Wednesday, June 29, 2005

twizzlers and diet coke

you know, i was sitting at my computer working away the other afternoon and i was wanting a snack. . not much didn't wanna spoil my supper! So, i went downstairs and fished out some Pringles light (5 whole chips!) 4 strawberry twizzlers (licorice) and a can of diet coke with lime.

I sat at my desk working, eating my snack and i started to think of what i did with twizzlers when i was a kid. . . . i used them as a straw!!! guess what i did? yep! i put 1 in my can of diet coke and slurped away. . it took me right back to my childhood and all the goofy things i did with food and various other objects!

let's see. . where to begin. .

*ripple chips were eaten 1 ridge at a time.
*ice cream was stirred into ice cream soup (my sisters and i had tons of fun with this!)
*ju jubes and other chewy, gummy type candies were pounded flat before eating
*mashed potatoes were formed into pools for gravy, peas were thrown in.
*chewed gum was held tightly between the teeth and pulled as far away from the mouth as possible.
*shoestring licorice was tied into humungous knots before eating.
*kit kat chocolate bars were eaten in layers
*bags of potato chips were pounded in crumbs before eating, then the bag tipped to your mouth to pour in the crumbs.
*cadbury crunchie bars were licked clean of chocolate and the sponge toffee base eaten an inch at a time.
*orange segments were opened and individual juice sacs were burst between your thumb and index finger!
*'lola' flavoured ice triangles were sucked of all juice, leaving behind a block of white ice, which got chucked!
*a jawbreaker in the mouth was removed every few minutes to check which colour was visible.
*saltine crackers were sandwiched together with some butter, to see the butter ooze out of the tiny holes.
*all beverages were 'bubbled' with a straw!
*sugar cubes at church luncheons were eaten like candy
*pop fizz was listened to with fascination!

oh and it wasn't just food we played with. .

*my sisters held chemistry class on the bathroom counter. . everything and anything got mixed in a bowl just to see what would happen!
*i operated a pastry shop out of my wooden sandbox. . the bench-like seats were my cooling racks.
*dandelion stems were spliced together to make chains and necklaces.
*chestnuts were stripped of their outer husks to reveal the smooth brown nut beneath, depending on your gender they were either smashed with a hammer *boys* , thrown at your enemies *boys again!* or made into necklaces (girls) we'd take them home, get our dads to drill a hole through them and thread them on a shoelace.
*flower petals were removed 1 at a time while chanting "he loves me, he loves me not"
*Reciting the alphabet while twisting your apple stem (to find the initial of your boyfriend's name)
*blades of grass were made into palm whistles.
*bikes were placed upside down and the pedals wound really fast then let go. . .don't know why? just to watch things spin??
*golf balls were taken apart to see the rubber guts inside
*maple seed pods were spun like helicopters
*"puff balls" were puffed (a type of fungus that release spores in a cloud of dust when squeezed). If you found one of these on the school ground you were a celebrity!
*I put blobs of Elmers white glue on the palm of my hand, let the air dry it a bit, then rolled it into a ball and squashed it into a pliant white glue pancake.
*sewing needles were painlessly stuck through the most superficial layer of your fingertip skin, to the amazement of all!

Why do we lose this fun in our lives?!!! do you ever wonder? I was thinking about that as i ate my fun little snack.

Anyway, my lunch time is over, back to work. .
My diet coke has a twizzler straw sticking out of the can! heh heh!!! (i had so much fun with this that i decided to do it again today before the licorice sticks got eaten up).


Sherri Lavender said...

What you called "puff balls" ("a type of fungus that release spores in a cloud of dust when squeezed") my Dad taught us to call "horse farts"!! Those are so cool!

And we had good times with school glue too - we used to make "fingernails" on our geometry cases, then we would peel them off, lick our fingernails and stick 'em on! Good times!

Kathryn said...

LOL!!! horse farts!!! that's hilarious! they are very cool.

your use of school glue was much more creative than mine!

supersimbo said...

great post are maybe as weird as me!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathryn said...

LOL!!! yeah, weird! i was a bit of a weird kid. . and i certainly have my weird moments now! like when i'm in a grocery store line-up, or at WalMart and everyone's irritated and slumping over their shopping carts, and all the kids in the lines are screaming and crying. . i picture what it would look like if the adults were doing the same!!! i have a good sense of the absurd i guess?

