Wednesday, June 14, 2006

turbo jam and my fitness life

So this is now THE adjunct to my vigorous dancing, yeah, baby!! Its a big energy ball of fun,sweat and pain called TURBOJAM. . and I LOVE it!!! More on that to come. . first the insane journey of my fitness life:

I have tried sooo many fitness regimens over the years. . you name it!!! Callanetics, ballet muscle work (still love it!), Yoga (been doing that since "Lillias, Yoga and You" in the 70s!!) I have always flirted with dance classes -- back in the 70s at the downtown YW in steeltown, in the 80s when my kiddies were young with the old DanceFit! and now with whatever style captures my fancy. . bellydancing, burlesque!! ooh la la! -no, not the Carmen Electra stuff. . I have the fruity, hippie chicks of "Yoga Booty Ballet"!! What they lack in heat, they make up for in coquettish cuteness! I've done some Brazilian street dance and swing too, though that's hard to learn alone. That's just my dance DVD collection! My heart still belongs to my beloved "Shemotions". .the live experience is the best.
What an amazing group of women! We meet twice a week to bust our moves and we sweat and laugh. AND EVEN MORE EXCITING, I'M DANCING WITH BOTH OF MY DAUGHTERS NOW!!! They're hooked!!! YES!

I have periodically haunted the exclusively women's gyms. . BORING!!! The only things I enjoyed were the live classes with all their energy. . Tina's Jammin' Cardio topping the list. . with all that hip hop and lyrical jazz. .FANTASTIC!!! What else have a tried?! *i get restless* I've tried all the Kathy Smith stuff. . . and she was THE QUEEN for a while. . I don't know what she hasn't done?! maybe spread things a bit thin? I've stepped up and down and sideways and backwards in step classes and at home, I've worked out to "The Firm" with its strength training and cardio intervals. . I've done TV exercise shows: "Charlene Prickett" was one of my faves. . I've done the Jane Fonda tapes, even had the leg warmers! ACK!!! I LOVED trampolining with my mini tramp!!! Its fun, but yeah, its only SO fun jumping up and down once the bombastic thrill wears off. Billy Blanks' Tae Bo. . . FRANTIC and yet so boring. . . wha?! Can frantic BE boring? Yes, it can. blech. . . I always felt when I did Tae Bo like i should have been more caffeinated like everyone on the video seemed to be !! Especially this one woman. . man was she 'out there', glassy eyed, twitchy. . *shudder*

Winser Pilates. . .yawn. . oh the bloomin' POWERHOUSE. . powerhouse this and powerhouse that. . engage it, watch it, engage it again. Ms. Winser, she just needed a pointing stick to wrap ppl on their flabby powerhouses. . she constantly prowled amongst the Pilatians. . she never seemed to DO the exercises herself!! The Crunch -they do everything, but meh. . okay. . kind of like the fitness equivalent of cream cheese, kinda bland. . . . Oxycise. . (stretching and deep breathing - I actually do need reminding to breathe deeply!) Tony Little!!!!! talk about FRANTIC!!!!! I always felt like I needed a VALIUM after watching him. Positively hyperkinetic. He always seems dangerously close to having a stroke, with the veins in his neck and forehead bulging as he screams. . ahhhh, give me a break! I don't want more stress when I exercise, I want to banish it!!!

I won't even get into detail with exercise equipment I've bought and sold over the years!!! OI!!! So many things. . . so stupid of me to think that I would stick with them!!! I've sworn off machines all together. .I don't like them at a club, I don't like them in my house. I don't like them with a mouse. I just don't like green eggs and ham! If I can't use my body and maybe just some tubing or barbells, I don't want anything to do with it. After so many zigs and zags along the way I've learned a few important things:
1. I will ALWAYS need to work out. Housework don't cut it, neither does running after kids or working full time, nor does walking the dog. . just ain't gonna do it.
2. Even if you look like you don't need to work out like my girls, they're slim. . ppl say to them "Why do you need to exercise?!!!" EVERYBODY needs to.
3. Your must LOVE what you're doing or you won't keep doing it. And even if you DO love it, there are days when you're not gonna feel like doing it!! But unless you're sick in bed with a dreadful fever, you must! Do it anyway and you won't be sorry.
4. If you fall off the wagon. . . like i've done more times than I would care to confess. . your body will happily get accustomed to the activity again! its a glutton for good treatment. Its too easy to get fat and happy! I know. Gaining weight is too easy. . and if its the result of eating too much of that yummy, delicious food and just sitting on one's heiny its even fun! But once that weight's on there. . man, so NOT fun!!! UGH. Bad. .
5. If you have physical illnesses, limitations, conditions. . . work around them, do what you can, have your physio, take your meds, do an alternate activity that will benefit your body and give your stressed parts the rest they need. No excuses. I've had times when I've been stricken right down and unable to do anything. But I always told myself that I would get back there again.
6. Middle age or grandparenthood, having had children, having arthritis, having a thyroid condition. . all excuses! BAH!! I will not excuse my laziness or my bad choices. . I will own up to them and put them behind me and I will work and not fool myself into thinking that I don't have to keep up that work and diligence. . cuz I know that inside of me is an out of control woman who must be kept in line.

