Wednesday, October 26, 2005

these have got to go!!!

mmmm. . . i'm eating whole wheat toast with peanut butter!! chasing it down with chocolate milk!!! I've earned it. . . i danced for an hour, then endured the fluorescent nightmare that is WalMart!!! So, yes, I'm eating my supper now at 10:30 p.m.!!!! ahhh. . . It also took me 15 minutes to get through the check out, cuz I had picked 2 items that had no price tags!!! BAH! I cruised the messy, messy *tsk tsk to you WalMart staffers* Halloween aisle. . though admittedly people get very frenzied at special times of the year and go all crazy flinging stuff around. My little girl used to work for Old Navy. Her take on the customer crazy messiness is "People are pigs!" LOL!!! I'm digressing. . .AGAIN!

This little thingie tonight is about words and phrases that have outlived their usefulness, maybe never had any? anything that is annoying, perhaps lifted from its cultural context and its use elsewhere is just dorky. . that kind of deal. So, here goes. . . and this, by the by, is a reader participation dealie! So, get your thinking caps on and post your own selection of worn out, sorry, lame, irritating and generally tired words, sayings, slang. .

1. "catch ya later" * oh boy. .
2. Snoop Dog vocabulary *i have had up to izzle with the fizzle* I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT
I'M SUPPOSED TO HAVE SAID HERE! SO IF I SWORE, DON'T GET MAD!!! This guy's inscrutable. . .
3. 'dude' *gag
4. stoked *double gag
5. the improper use of the word 'so' -- 'Friends' went off the air everyone!!!
6. 'touch base' * i have these baseball images in my head whenever anyone says this!
7. Speaking of baseball. . can we get rid of "Hey batta batta, sssssWING batta!!!"???? BLECH!
8. "having said that" *really, really . . . grrrrr!!!
9. 'in terms of' *double grrrr. . . deep six this one!
10. 'on the flipside' ugh. .
11. 'blow me away' (dated, man)
12. 'on the same page' *picturing a business ledger here. .
13. 'boo yah'. . . i HATE that! It makes people sound like cave dwellers
14. 'hot' can't we go back to saying that women are beautiful and men are
handsome? This just sounds so smarmy. . .
15. 'rock my world'. . . cheese curds. . .
16. 'slammin'. . . that just sounds so violent to me YIKES!
17. 'like, you know'. . . maybe not every says this one. . but i have a neighbour who says
this entire phrase approximately every 20 seconds.
18. any use of the word 'candy' paired with body parts: eye, ear, arm -- tacky..
19. 'my bad'. . . the abuse of grammar!!! oh, poor grammar. . .
20. 'at the end of the day'. . . D'OH!!! (hey, maybe d'oh's another one for some ppl?)
Back to this #20 phrase. . . I absolutely cannot stand it. . it is SO overused. I cringe, and
furrow my brow when i hear this icky phrase.

Okay, now its your turn!!! I can't wait to hear what you guys come up with!

Hey, here's a wee bonus for you, two HILARIOUS phrases that I picked up in my travels. . .

"as confused as a baby in a topless bar"
"he thinks he's the dog's danglies"

heh heh. . . those make me LAUGH!


The Phantom Piccolo said...

How about "I know, right?" (insert valley boy/girl accent). If anyone needs a reference, check out the movie "Jawbreaker."

Kathryn said...

oh yes, that sounds like it should definitely get the 'heave ho'!!!

Lindsay said...

I'm not overly fond of the word 'booty', unless you're talking about pirate treasure, people saying 'basically' and 'literally' too much, stupid shortenings of words like 'sitch'for situation, or 'rents' for parents. I hate when a rapper calls a female 'baby girl' or 'shorty' BARF! I also hate all names that people give their body parts, like 'the girls' or 'the twins. I always cringe whenever I hear that. I find it so funny when people say UUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM.....UUUUUUMMMMMM really loud or excessively when they're trying to find the words they're looking for! I had a client do that the other day when he was telling us what he wanted done, and I had to put my hand over my mouth and pretend I was coughing so I wouldn't laugh! My favourite saying is 'whatever blows your hair back!

