Tuesday, May 03, 2005

careful shmareful!!!

oh, i hate having to be careful. . . sometimes i am deliberately not careful cuz I get so tired of always having to be on guard and uptight.

Takes Teddy Grahams for instance. Those little chocolatey teddies are so crunchy and irresistible. I especially like them to go for for a swim in Nutella! (but seldom do that any more cuz i have to be 'careful'). I look on the back of the package and see a little picture with 'find the 8 hiding teddies' fun for all!!! Now that's cool. . but underneath it is the NUTRITION FACTS fun-spoiler. . calories, fat, serving size, carbs. I hate having to look at these wretched white and black squares of doom. I consult them cuz i am being 'careful'. . but sometimes i want to mask them over with tape and just enjoy my flippin' food!!! Salt and vinegar Crispy Minis - another good little snack there -- guess how many the evil white square tells me to eat?! 8. not a single mini more. 8?? oh come on!!!! i like to eat those till the vinegary powder swells my taste buds! and i look like an ol lady without her dentures! BUT NO, I HAVE TO BE CAREFUL! Scales -- oh, we must be careful to weigh our bodies regularly to see if we have gained weight. ahhhh.. i hate scales, i hate numbers bullying me around and making me feel guilty. Why can't i just go for more walks? You even have to be careful when you walk - especially if you're a woman and its night time. careful, someone might attack you!

I sometimes sit at the downstairs computer in the dark. My youngest daughter, KK, comes in, sees me and flips on the light, stands with her arms akimbo and taps her foot impatiently on the wooden floor, "Mommy! You have to be careful you don't ruin your eyes!" my eyes don't hurt, there's that word again! careful, shmareful. sometimes i want to be careless! its less rigorous.

sometimes i might want to go to bed without brushing and flossing my teeth, washing my face. . i'm tired, i just wanna flop on the bed; but no, i have to be careful that i don't get gum disease or cavities, and i have to be careful that my skin is clean, else it will rebel and embarrass me when i least want to be embarrassed. sometimes i might not want to eat vegetables every day or fibre first with 13 g. of fibre in every 1/2 cup serving. . I don't want to think about my bowels or my calcium intake or whether or not my multivitamin formulation is pharmaceutical grade, i don't want to know these things. . i just want to be free!!! somes i might want to say "i don't CARE what the suggested serving size is!!! I don't want to know the nutrition facts - how about some nutrition fiction? like this: Calories: say what? Fat: Nope! Carbohydrates: we forgot to measure them! . . I don't want to hear the word "Carb" ONE MORE TIME!!! I don't want to think about SUNBLOCK 1000, you have to be CAREFUL in the sun. . . when i was a kid i ran around and got as brown as a native and went barefoot, cuz i wasn't a careful little urchin. . . and i was HAPPILY CARELESS. I went swimming 2 minutes after eating cuz i didn't want to be careful to wait for an hour. I would run out on the street in a rain shower cuz i wanted to (we lived on a dead end steet - don't worry!) and i didn't think about being CAREFUL not to get my hair wet!!

I think that time, society and a secret group of anal retentives have conspired together to turn us all into CAREFUL prisoners!! BAH!!!

so, what am i eating for supper tonight? SALAD!!! ha ha. . .


supersimbo said...

really funny post kat

Denise said...

Oh girl! You crack me up!! ;)

Sherri Lavender said...

I'm definitely with you on this one. I hate that I just can't go to bed at night without brushing and flossing... well, about one night a month I skip the flossing. I'm such a rebel.

If only we could be more disciplined in other areas! I'm very disciplined at eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day, brushing & flossing, and checking my email... Hardly the most important things!?

Kathryn said...

rebel you!!! yep. . i know. there's that side of the discipline coin too -- what we choose to be disciplined about.

i kid around a fair bit, but there's always a bit of seriousness in there somewhere?! heh heh. . i'm a weird poster - most people are so topical and timely and theological -- then there's me. . random, goofy and tangential.

oh well! to each their own, eh?

i love to hear from you guys. thanx for taking the time to read and comment.