So, back to TJ. . . I haven't called it that yet! first time!! does that mean I'm becoming a veteran?! heh heh. . . Chalene Johnson - creator of TurboJam - she's a little pepmeister, with dimpled cheeks and flaxen locks. . I could just squeeze her she's that adorable!! She doesn't just HAVE a powerhouse, SHE IS ONE!!! well, maybe a powercottage, cuz she's so teeny! Chalene has a martial arts, kickboxing and dance b/g. . so imagine the hybridized fun?! Can you? I find it so appealing. . the punching makes me feel STRONG, especially getting into that horse stance doing the Tae Kwon Do punching and blocking, the Brazilian Capoeira moves are FABULOUS and empowering. . The kicking!!! woah, the kicking - great for getting out that pent up or unused energy or stress. The dancey groove is so great and the music gets in your head! and its good!!! After I'm done. . I go around the house growling: 'I'M GONNA KNOCK YOU OUT. . MOMMA SAYS KNOCK YOU OUT!!' My family isn't impressed. . Chalene's moves are so unique. . fun, HARD! Yep. .I feel bodily different already! I don't think i've ever been this excited about any fitness program in my life! My obliques are solidifying daily, i'm developing lines and contours. . my legs are muscling up from all the dancing and now this. . POW!

Just getting the word out there. . TURBOJAM! The hyperlinks aren't working! WAH!! If you're inclined, you can visit and check out Chalene's TJ. . If you like shaking your stuff, punching the air and kicking it too. . .you can be a Jammer!


Lindsay said...

Oh my...! You sound very enthused about the Turbo Jam, sounds like fun! I know, it's annoying when people ask me why I need exercise. One time I went down to the MM office downtown to pick up my paycheque, and my boss was shocked,"Did you walk all the way here? From your house?" "Yeah, I like walking, it's good exercise!" "Pssshhht!(dismissive hand gesture) as if you need exercise!" Much like cleaning a house, a regular maintenance will make it easier to keep in shape, while if you let yourself go it's so much more difficult and will take so much longer to get yourself back to where you once were. Do these people not know this?

Kathryn said...

i really do love it! Well, ppl never tell me i don't need exercise!!!! So I can't relate. . ha ha. . .
you're so right about letting go and then having to work way more to get back what you once had!!! wisdom!!!

Arindana said...

Do you honestly love Turbo Jam?

I saw an infomercial today on it and it looked interesting but I'm not sure if I want to fork out $60 American and then not have it give me results.

I've checked online reviews and most of them are great but there are several that say it's just ok and that they didn't lose much. Many of the great reviews just sounded contrived.

I'm sure I'll see results no matter what because I'm quite overweight and no matter what I do I'll lose something.

I just don't want to commit to anything if it's just another workout.

Kathryn said...

i do honestly love it!! It's like anything though, if you want results you must do the time. . every day. . 5 - 6 days a week. . The eating is almost as crucial. . and that's where i slip up, a lot!

Adriana. . welcome!!! (forgot to say that at the top!) I wish you much success with your fitness goals, whatever you end up doing, i hope that you find something you love and stick to it, you'll get there!! I find that i get bored very easily. . so i have lots of different TurboJam workouts. . i bought the initial set, loved it, then bought the rest. . for me it has been an investment. I sold some of my other programs that i no longer wanted to use, that money went towards the Turbojam purchase.

Kathryn said...

oops. . you're not "Adriana", you're "Arindana". . my brain messin' with me!

Arindana said...

That's a great idea to sell your other videos. i have lots that I don't use anymore. May have to consider that. I do like a few of my Kathy ones though.

I shall definitely consider it then. I will have to see where my finances are after my September raise kicks in.

Thanks for the encouragement!!!

(I definitely want to kick things up a notch to go to Florida next March.)

Kathryn said...

yes, i definitely like to get rid of what's not working and try for something that does. .sometimes you have to try lots before you find your best thing, right?

Amazon is great. . you can buy used items for great prices. Even their brand new stuff is priced well. I've purchased a few belly dance DVDs through Amazon. . and a Brazilian dance DVD. . it's great for the more obscure, interesting stuff. For any fitness need, you can check out Amazon. . Beachbody is great too!

Arindana said...

OK so I finally got the videos. Great videos. I'm not that great at doing them consistently though. I think in part because I'm always freezing when i get home (winter now) and by the time I warm up it's getting late. Or I have to go out again etc. I always have excuses. But the too cold and i hate sweating are my too top excuses to change into workout gear.

Oh and they had them at Shopper's Drugmart for cheap. separately the two discs. I was so mad to find out that I could have waited and purchased then! grrr

oh well ;)