Tee said...

I can not tell you how annoyed I was with your post. I HATE all those words (even if I'm guilty of giving into societal pressures and using a few on occasion.)

Some more words I hate:




LOL (I use it alot because what else can you use? I'm still annoyed by it though.)

Sick - How can "sick" mean something is awesome? "Awh man, that's sick!" ...ARGGGHHGHG!!!!!

General misspellings and poor capitlization done on purpose by teenage girls. Such as, "i m a cool grl"

...It seems there isn't any new slang? Or maybe I'm just so old I don't have access to it anymore. ;)

Also hate all the ones Lindsay mentions. I'm tired of words that degrade human beings and make everything sexual.

God. I am old.

Kathryn said...

Good ones, Lindsay and Tee!!! Excellent, in fact!

'anywho'. . yep, that's a stinker.

i also hate the incorrect use of the word 'anyway' (anyways. Mrs. McKay (my grade 10 English teacher) DRILLED so much into my head. . I will never forget it!! She was so cool. . that was one of them. . in addition to:

"All together is 2 words, people." said she.

'try to' NOT 'try and'. .

yes, its funny when people overuse one or two particular words. . my mother overused 'basically' so much that i refuse to EVER use that word!
I am completely averse to it now.

I hate 'bling' too!

I agree that everything is oversexualized these days. Its a shame. The naming of body parts, like "the girls" for breasts. . it is annoying, but kinda funny at the same time! I prefer the term 'bodacious ta tas' which is one my husband ripped off from "An Officer and a Gentleman"!!

Kathryn said...

here's a laugh at my expense:
My youngest daughter lives in a house with 3 other university students. Someone gave one of the girls a 'housewarming' gift of a GIANT picture of Snoop Dog and Tupac. . Its on their front room wall. The fist time I saw it I knew, of course, who these people were and I knew about S.D.'s silly 'izzle' lexicon. So, I said to all those assembled at the time: "Every time I see that poster I think 'shizzle'." They all started laughing. . cuz 'shizzle' means 'sh#!' oops! 'my bad'. . HAHA. I mean I'm bad!!

Lindsay said...

You mean they actually knew what 'shizzle' meant??? Huh.

Lindsay said...

Ta ta's! That's hilarious...!

Kathryn said...

do you think they were just pulling my leg with the 'shizzle'? oh, my!

who knows what anything that man says actually means? Maybe he has his own dictionary? Have you seen those funny commercials with Snoop and Lee Iacocca (President of Chrysler Inc). . where they're on this golf course and S.D. is saying his izzle words and Lee's looking politely confused. . FUNNY! and yes, I do like 'ta tas'! I hate when ppl call them 'boobs'. . as if they're somehow idiotic!!?? but sometimes it can sound funny. . i think the word 'bosom' sounds ridiculous!

Lindsay said...

I was so shocked that time when Bala called them 'headlights'. I just couldn't believe it, it was so funny! You think she's all prim and proper and full of Victorian sensibilities, then she throws that at you!

Tee said...

Shizzle really does mean s#!t. LOL. I don't "speak the language", but I know not to say "nizzle". LOL. White people aren't aloud.

If your curiosity gets the best of you, here is a snoop dogg izzle translator. ROFL.

Click here

Tracy said...

I am so guilty that I'm afraid to write anything. I use so many of those phrases. I'm in trouble. BUT!!! I do NOT izzle the fizzle on yo mama's shizzle! :)

faith said...

I HATE that 'fo shizzel' crap! *vomits*

And I swear if another freshman at my school calls me "dude" I will scream! I am a lady thank-you not a 'dude'!

Kathryn said...

translation, please!!! heh heh. . after the 'shizzle debacle' I will not utter one more izzle.. I'll leave it to the pros!

i'm a hypocrite, cuz i have improperly used 'so' and i have said 'on the same page'. . . but i'm trying to cut down!! (they do irritate me, even though i have said them!)

