Sunday, October 09, 2005

i wanna stop and thank you . . .

Thanksgiving weekend is here. . different people celebrate it on different days, (we celebrate on Thanksgiving Monday). When I think of thanksgiving. . i thank God. When we say thank you we have to say it to someone, right? So I say it to Him. I recognize His giving to me and I direct my thanks to Him. I've always been puzzled that people will find it important to be thankful. . but to whom are they thankful? there has to be a direction to go with your thanks, there has to be a hand that gives in order for you to say 'thanks'.

I'm also thankful to farmers, they keep us alive. . no way around that. If not for their toil, their work, their knowledge -- we'd all starve.
I'm thankful for truckers and freighter captains and pilots -- they keep us alive too! Without them bringing all of our stuff to our stores what would we do?? I'm thankful for employers, without them we'd have no jobs! how would we live without income? I'm thankful for government (even though we Canadians are very critical of our system -- the thought of no system is frightening) I'm grateful for our country. . . i love this corner of the world. . i really do. Its beautiful and spacious, its free from tyranny and its so good to be able to call it home. I'm thankful law and order - anarchy and chaos sucks. I'm thankful for people -- there are so many people who mean so much -- i'm thankful for their lives and their love, their acts of kindness and their generosity. What would life be like without others to live alongside of? I'm thankful for the world and its wonders. What can i say about it? Its gorgeous, even under our mismanagement, its beautiful and stunning and full of the elements of life for us. Where else could we live but here? (I'm not picturing us colonizing Mars any time soon! though there is silly talk of it). Where else could we live? I'm thankful for really basic, elemental things like air, water, earth, fire. I'm thankful for things I can't see, like atoms, molecules, etc. I'm thankful for galaxies and constellations. . thankful for our furnace-like sun/star; without which we would be frozen solid and for the moon which pulls our tides and helps us to mark time and looks great when its full and bright . I'm thankful for animals and plants and the food chain! Geez. . . when i start thinking of all the things there are to be grateful for, where do i stop?

I thank God for it all. . . cuz I think He's behind it all. I'm thankful for great music and great smells and great feelings and great tastes and greatness in general! Little things and big things. . .I'm counting all those blessings. . My friend Peta often reminds me to count my blessings - especially when things aren't going so well. She's wise to remind me and I always appreciate the reminder. I even thank God for adversity, which really does grow character and test and refine me. I don't thank Him for bad stuff, but I thank Him for how He can help me when I'm knee deep, even neck deep in it.

I'm grateful to be able to feast and celebrate. . but I'm torn because I read of disastrous quakes that snatch away people's lives. . and I watch destructive weather systems that wreak billions of dollars worth of damage - flattening communities, bringing instant poverty to untold numbers of people just like me. Why do i escape this? Why am i okay, while others go through misery? I guess the thing is we all have our turn - nobody's immune.

So tomorrow I will cook a lot of food, I will serve it to my family and I will enjoy every bite of it, I will be grateful for the people I share my life with and most of all I will remember to thank God for all the ways He gives and gives and gives again. . He's awesome and that's a fact. I write this to say "thank you" to Him and I also write it to say " thank you" to all of you for reading my thoughts and for all your interactions with me since I've started this blog. You are also awesome and that's another fact. I feel very mushy and full of joy! I guess that's a side effect of counting my blessings!?

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! and if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving in your country or if you do and its at a different time of the year. . . take a moment to feel gratitude and count your own blessings. . you'll feel better for it.


Dale said...

Of course we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US in late November but I appreciate and agree with your comments about thanking God. Without Him and His providence we'd have nothing to be thankful for. He is so awesome!

Happy Thanksgiving Kat! And thanks for your blog! It is always a good read!

Tee said...

Really beautiful! Your post reminds me of when I was little and I'd pray in bed at night.

Dear God,
Thank you for my family, food, my house and for keeping me safe.

....Then a few seconds later, "Oh yeah! Dear God, also thank you for my grandparents and friends and my toys...Amen."

And then a few seconds later... LOL. I would usually fall asleep before I was done!

Kathryn said...

thanx guys! We had a great day, i cooked most of it. . but boy was it worth the effort!!! YUM!!!! We're all stuffed and turkey coma is setting in. . but we have to take our youngest back to uni. . so we must keep moving till we get back home! She lives not quite an hour from us. . so that's not too bad of a drive. .

It was such an enjoyable day! I'm remembering to be thankful to God and I am.

bye for now everyone! I hope all my fellow Canucks had a GREAT day of feasting and celebration?! wherever you might be! And in late November, I'm sure my American friends will be having a great time also!

ugh. . i'm full!

Lindsay said...

What a great meal that was, thanks! You're an excellent cook! That plate that you sent home for Mike, somehow he mistook the squash for ham(don't ask me how) and he bit into it and was quite surprised that it was mushy and sweet! He liked it though. He LOVES your turkey!

Kathryn said...

I'm glad you liked the dinner, Linds! You know that I love to cook for you guys!!! Its a joy for me to make a celebration meal!!! We had a great time, didn't we?!

Always glad to send home a plate to Mike - and glad that he enjoys it!! i guess with the carmelization of the squash, I could see that he might not realize what it was. . i LOVE baked squash with maple syrup, brown sugar - butter, salt and pepper. . mmmm. . . Enjoy the pumpkin pie!!! I couldn't believe that James ate an adult-sized piece of it!!! and Eri, what a good little eater she is too! My favourite part of the day, besides having all of you with us. . was when Jimmy said "I love this Thanksgiving Day!" We loved the pretty leaves, acorns and pine cones that you and James collected to decorate our table! The sparkling apple cider was delish, eh?!

Sherri Lavender said...

Can't say I've ever heard of squash being mistaken for ham!? That James is so sweet - he says such cute things. I wish I could say Jonah enjoyed his Thanksgiving dinner as much as Erica. He wouldn't even try apple pie, and then tonight, he wanted absolutely no part of the turkey vegetable soup. How sad!

Kathryn said...

kids do say the cutest things. . and Jimmy really comes out with some cute stuff!!! It won't be long before Jonah is saying his own cute sayings!! So, your little my fussypants wouldn't eat the thanksgiving food, eh? Eri had 2 helpings of mashed potatoes! not to mention the other stuff. . Jimmy had 2 helpings of turkey! hated the stuffing. . wouldn't even touch the squash. . KIDS!

kids won't eat enough sometimes and adults will often eat too much!