Thursday, May 12, 2005


its 12:15 a.m. . . .i'm headin' to bed. . I've been working overtime for the past 2 weeks and i'm so fried. i have one more 8-hour shift tomorrow, which will fly by compared to the 10 and 11 hours per day i've been working! I am so sick of sickness. . .illness. . disease - i hear all about it for 37.5 hours per week every week! I swear that i could diagnose just about anything! my mind is always clicking that way. . .ppl talk about having this or that. . right away i diagnose it. . (i don't say it mind you, i just think it) i've got medicine on the brain, or in the brain?! i was saying to KK tonight. . . "This is so tedious and boring. I document everything and do nothing." Its weird, detached - yet so involved at the same time. .

Anyway, from May 13 - May 24 I will NOT think of symptoms or differential diagnoses, i will not think of drug dosages or calculated aortic valve areas - i won't consult my "work bible" (my well worn terminology text) i won't even turn my work computer on!!! it will gather dust for a change. . ahhhh. . . i literally cannot wait to have a complete mind, body and spirit vacation!!!! i've forgotten what that feels like. Rob can have a break from the constant call backs, over time, staying late, emergency repairs. I was saying to Rob a while back, when we first talked about getting away. . "You know i want us to go away. . . we need to not be responsible for anything or anyone. " He said "You're right, we have to." So, God willing and weather permitting, we are headed to Ottawa and we're getting so excited about it!! They just opened a new Canadian War Museum -- of course we'll check that out. Also check out the aircraft museum, natch! we both love planes! Maybe do a tour down the canal. . of course go to Parliament Hill. . shop, go to some restaurants OTHER than Swiss Chalet!! maybe hit an out door market. . . see the tulips!

anyway, for the first part of our holiday (before we head to Ottawa) we will hang out, do some day outings, whatever we feel like. . . maybe even go canoeing!!! (though the water is a tad cold still) go for brunch maybe on Sunday. . sleep in. .

well, Rob's still at work -- he's as beat as i am. . . he worked an 8 hour shift today, then doubled back and is into his 6th overtime hour as i'm typing this. . that's tiring. . poor guy. .

well, night! (or should i say 'morning'!) its always morning when i head to bed. . is there any cure for nighthawks? i don't think so -- once one, always one!


Zuka said...

Hi Kathryn,
Thanks for the nice comment on my photos.
See u

Kathryn said...

hey zuka! you're welcome. You're a great photographer!! i'll check back just to see those great pictures! I'm glad you speak English! have a great day!!

supersimbo said...

have a great break away folks, take it easy

Kathryn said...

thanx, Ally!!

Anonymous said...


I am going to post 'protected' on my xanga...if you want to read those posts youneed to 'subscribe' to my xanga.


Kathryn said...

hey hon. . i have a xanga account already, so i assume that will enable me to view your protected posts? i'll give it a try after i watch our movie! (Good Company)

Anonymous said... need to 'subscribe' to me...not get an account. When you visit my site it will say 'subscribe to theleastofthese' you click that. Also you need to be logged in to read the protected posts.

Alexis said...

Kath, have a great trip and I hope it allows you time to stopp, but your head into no mans land and forget about the world according to Cambridge. HEHEHEHE

Seriously have a nice relaxing time