Like Lindsay's "whatever blows your hair back". . I wonder if there's a series of "whatever. . . " sayings? Like "whatever floats your boat".

Kathryn said...

yes, Faith. . i agree. . women are NOT 'dudes'!!! come on!!! i have heard 'dudette'. . ick. . .

there are much prettier/cuter names to call a woman. . like 'chickie','darling', 'honey', 'love','sweetheart' or 'sweetie' - those at least sound feminine!!! I imagine that radical feminists get their boycut briefs in a twist though with all these?!

Tracy said...

I'd rather be called "Dude!" over "chickie" anytime! lol

Lindsay said...

Hey, boycut underwear is the best kind! They're comfortable and much better-looking than thongs, they leave more to the imagination! As for feminine nicknames, I like being called 'Lindsay'! There's a guy at Mike's factory that calls all the female employees 'toots'. UGH!

Kathryn said...

toots?! funny!!! but very 1920s!

i guess if i had my choice between being called dude or chickie, i'd rather be called chickie? but neither one is something i really like.

Lindsay said...

I hate both 'dude' and 'chickie'. I also don't like 'girl' or 'girlfriend'! I've never really had anyone call me by any pet names before, except dad's 'Linsky Pinsky Widdly-Dinsky', so I guess I'm just not used to it! I'm not really a pet name person.

Kathryn said...

Your Dad is so funny! He's always called me 'bum'. You'd think he could come up with something a bit better, eh?! I had 2 pets names, growing up: Chopper and Chatty Kathy. Then there was my school name "Graham Crackers". . didn't like that one.

Dale said...

If I ever called anyone besides my wife 'chickie','darling', 'honey', 'love','sweetheart' or 'sweetie' I'd get slapped by either my wife or the female I was addressing. Unfortunately in my area of the world in this day and age it would considered sexist or sexual harassment to use any of those terms with someone you didn't know extremely well.

As for some phrases I think should probably go away, here's a few:

1. in this day and age (I used it above)

2. my neck of the woods (Do woods have necks?)

3. a flash in the pan (Come on now, we don't use flintlocks anymore!)

4. my old man (Yeah, he's older than you and he's yours, but show some respect.)

5. for Pete's sake (Who is Pete and why should we care about him?)

6. for the love of Pete (Again, what does loving Pete have to do with it?)

7. I'm stumped (Are you confused or just a paraplegic?)

8. by the way (By what? What way?)

9. give me a holler (Do you want me to call you on the phone or just shout your name out my back door?)

10. get a grip (Trust me, if I get my hands on you I will!)

Denise said...

You're funny! I believe I still say some of these ;)

Lindsay said...

How about that biker slang favourite, 'old lady' for wife or girlfriend? Blech!

Kathryn said...

Dale, that was hilarious!!! Dee. . nice to have you stop in!!! yes, Linds -- 'old man' and 'old lady' is so 70s. . *groan*

Krista said...

Don't say "I gave 110%".

No, you didn't, because you can't! This one drives Bob crazy!

I like:
"Get on the pulse!"
"Get a grip!"
"Pull yourself together!"

Lindsay said...

I've never heard 'get on the pulse' before!

Kathryn said...

i like those too. . they're so descriptive!!! I'm with Bob - i hate it when people say 110% or 120%. . . its just so silly.

Jenn Finucan said...

You forgot mom's "basically" HA!

Jenn Finucan said... list here goes!

I hate the use of irregardless! It's regardless people! I also hate it when people end a question with "or what"..."Are you going to eat that last muffin or what?"

Bryce's latest word is "darnacles" which always makes me chuckle!

Kathryn said...

good ones, Jenn! how could i forget our mother's overusage of 'basically'. . its way back in the comments there. . grrrrr. . hate that word!!!!

'darnacles'!!! that's cute!!

how about the incorrect use of :
'an historical'? that bugs me. I hear newscasters say it on TV, politicians, etc.

Even though 'an historical' is widely used. . it is actually incorrect. . 'a historical' is the right way.