Saturday, July 02, 2005

live 8

hey, are you watching Live8 today? i've been watching off and on - we're taping the thing on 2 tapes!! been doin' chores in between bouts of watching the excitement. . made some chicken satay stir fry for dinner - with nice orange jasmine rice. . . yum. that was really good. The hot chili flakes i put in it gave a nice bite, not to mention the fresh ginger, onion and garlic. . Rob's not a fan of spicy food, but i sure am! so that was good. hey, once in a while i poke Rob with a stick to see if he's still alive. . i periodically ask him to come up from his basement television watching sessions. . I want to go for a walk - its so lovely out there. when events like this come on the tube its hard to peel him off his la-z-boy chair. . grrrr.

ho ho!!! what's this? he's just come up here on his own!!!!! knock me over with a feather!!!
and he's puttin' dishes away. . i may faint. KKs gone to New York state with her b/f Joely, his bro Ryan and 2 more sets of friend couples, to see Dave Matthews band. . her only little holiday this summer (working full time to sock away the moola for this fall's living expenses. . her first year off campus!!) I'm sure she's havin' loads of fun!!? Lindsay and the kids were over earlier, they were bringing the van back to us after borrowing it to go last night to see the Canada Day fireworks, which they didn't end up seeing cuz the kids were tired and cranky. The fair at the park was crappy, she was saying. . so they went to Sportsworld to the arcade. So, they didn't stay here long today, just long enough for James and Eri to jump on the mini tramp and have a drink of milk. . and get hugs and kisses from Nana and Opa!! We love to see them!!

so, i'm not terribly talkative. i have a bit of a headache. . blah. the new People mag is on the table here by the computer. The headlines declare : Engaged! HOW TOM PROPOSED. . her ring, his secret plan, Katie wants kids, details of a scientology wedding. . . oh my. the media is goin' nuts with this odd couple lately. I'm scratching my head over it. Speaking of Tom Cruise. . . saw War of the Worlds last night. Spielberg spared no expense obviously with the effects. It was a fairly decent movie, some suspense to be had. . i've seen better and i've seen worse. . acting was pretty good. .

well, have a great rest of the weekend folks, its a lovely one! later. . .


Lindsay said...

Live 8 was awesome! I liked the London and Barrie ones the best. We watched the Pink Floyd reunion performance,which I thought was rather lacklustre, and did anyone notice that Paul McCartney(or Sir, I should say)played the same two songs for live 8 that he did for the half-time show at the Super Bowl? I was so mad, after he finished playing 'Get Back' I said to Mike, "He'd better not play "Drive My Car" next, or I'm gonna be really pissed!" and sure enough, he did, much to Mike's amusement! Other than that, it was great!The Who did an awesome job, so did the Tragically Hip!

Lindsay said...

Did you sign your name to the live 8 website? We did!

Kathryn said...

yeah, us too! well dad did. . i signed up for Make Poverty History a while ago. . from the link on Ally's site. I think its the same organization?? good for you guys for signing up!

i often don't think to check my anti-spam folder, but that's where all my emails from them seem to go!

we haven't watched all that we taped yet. . i was so impressed with Bruce Cockburn's guitar playing. .and he writes a mean song too. . very politically aware man, and active too. he's been around for a while. I enjoyed Paul McCartney and u2 playing Sgt Pepper. . u2 rocked! you'll see it when we lend you the tapes. it was great. i enjoyed Brian Adams, though i'm not a huge fan, i did enjoy his set. Really liked Coldplay's set. plus the guy from the Verve. . Blue Rodeo was xlnt! enjoyed the Black Eyed Peas!!! from Philly. . Will Smith gave an impassioned speech. Destiny's Child was okay. . didn't seem to look like they were wanting to be there? Mariah Carey was very good. Dan Aykroyd and Tom Green were funny hosts! did you see Green Day in Berlin? they were good. Nelson Mandela's speech was also very touching. I think the London concert seemed to be the best. . oh, also liked Great Big Sea's acoustic set. . we went out later that night and bought one of their CDs - you'll like it! They are sooo Newfie. . they're positively Irish! singing about drinkin' and gettin' loaded. . and cups of tay and Paddy Murphy dyin'and such. .

a GREAT day!

Kathryn said...

wow. . saw the whole thing now. i think my absolute fave moment was when Geldof asked us to watch this film -- so many gaunt, sick and dying children . . one girl they showed at the very end of the clip was almost dead. . you could see if in her eyes. . then Geldof says "Don't let the cynics and the critics tell you that events like this don't work! This last picture of a girl 10 minutes from death. . this girl has now graduated from university with a degree in agriculture!!! Getting involved works!" Then he brought her out on stage!!! she was beautiful and alive and it was so amazing to see her now, compared to back then. . . i thought for sure that all of the ppl in that footage had died. . What a GREAT testimony to the power of motivating the world to be more aware of and more responsive to each others' crises. . The music at Live8 was all just icing on the cake. . . I hope that we can all care and do more, more often than every 20 years or so..