Lindsay said...

I did almost all of these things, too! When it comes to those food things, I still do most of them! On the topic of Elmer's glue, I used to spread the glue all over my hand, wait for it to dry and then peel it off, much like peeling a sunburn(a great passion of mine)!

Lindsay said...

Remember the chemistry experiment I did in the Barbie Dreamhouse bathtub? We never could get that bathtub looking right again!

Kathryn said...

yeah, how could i forget!!! you pretty much ruined Barbie's pool! you reminded me so much of my sisters then. . i did some of that experiment stuff when i was little. . the thing i remember most was peeling the bar of soap with the knife, like the Irish Spring dude! when i got into the medicine cabinet it was to smell and eat stuff! yes, i ate the chocolated Ex-Lax! oi!!!! i smelled the vicks vapo rub, looked at my father's styptic pencil with wonder (the thing that clots blood when men nick their faces shaving), i loved the taste of children's aspirin, though i don't remember eating it like your aunties, who both shared a bottle apparently. . i must have been at school?! had their stomachs pumped at the hospital (as you know!)

i ate the birthday candles too, i can still see myself sitting on the kitchen counter, chewing on the candles, throwing out the wicks. ate the home made glue in kindergarten!! a few of us did that. . why????

yeah, it seems there isn't a kid out there who hasn't had some fun with Elmer's glue!!! heh heh. . .

Tracy said...

I have to say I remember doing a lot of those things too. As for the glue, we did two things with it: we put a blob on the top of a Liquid Paper bottle and let it dry then peeled it off to see the logo imprint; I believe we also rolled it into balls to make it look like snot. :) To this day my favourite glue is still rubber cement.

One of the food things we did, which I didn't see on your list, but I know I would see on Glenn's list because I think he still does it, is to eat the crusts off of fresh slices of bread and roll the middles up into a ball, until they're almost like dough again, and eat it that way.

Definitely good times. I wish I was 8 again...

Kathryn said...

very creative ppl with the glue!!! every person did something different. cool. yeah, the bread thing. . we did that too!!! FUN! i sometimes wish that i was a kid again. . cuz kids enjoy every little thing and find so much wonder in what we adults find mundane. ain't it sad that we have to lose that?

Jenn Finucan said...

Too funny Kath!

I remember Wend was the worst for dissecting food; chips out of chocolate chip cookies and leaving carcasses in the bag, jam out of those jelly rolls, bear claws on and on. What lovely eating options we had when we were young, eh? Junk, junk and more junk!

The 'chemistry' experiments were so much fun. We always used the cap to dad's shaving foam and he would get all annoyed that the can would get all rusty when we put the lid back on wet. We would use q-tips as stirring sticks! Don't forget about our homemade 'perfume' of rose petals put into water. Who knows how we thought of these things but I guess it's only some sort of twisted justice that I end up with Alexa as a daughter? LOL

Remember when I would grab your bowl of icing when you were in the process of baking a cake and I would hide in a closet and eat it?

Kathryn said...

you know, i'd forgotten about you stealing my icing until you reminded me!!! heh heh . . you were a little monkey sister!

yes, its poetic justice that Alexa is so 'busy'!!! LOL!!! She's so cute!

yeah, the 'rose petal' water . . i remember you and Wend doing that!!! i think Crystal Infurnari was in on that stuff with you. . and q-tips as stir sticks! do you remember the time you climbed up on the bathroom counter, put toothpaste all over your face and shaved it off with dad's razor. . cutting your lip? we didn't see you do it. . but saw you when you came out toothpaste and blood all over your face, holding the razor!!! i swear our mother didn't watch anything that we did?!!! or were we all like Alexa??? ha ha!

yeah, Wend. . remember her with the neopolitan ice cream? digging out all the chocolate and leaving only the vanilla and strawberry? then she'd deny it, even though she had chocolate all the way up her arms to her elbows!!!!

Jenn Finucan said...

I don't remember the shaving episode, but I'm not surprised! LOL and Wendy with the ice cream...I totally remember her gouging out the chocolate. Too funny!

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