Thursday, May 05, 2005

baking cakes smell great

mmmm. . . that's one delicious smell. I have 2 chocolate chip banana sour cream cakes in the oven. . the air is scented with chocolate, bananas and cinnamon. its 2135 hours. . the night is young. . but i'm getting old! heh heh. . oh but i will be awake for at least another 3 1/2 hours. Yes, I regularly practice poor sleep hygiene! I consistently and constantly ignore my body's 'tiredness' signals. . i think because i'm just simply a rebellious fool. I'm probably shaving years off my life expectancy, but hey i'm so used to being a night hawk, maybe i feel that i must continue on in this fashion? i can just see myself now, in St. Andrews Terrace Retirement Home -- bugging the crap outta the nursing staff because i refuse to turn out my light when its 'lights out' time. .i would probably refuse to slow down in the hallways, cuz i move so fast now that by the time i became sufficiently aged i would then be merely 'fast' instead of 'hyperspeed' and i would be sailing past others and the breeze in my wake would loosen toupees and set wigs askew. i would throw tantrums if they tried to park my wheelchair by the 'staring window' just cuz everyone else is doing that, and i hate doing what everyone else does!! oh, my i'm gonna be a handful of an old lady!!! unless perhaps i dement and turn all insipidly meek and beige and perpetually drowsy?! NAH!!! ain't gonna happen!!! I'll be the bane of their existence. I only hope that i don't end up in diapers??? how humiliating would that be? and if i was this unruly octagenerian, there may be 'pay back'. . they might put my diapers on backwards, short sheet my bed, or bring me last to the dining room and my pureed mush would be all cold, gasp. . . they might make me watch game shows (NOOOO!!! I'LL SLOW DOWN! I'LL TURN OUT MY LIGHTS, PLEASE. . . DON'T MAKE ME WATCH PAT SAJACK RERUNS !!)

okay, i don't know how i got here???!!! cakes - senior's homes -- okay.

excuse me a minute. . . . . * the timer just dinged*

ahhh, what glorious cakes. tip of the knife is clean. . they're sitting on the racks, cooling -- the aroma is outta this world!! if i could bottle that and take it to whomever makes Glade or Febreze. . . i'd be a millionaire, people's carpeting and upholstery would smell like my chocolate banana cake and when i'm old i could hire myself a private nurse to be kind to me in my dotage, who will let me do whatever i want - stay up as late as i please, walk as fast as my arthritic legs will take me and NOT sit by any stupid old window and stare out of it, but would take me outside so that i could smell the air and feel the wind. . and drive me places and maybe even let me eat cake?!!!

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Denise said...

Kat! Its late and you're making me crave banana bread(my mom's of course!). Bad girl!!! *shaking finger at you*
I'm a night owl too...I *am* heading to be now!