Wednesday, October 12, 2005

favourite things

these are a few of my favourite things:

*words -- i have no words to describe how much i love these arrangements of letters.
*music - it must be playing at all times!
*cute, small things --baby people, baby animals, miniature objects - when i see them i usually use my 'high voice' cuz the cuteness just turns me into a dork.
*smells -- i'm just addicted to wonderful, good smells - they make me so happy
*cooking -- i am happy when the stove top is cooking away and the oven is loaded up with delicious things. I love fresh herbs -i love delicious cheeses, i love breads, i love chopping things and stirring. . i cook with my hands, but my whole self goes into the process.
*baking -- makes me even happier than cooking! this is a lifelong thing of mine!
*writing -- wow, there's just no feeling like writing what's on your mind or in your heart. . its a religious experience for me. . another lifelong thing. .
* crying -- i love to cry, which is good cuz i'm very often teary and sniffy. . i'm not exactly sure why my emotions are so close to the surface - they just are -- i guess i could ask 'why is the sky blue?'
*laughing -- yeah, another of my very favourite things!!! its right up there at the top!
*spending time with my husband -- he's the greatest. I can't imagine life without him -- in fact, that wouldn't be life for me. . there's no one besides God who knows me so well and still loves me!!!!
*my children and grandchildren -- they are so wonderful and they make me so proud -- i get depressed if i don't see them often! i can't imagine not being a mom and a grandma!
*singing -- i love to sing -- this also is a joy thing. . really wonderful - especially love to add harmony - wing it as i go along.
*hugging -- this is just the most wonderful thing -- all warm and close to someone else. I know not everybody likes this and that's cool -- but I do!
*spelling and grammar -- yes, i'm a geek -- i have always loved anything to do with writing, and these 2 tools are key! I was among the last standing in classroom spelling bees. Incorrect spelling and sloppy grammar baffles me.
*dancing!!! -- love dance class. . love learning new combinations and steps. FUN!!!
*COWS -- i love the way they look and i love to drive into the country, pull alongside a field of cows and just watch them. There's something calming about being around them - i'm not sure what it is. . i guess its that they appear serene - i think my BP must drop when i watch them.
* pumpkins!!! these orange spheres have always fascinated me. I love to see pumpkin patches -- its like they're all in this big 'bed'. . all cozy among the vines and gigantic leaves. I also love to eat them in pies, loaves, cookies, i love to roast the seeds with salt.
*reading books!! -- again - writing, words, spelling, grammar -- books have it all!!! they rock!
*going for walks - i love to do things that involve other things - walking for instance provides great scenery - yay! it also provides many great smells! woo!!! good exercise - love to move it! doesn't even seem like exercise cuz there's so much to experience at the same time.
*taking pictures -- i see photo ops everywhere i go. . i especially love taking outdoor pictures and i love cool buildings, structures, etc. archways are cool, gates, linear things, rows of fence spikes, boards, shadowy doorways, winding stairways, fountains, there's never enough film!
*colours -- wow are they gorgeous or what?!!! shades. . so many variations - chartreuse paired with dark purple is magic, warm brown with orange, pink and dark blue, yellow and pale green, i love aubergine, cinnamon, gold, copper. . jewel tones are fabulous!
*swimming -- i love swimming - laps, not just splashing around -- breast stroke rules! also like the Australian crawl (side stroke), cuz almost no one does it! I don't remember a time in my life when my heart did not palpitate at the sight of a pool or a lake! Water in general makes me feel calm. . i have had a lifelong love affair with water! i love to be on it, in it. . around it.
*movies!!! -- Stories with visuals, how perfect! i love a good story. . a funny one, a sad one, a suspenseful one. .

well, that's certainly enough for tonight! Speaking of movies, I've got one to watch with Robbie! (Kicking and Screaming - with Will Ferrell)!!! It'll probably be silly, but geez that guy's so funny. . he makes me laugh hysterically!!

What are some of your favourite things?!


Kathryn said...

Rob says: I love you!

Kevin said...

cows! That's awesome!
They are such gentle, simple creatures. They always make me smile from a distance. I've never been up close, they might be uglier or smellier face to face. But from a distance they're so silly.

That's a good list. I'm glad your husband is on there. It's encouraging to hear about happy married couples. :)


Kathryn said...

awww. Rob wrote me a comment! and what a great comment he wrote. . xo
i love him!!! happy married couples are rare -- we're 24 1/2 years and counting!! yay!!!

and yes, Kev. . that's exactly why i love cows, cuz they're gentle and simple! i love their eyes and their eyelashes. .

Kathryn said...

well, i'll tell you one of my NON-favourite things: SPAMMERS!


I've finally caved - i didn't want to activate the word verification thingie. . but the tooth whiteners and money grubbers have left me with no choice!! BAH! to spammers!!!