Wednesday, June 21, 2006

hell's kitchen

Gordon Ramsay. . the shar pei of the culinary world! Gordon, the wrinkled one. Gordon the rugby-playing chef. Gordon the laughing all the way to the bank chef. Gordon, the Profane One. Gordon the TV star. Gordon the restaurateur. Gordon the blond. Gordon the hot tempered. We love Gordon!!!!

click and go to hell. . . .'s kitchen!!

Robbie and I are hopelessly hooked on Gordon Ramsay.

I love to watch cooking shows, so no surprise there. Rob just loves Gordon cuz Gordon's so brashly outspoken. We always laugh when the bleeped out dialogue is more than the kept in dialogue! We just look at each other with open-mouthed, shocked hilarity and we laugh and gasp when he calls people "wankers" or idiots. We love to see how dorky people can be. . running restaurants when they can't cook, owning bars when they have no business sense. We are delightfully aghast when we see the insane scenarios in his "Kitchen Nightmares" adventures. Chef Ramsay travels the U.K., hired by desperate owners in hopes of redeeming their troubled businesses. Oh the filthy kitchens, gungy kitchens, messy, bug infested, cluttered! Gross! We watch in disbelief as 'head chefs' who couldn't cook to save their lives invite a big gun like Ramsay to give them a shake down and a smack upside the head as only Gordo can do! They're ballsy or ridiculous. . not sure which. Some of the visited establishments are top drawer, with imported foods, fine linens on the front of house tables, and no bodies at these tables. . pricing themselves right out of business, or serving the wrong kind of cuisine for the region. Gordo's impressive business sense, his kitchen leadership knowledge, his culinary skills. . . and his no nonsense delivery is pure magic. He's every ailing and failing restaurant's brutal saviour.

Hell's Kitchen. . . bamalam! This series makes "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" Gordon look like Mr. Rogers. . whoa!! Like the million other 'reality shows' out there. . this one has eliminations every episode until that magic moment when the winning chef is given their own restaurant to run. The difference is location and occupation. Kitchen and chef. No island or torches. No board room. No race around the world. Just a screaming, swearing Scotsman in your face and on your case! I don't think I could take the abuse these wannabe chefs take?! They are all thrown into full service in 2 side-by-side, busy restaurant kitchens and asked to complete service each night. Naturally they can't do this and the results are spellbinding. Its like watching a trainwreck. . you can't look away, even though you may want to. Rapid-fire ticket reading by Gordon. . mass confusion as no one remembers the orders, no one seems to know how to cook the menu items properly. . communication doesn't happen, food is wasted and Gordon is screaming: "F*&@ Me!!! is that what you call a Wellington? throw it out!, F**&in' he**" "I said, 2 risotto, 1 scallop, 1 wellington and 1 salmon, now effin' MOVE!!!" F&@#!!! All the trainees are cracking under the pressure. . dithering, "Yes Chef-ing" and "No, Chef-ing". Gordon is fuming and muttering 'bloody He$$' shaking his blond noggin, furrowing his already lined brow. During last night's show he became so shocked as he watched the teams disintegrating into chaotic panic. . He quietly *for a change* said to his maitre'd: "I feel like I'm cooking with Muppets." At which point he then shouted his trademark: "SHUT IT DOWN!!!" The ovens are turned off and the beleagured trainees visibly slump and wilt. Rob and I exchange knowing glances and head nods. Rob often tries to predict the exact moment when 'the words' are coming by gauging the size of Ramsay's bulging neck veins! Its crazy fun watching this man's shows. Sometimes I think Gordon needs to attend an Anger Managament course. He's a rage-a-holic, but he's also hilarious and really affable when he's not pissed off.

So, if i've made you curious. . . check these shows out! If you're already a Gordon fan. . . what do you think of the inimitable Mr. Ramsay? We love him!!! There's no one like him in the world of 'food tv'. . . an angry, yelling Scotsman!!


CMC said...

Angry yelleng scotsmen are funny, gordon ramsey on the other hand just annoys me, lol, he can be funny at times, but ususaly wen i see him on tv a just groan and change the channel

supersimbo said...

has he had any run ins with Jean Phillipe it when he totally insults the poor guy and he just takes it cuz Gordon is the boss!!
Ill never forget the time he was in this kitchen and cant remember the exact dish they had cooked but Ramsay had to go outside to vomit cuz it was so bad.............awh the abuse he gave that chef was hideous yet somehow very amusing to watch!!
love the guy, a genius in his own right........he was a professional footballer you know? I remember him playing...................not bad too!

Kathryn said...

Hey, CMC! welcome! Angry, yelling Scotsman. . . LOL!!! my father in law was one!!!

I know what you mean about Ramsay. . . but for some reason i just hafta watch!

No, Ally. . he hasn't had any run ins with Jean Phillipe yet on the new season of Hell's Kitchen. . he did last season! JP is longsuffering!! Yeah, saw the episode of him puking! yeah, i'd heard he was, never saw him play. he's an interesting guy!

Lindsay said...

I haven't seen this show,but I have seen the ads for it, and he scares me! I couldn't handle working for him, I'd probably have a nervous breakdown, you'd see me sitting in the corner muttering to myself and rocking back and forth! Ha ha ha...

Amy said...

Hi Kathryn!

I've never seen Hell's Kitchen, but I wanted to drop by and say I like your pink blog too! :-)