Thursday, June 09, 2005

i love air conditioning

ahhhhhhhhhhhh. . . . . . cool air . . . . what a great thing it is.
grrrrr. . . living in Southern Ontario . . . . what a humid place!

well, i should prob just count my blessings, eh? cuz i'm sure there are many hotter, more humid places on this earth! right?! rainforests for one!

we're havin' a teeny bit of a 3H wave "hot, hazy and humid". . everything's wilting and baking in the brutal sun - which reminds me to go out and water my droopy flowers.

not feelin' especially chatty at the moment *are you relieved?!!* ha ha!!!

just wanna say that i love central air. Its an asthmatic, hayfever sufferer's best friend. the 3H days are indoor days for this girl! i hate the feeling of not being able to breathe well. I'll consider resurfacing next Wednesday when the weather dude says it'll be back in the low 20s temp-wise. till then. . windows are shut and air is on!


Krista said...

Thank the good Lord for air-conditioning! I'm totally with you on that.

I've been feeling kinda pukey and wiped out for the last day or two - it's that hot and humid. Going in and out of the air conditioning can be rather vomit-inducing too...

But I'll take it over what we had in January any day!

Kathryn said...

i've also been feeling pukey and gross. . no energy yeah, i hafta say, its better than the winter 'deep freeze'. . .it seems though that we always have the extremes and never the nice, moderate stuff!!

Cristy said...

You posted on Shaun Groves blog (Shlog) that you hadn't heard his music. You should listen to his song Welcome Home. I had the pleasure of seeing Shaun in concert a few weeks ago and really didn't even know who he was until that. I not only loved his music, but he was hilarious between songs, and even in the middle of one song, he stopped to lovingly chastise a woman for yawning while he was singing! He said, "Hey, we have feelings, too." Then he just started singing again. lol I became an instant fan and preordered two (one to keep, one to give away) of his new White Flag CD's, but the song that really gets to my heart is Welcome Home. You MUST hear this song. I hope you enjoy!

supersimbo said...

air con rocks

Lindsay said...

Low 20's, did you say? Oh, thank God! I didn't know how much longer I'd be able to handle this heat!

Kathryn said...

yep, low 20s. . .23 degrees on Wednesday, they say! Yeah, air con does rock!!

Cristy, thank you for writing! I am going to buy Shaun Groves CD White Flag -- i can't wait! If i like it, which i'm sure i will, i'll prob go to a concert, if he comes around here. . Canada's not a huge part of the Christian concert circuit -- but we do have some good events, so I will keep my eyes peeled for any future dates.