Tuesday, July 19, 2005

scary husbands

i can't believe that one more husband has been charged with killing his wife and unborn child. . what can be said about men who do this?

Scott Petersen

Mark Hacking

Michael White is the latest. . . if you're not familiar with this latest case, check this link.


These men all killed their pregnant wives.
They then displayed grief and distress.
They joined the search efforts.
They made tearful pleas to the media.
They became suspects in the murders.
They were arrested for those murders.

What happened to "love, honour and cherish? What happened to vows? covenant? the family?
What about these little babies? they never even had a chance.
What about the devastated parents? the families? their loss is unspeakable, their rage and hurt, their trust shattered, their grief. . . .

As I followed the story of the latest missing wife and expectant mother, my first thought was "Her husband probably murdered her." When did a marriage licence become a hunting licence?

I'm listening, appropriately enough, to the song "What's Goin' On?"

this is too much.


Tracy said...

It's weird how they were all so similar too...something's definitely not right with these guys. I believed Scott Peterson was guilty from the first time I heard about the case.

Lindsay said...

Society has changed so drastically that marriage means virtually nothing anymore for most people. I don't know why these people even bother to get married in the first place, I really don't. The more Godless society becomes, the more irrelevant marriage vows become, it seems, because the vows were meant to be taken before God, right? Well, now people are simply saying the vows to each other, and what good is the word of a person to another person? People are liars! I can't begin to think of what's going on in the minds of these psychos, but they probably don't want the impending baby and don't really want to be married, either, and see it as a way out. They probably think that a life in prison is better than a life with an unwanted family and possibly alimony and child support payments down the road. Still, they don't need to go to such extreme measures. They made the decision to marry, no one put a gun to their heads!They're looking at their wives and babies at problems to be gotten rid of, not people with lives.

Kathryn said...

it is weird how they're so similar. . do you think that the 'copy cat' thing has any bearing? The Peterson case - the details are so well known, i won't go there. . the media saturation was complete. Same deal with Hacking, his outrageous, fantastical lies -- that he would murder to vainly attempt to keep the deceptions going. . oh boy. . now Mr. White from Edmonton. .

i also agree that societal mega changes have created 'monsters' and I do completely agree with your thoughts that the more Godless society becomes, the more the linch-pins of right-ness pop out and everything comes crashing down. . we're living in the popping out phase, we've been in it for a while and now the crash begins. I agree completely. People are liars. . look at the web of deceit that Mr. Hacking painstakingly built. .and when his wife found out, he silenced her by killing her and their child and throwing them in a dumpster. . yeah, he would have to dehumanize them in order to do such a thing. . i can't understand it -- how can this be?

Krista said...

Well put Lindsay.

I heard this morning that White was deeply in debt. Did he seriously do this for the insurance money? He was a military guy, and was kicked out of the Armed Forces for theft and possession of stolen property. Clearly, this guy was a wack job.

Heck, all it takes is one look at his mug shot and you can tell the guy is trouble. So, how did this beautiful young woman wind up with him? How was he able to fool her?

A co-worker just told me that homicide is the leading cause of death in pregnant women. Go figure? Here's a link:

This makes me want to SCREAM!!!!

Tracy said...

I've heard that before (while I was pregnant, actually). That's a crazy, scary statistic, isn't it? Gees guys, just disappear on the woman if you don't want the baby. Don't kill them both for heaven's sake! Yeesh!

Kathryn said...

i checked out the link, Krista. . very informative. I read the "Domestic Violence Cycle" and "Violent Men". . . It seems that men are not willing to seek help to change for many reasons; denial and pride might be 2 of them. I think that a lot of them were victims themselves as children.

I cannot believe that the leading cause of death in pregnant women is homicide!!!! isn't that frightening?

yeah, now the details in the White case begin to surface. There is a 3 year-old child? this poor child. . Yes, how did that couple get together? you do wonder, eh?

*shaking my head*

Downhere said...

Just thinking... why is that the only person who is allowed to kill an unborn child is the child's own mother?!

Kathryn said...

yeah, its pretty sad that mothers are legally empowered to terminate pregnancies. . whole other issue, that one! it seems hypocritical, eh? that society would be so incensed at these types of scenarios described in this post, but yet not get unduly upset about countless abortions taking place worldwide on any given day???