Sunday, April 24, 2005


this will be a short one, cuz i'm not feeling especially chatty today. *are you relieved?!* heh heh. . .. . i guess my current fuzzy mood might have something to do with waking up to snow this morning? the obscene white ground covering has pretty much melted into icky, cold puddles and there's a fine, misting drizzle coming from the greyish sky. Clouds are cool, no doubt. The cloud coverage is total in this region on this day. Isn't it cool how clouds work? genius. . . i bought this book a while ago at a warehouse clearance store -- "Fact Finder Guide 'Weather' " Fascinating stuff-- its like this compendium of 'Everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-weather-but-were-afraid-to ask' I love the 'cloud section' cirrus, cumulus and stratus are the 3 main types of formation . . cirrus clouds look 'fibrous' cumulus are 'puffier' and stratus have distinct layers. tack on prefixes like 'alto' (high) , 'cirro' which means whisp of hair, 'cumulus' (mass) and 'stratus' (strewn). . classify by low, middle, high and you have the term 'stratiform'. Today's cloud cover is "Nimbostratus"!!! woo hoo!!! "A dark grey sheet-like cloud type with a flat base found at low altitudes. Usually associated with unsettled weather, they are the chief precipitation-bringing cloud in many frontal systems. " Bet you're glad to know that?! I'm sick of nimbostratus today. . i would prefer some nice, puffy, guess the object type of cloud today! this stinks! ".. . but now they only block the sun, they rain and snow on everyone. . "

oh well. . whaddya gonna do? curl up, watch a movie, read a book, sleep! I find it fascinating how weather affects people's moods. Do you find that weather affects your own moods? a lot? or a little? I'm in the ' a lot' category. My bones have always responded to the weather. . (runs in the family -- see (Read "Salespeople - GRRRRR") i often have to endure really painful joints at times, sometimes quite severe. I can 'predict' weather changes. I get headaches from weather changes, my daughter Lindsay suffers the same problem. We always commiserate about our "barometric pressure headache" my spirit seems 'bleh' when the weather is gross and my emotions are definitely depressed and subdued. . my whole self responds to the weather. its interesting.

oh, there's stuff that i could say. . but it can wait. I hope that wherever you are that you're having a good day?! and if not, you'll eventually fall asleep and when you wake up you have another shot at having a great one!


Lindsay said...

You sure learned a lot about clouds! What does the 'nimbo' in nimbostratus mean? Yeah, this weather sure is nasty! It just makes you want to stay inside and hibernate! When I was walking this morning, the snow was so wet and heavy that it felt like the sky was dumping snow on me rather than falling gently! I feel kind of gross and bored when it's cloudy like this too.

Kathryn said...

nimbus means "halo" -- nimbostratus is a cloud that extends over the entire sky. here's another cloud fact. . . 'Okta': "A measure of cloudiness based on visual analysis of the amount of sky covered. Usually divided into eights, with complete cloud cover identified by 8 okta, a clear sky as zero okta." Today as an 8 okta day!! yeah, the weather was pretty gross, eh?! staying inside and hibernating is such a Canadian thing!! i thought we were through with that at the end of April!!!!

supersimbo said...

snow yayyyyyyyy

Kathryn said...

i bet you don't have snow there, Ally? it was snowing a bit this a.m., but the temp is up a slight bit so it didn't stay. another 8 okta day! nimbostratus again. . BAH! i'm losin' it!!! i want to get into a plane and fly above the clouds so I can see the sun again!