Wednesday, May 25, 2005

get into the groove. .

bah. . post holiday back to work time is YUCK time! I'm still adjusting to 'the numbness' (that's what Rob calls working for a living). He's right. You get off the hamster wheel for even the briefest moment and you start to feel ALIVE. . then back into the cage you go!!!! *wilt* I'm kinda tired too, over time's on this week but I'm not doing any. . i'm not sufficiently numb enough to endure that. Can't wait to get my holiday films developed -- haven't had time yet. Our van's rad decided to blow whilst we were away. . . (we took the car on our trip -- good call there!!!) Rob's had 2 frustrating days so far trying to obtain the proper rad for our van. He got the one for our make and model. . . when he gets it in there, the hook up at the bottom was on the wrong side!!! He was MAD!!! He was assured that he had been given the correct rad. He drove all the way to Canadian Tire to get another one - they didn't have one! They referred him to another place - they didn't have it!!! Now our poor radless van still sits in our driveway. . and Rob's really ticked and we're feeling the pinch with only 1 vehicle - cuz we have 4 drivers wanting to drive - often at the same time! oh well -- this stuff is really nothing in the big scheme of things, eh?

I'm goin' to my sister's kitchen party 2morrow night. . Pampered Chef -- that sounds so decadent! They have good products and some of them are pretty reasonably priced, so even a frugal gourmet wannabe like me can afford something!

I'm gonna head to bed to spend some time in prayer and do some journaling. I need to get my spiritual disciplines on track (meditation on scripture, reading and memorizing scripture, journaling, prayer, listening, solitude, etc) God is very patient with me, but I have got to get back into the groove here with him. I owe him so much and I give him so little of my time. It's not right. I'm always aware of him, he's everywhere i go, but am i with him? i think that i'll forever be like a little child, easily distracted, ignorant, self-centered, needy. Children must grow up, even spiritual ones. I did some growing up when we were away, i had some unwitting teachers who taught me to let my heart be broken by others' need and to let that heartbreak move me to action. It wasn't the first time i've learned that lesson - just one more chapter, to grow on. I suspect there will be many more.

Anyway, i'm gonna close for now. . . but i'll leave you with a little joke!

Q Why did the blonde stare at the can of frozen juice?
A It said 'concentrate'


Denise said...

Oh the jokes about us dumb blondes!! ;)

I recently re-read something the Keith Green said when he was struggling with disciple:
"Discipline is not holiness, nor the way to holiness. It just helps you maintain it."
Love it!

Lindsay said...

I notice recently you're referring a lot to 'the big scheme of things' and 'the big picture'lately. What is 'the big scheme of things', exactly?

Kathryn said...

i guess 'the big scheme of things' would be living beyond my little world while still being part of it. does that make sense? a change in perspective, growing . . for me that all means knowing who God is living in that knowledge.

Dee. . that's a very helpful quote there from the late Keith G. thanx, hon. and sorry about the blonde joke! hey, you get a double dose cuz you're a blonde AND a Newfie!! LOL!

supersimbo said...

good thoughts kat

Denise said...

LOL! I was just checking to see if you had updated your blog when I noticed the title of your this one!!! And I started singing...good ol' Madonna!! haha! Its late and I'm pooped. ;)

Kathryn said...

yeah, i was singing that song in my head when i typed in the title!!! hee hee!!! love that song!

i should update! just not feeling like it these days! but i'm sure i've got something cooking in that old brain!