Saturday, June 04, 2005

hey ya!!!

Saturday is a grrrreat day of the week! They're actually fabulous, Saturdays are, cuz they are THE day that allows me to lollygag if i want to, or multi-task if i want to do that! Today was half and half!! Sleeping in is part of the lollygaggin', natch!! ahhhh, sleeping in. . though when one stays up till 2 a.m., sleeping till 9:30, 9:45 is hardly sleeping in really, right?! ha!

cleaning is always something that needs to be done. i have this love/hate thing going on --i love it when things are clean, but i don't like to DO the cleaning! I actually did lots and lots today -- laundry, folding of the laundry, cleaning windows, cleaning the fridge, doing the weekly 'throw out' of any icky things that may be lurking in the back of the fridge. . . blech! though i try to use the food up before it turns icky. ohmigosh!!! you won't believe what i'm hearing now through the screened sliding door here. . . somebody's singing 'opera'! actually, i think its a kid just goofin', but it sounded amazingly like some sort of diva doing her warm-ups!!! heh heh. . . hilarious! So, i worked out today, had visits from our oldest dau, Linds, and our beloved little grandkiddies, Jimmy and Eri!! I LOVE them to pieces. . James was hugging his Opa today and he suddenly announced : "I love everyone in the world, except aliens." we laughed our heads off!!!! That's not the first time he said that, Lindsay says. You know what? i hate that kids lose that sweetness as they age. . it happens i know, but i wish it didn't have to! especially boys. . it seems to be a 'rule' that boys must suppress that sweetness and be all rough and ready so that they don't get teased and made fun of. blah! I hug this boy every chance i get, cuz pretty soon he won't want me to!!!

When the kiddies first arrived here, we hung out downstairs and Jimmy jumped on my little mini trampoline and watched "Mighty Machines"! we had fun. . Eri came along and so i popped a Disney "Under The Sea" sing-a-long in the VCR and James decided that he didn't want to watch that 'stuff' but you know, he became quite interested, though he hates it if you try to sing along. awww, that makes me sad. . he used to love it when anybody sang to him. Eri has the attention span of a gnat, so she was getting more thrills turning the dehumidifier dial . . on/off/on/off/on/off. . Then she toddled in to the 'music area'. . where our band is set up for practice, so that's an 'adult accompaniment' area for sure!

I was entertaining Eri at the drum kit, when i heard the opening strains of the Peter Pan song, "Never Smile At A Crocodile" , James bolted up the stairs screeching "I'm sooo out of here!" He is HILARIOUS. Next thing you know, who's sitting on the top step, peeking down at the TV?! You guessed it. . i guess his fascination overcame his fear?!

So the kiddies had some lunch while they were here, i was still in my Donald Duck night shirt and house coat. . what a SLOB! i don't care!!!! Its Saturday!!! After Lindsay and the kids walked home Rob went to get the groceries and i did more chores. . then worked out. I helped Rob put the food away when he got back, then i threw the cake together and got that in the oven. . when who should appear at the door but Glenn and Jonah!!! they were biking by and stopped for a little visit with me and KK. . . Rob was out scouring the grocery stores for some bittersweet chocolate and raisins (the 2 stupid things they didn't have in the store when he went for groceries earlier). We had lotsa fun with 1 year-old today, Jonah!!! He's very good natured and of course adorable! Its great to see Glenn and Sherri as parents!!

So, yeah, we wanted to go see our sister and brother-in-law's new house, but its 7:30 p.m. and Rob's re-stringing his guitar, packing up our gear for our band's first gig in 9 months!!!!! (tomorrow afternoon!) which has turned out to be such a neat opportunity - we feel that God had a hand in bringing this about at a time when we sorely needed direction and it seems this is a little baby-step towards some kind of 'something' for us as a band?!

We watched "Revenge of the Sith" last night. . with KK and Joel, the last instalment of the prequel triology, which leads right back to episode 1 of the original triology! (which we have rented to 2nite!) Why did George Lucas do things backwards like this? not sure. . but it doesn't really matter cuz this made him a gazillionaire!!! Do you think that he was a nerdy kid?
i imagine him doodling when the teacher was talking, drawing pictures of 9 foot tall hairy 'wookies'. . and blob-like Jabba the Hut, C3po and r2d2 -- what a fertile imagination!!! nerds are brilliant.. .

So, its been a great day. Didn't get everything done that i wanted to but i'm not gonna let it concern me, cuz its Saturday!!!!! I hope you had great day too!!


Lindsay said...

I'm guessing George Lucas realized he had an untapped source of wealth, telling the story of how Darth Vader got to be evil and the whole story before the story! Clever. James is so funny! I don't know where he comes up with these things sometimes! Cleaning is one of those things that you have to really get on a roll to do a good job. Who was it that said "A body at rest tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tends to stay in motion" or something along those lines? It's very true, isn't it!

Lindsay said...

He absolutely must have been a nerdy kid. George Lucas, I mean!

Kathryn said...

yeah, nerdy for sure!!! smart man. . he's the brains behind THX, Industrial Light and Magic and many others. . Should do some digging around, interviews with Lucas and such, to find out why he started off with episodes IV - V1, then back to I - III??

Our little Jimmy Jo Jo is one clever, cute little guy! and Eri is a darling.

and "a body at rest tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tends to stay in motion" is a basic physics principle. certainly applies to the human body as well, its so true -- when you've got the momentum to keep on, you've got it, but the second you rest and lose your momentum, its very hard to get that drive back!

supersimbo said...

so what you think of sith?
let me know how the gig works out?
sounds like a fun weekend

Kathryn said...

hey Ally! the gig was great. . it was a 'street church'. . a place with a real mix of people - very welcoming and free, they were so nice to us. it was good. God is good.

the w/e was great fun and as for the Sith. . . you know at times the 'fades' seemed a bit comic-bookish to me. . and the music, was hopelessly outdated - but hey, they had to go with it, cuz its "Star Wars music"!!! some of the lines were a bit cheesy, Hayden Christiansen seemed a tad wooden. . kinda reminded me of a graduate from the Keanu Reeves School of Acting!!! Of the 3, i liked it the best. . last night we rented Star Wars!!! blast from the past! now we have to see the other 2!!

supersimbo said...

cool.........yea it was best of the 3 but yea i didnt like anakin at all......bad acting. i hated liam neeson in the 1st one..i have this pet hate for him and his bad accents.........its cuz i hear his "ballymena" accent lurking beneath and it embarrasses me!
did you know liam neeson is from my home-town? his folks live about 10 minutes from how exciting!!!haha as close to fame as i get!!

Lindsay said...

Liam Neeson's parents live 10 minutes away from you? That's awesome! Are they really rich, having a movie star for a son and all?