, Survivor, The Amazing Race, ER, Extreme Home Makeover, The Simpsons!!! Conversations are sparked, laughs are shared. . i enjoy that and so do my friends. I would lose things to talk about with them if everything they did i said "Oh, i don't do that." Sometimes i find the most inspiration in the least likely places. . TV, magazines, work, the hair salon, the grocery store. . this is where its 'real'. . I am growing increasing uncomfortable with 'organized religion'. . Rob knows a lady at work who has many of her own children, and has taken in countless foster children. She has holiday 'celebrations' every year with her humungous blended family! Even though they grow up and move out of the woman's home, they all come back together for these wonderful family gatherings. What a big heart this woman has. She isn't a Christian. I am. . . have i done what she has? not even close. . see what i mean? unlikely places are the best ones. oh, i'm off on another of my many tangents. . my mind wanders. . forgive me, please?!

anyway, getting back to the Simpsons. . . for the next few Sunday nights we have back to back new episodes!! laughs are on the horizon. . woo hoo!!!


Denise said...

I've never liked the Simpsons. Sorry. However, I do enjoy The Amazing Race(go amber & rob!), ER, and Extreme Home Makeover.

Kathryn said...

don't be sorry, Dee! Rob and Amber - i was rooting for them until Rob did his 'trick' to fool Gretchen and Meredith - which crazily enough ended up benefitting the old couple, plus Uchenna and Joyce! I loved that Rob's dishonesty came back to bite him on the butt. ER - love that show and Extreme Home Makeover is SOO unbelievably touching. . for me, its better than any church i've been to!

Lindsay said...

The Simpson's rock! Your description of the different laughs was hilariious! Dad kind of sounds like a parrot in pain when he laughs, doesn't he?

supersimbo said...

The simpsons rock...........i never get to see it as much as i used to..............i should support more saying as they are distant relatives of mine!!

Kathryn said...

HA HA! Ally SIMPSON. . yes, you should support your namesake show!

Lindsay! a parrot in pain?! HA HA. . Dad says "Polly wanna cracker?"

supersimbo said...

yea my big bro gets called bart by one his mates so i guess that makes me lisa!!

Anonymous said...

I love the Simpsons too...I haddn't thought of them much lately without my TV...but I would love to have all the episodes!

I have a few diffrent laughs...

The "HA" - which is just that a single "HA" and it is *really* loud and from the depths of my belly...everyone I know says they love this laugh the best...when I do the "HA" at work I get in trouble from my boss (cause it's too loud) Many people try to copy it, but they are unsuccessful.

the *giggle* - yep I giggle...alot, usually when I'm made to blush or when I'm complimented, or really excited.

The snort - Kathy I also snort and this makes people around me laugh, and even though they are laughing at me, I usually don't mind (unless they tell me to shut up...then I get mad)

The 'regular laugh' which usually goes like 'ahhhhh ha ha ha ha'

If someone really get me going I will will laugh like this:

"HA ahhhhh ha ha ha ha ha Snort"
not many people on this planet have been successful in making me laugh like that...but there are a few.

When I was a child I was told by my parents that laughing was a sin, so now I like to make up for lost time and laugh as much as I can!

Kathryn said...

Faith! you're right - i forgot all about those kinds of laughs! right on, girl! SNORT, SNORT! Laughing hard is positively aerobic!! massages the old liver and other essential bits!

your parents said that? i say that NOT laughing is the sin. I don't tend to trust people who don't laugh or smile easily. . its like they're not human. I don't do the "HA" like you do so well, from the sounds of it!!, but I laugh hard and totally let go!! no little sniggers from this chick! I let 'er rip!!!

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