Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Now this just came outta nowhere really, i was just thinking about bananas for some reason and this little 'quiz' just starting coming to me. So, If you're ready to take the quiz, just answer every question in your mind, or out loud if you like!


1. Will you eat the bruises in bananas?
2. Do you employ the 5-second rule for food droppage?
3. Can you leave a mess alone and not clean it up right away? *regardless of who made it*
4. Can you drink other brands of your favourite beverage if yours isn't available?
5. Can you receive a doggie kiss without "pulling a Lucy"? (have you all seen Charlie Brown?)
6. Do you notice and/or feel the urge to correct misspellings, bad grammar or poor punctuation?
7. Can you eat food you don't prepare? As my friend, Pauline would say "You don't know if the
person was picking their nose or scratching their arse while they were cooking."
8. Do you iron your clothes? all of them? some? none?!! Please don't say you iron your towels!
9. Do you need to control the remote control?
10. Do you care if your foods mix on your plate?
11. Can you take holidays with other people?
12. Is it easy for you to break your routines - if you have them that is!
13. If you receive subpar service, do you speak up?
14. Do you get annoyed if the wind blows your hair?
15. If you leaf through money and you notice an upside down or backwards bill, do you correct
it to match the rest?
16. Do you eat the end pieces in a loaf of bread?
17. Do you like the feel of sand between your toes?
18. Would you use an outhouse or Port-A-Potty?
19. Do you flip out if someone enters your house with their shoes on?
20. If a visitor's child spills something on your carpet do you take it in stride?
21. If your salad has bits of rusty lettuce, do you eat them? (that's like the banana question, i
22. Will you eat cheap chocolate?

So. . . wasn't that fun?! Well. . . . are you an official fussypants?!! I'm not gonna make you add anything up or not. . you know if you are!!!

I am for some things and i'm not for others. . . i iron as little as possible, i hate the wind blowing my hair and i hate sand in my toes. . i hate cheap chocolate. . i don't mind if ppl wear their shoes in my house. . its actually better for the carpets than bare or sock feet! (according to my carpet cleaning guy). . i don't flip out if a child spills. . i won't eat bruises in bananas or rusty lettuce! ICK! Idon't like the ends of the bread! i speak up when i receive subpar service. . i can leave a mess for a time. . if nobody's coming to visit, and i love doggie kisses, but not on the lips!


Lindsay said...

Let's see, I hate bruises on bananas/apples/pears/peaches - I eat around them! I despise outhouses - the smell, the cold air feeling beneath you, the fear of bugs that might bite you on the butt.. I don't let people wear their shoes in the house, I don't eat the ends of the bread, but James does! I don't give a crap what brand of chocolate it is, as long as it's chocolate,I hate breaking routines - for instance, I like to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer every day at 3:00. If I'm out somewhere, I try to make it home by that time, and if I know I'm not going to make it, I tape the show. I only hate it if the wind blows my hair in my face, otherwise, I kind of like it. I always wipe my face after receiving a doggie kiss, God knows where those snouts have been! One fussbudget quality of mine that isn't on the list: shopping with other people!

Tracy said...

So Kathy, would you say that you're a fussypants, or not? Lindsay?

I think I'm not. Yeah, there were a number of those things that I would have to agree with (fruit is rarely appealing to me anyhow, so bruises don't help matters) but for the most part I think I'm pretty easy going. The things I get fussy about are very silly though - cleaning with sponges is disgusting, I don't like the dishsoap on the counter, I can't handle kitchen counters covered in clutter...some of these things could change, however, as I continue bringing up a child.

Kathryn said...

i'm a weirdo. . i can totally be a fussypants for some stuff. . i don't know why? spelling for instance. . oh boy, do i notice that! Grammar, same deal. Punctuation, i'm slightly less concerned with but am conscious enough of that too. I guess i'm a fussypants with things that are important to me. Like Linds said, i don't like the wind blowing my hair into my face, but yeah, if its blowing it away from the face, it is nice! I HATE gritty sand between my toes, i'm almost pathological with that one. I also hate the dry dustiness of my feet and sandals after a lot of beach walking. . ooooh, i hate that! However if i was at a beach with babypowder sand, i think i'd be quite happy. Maybe its our Ontario sand i'm not too fond of?

i hear you about counter clutter and sponges. . i put my kitchen cleaning sponges in the dishwasher every other cycle, to sterilize them.

The restaurant thing. It reminds me of russian roulette. . sometimes you have no probs and you enjoy yourself, other times you have an upset GI tract. If i saw some of those kitchens i'd probably run?!!! In my kitchen i have 'dedicated boards'. . 1 board for raw meat only, 1 for veg and breads, etc., 1 other for fruit, chocolate and 1 for pastry rolling. This MUST be. Hand washing is huge and I wear a hair net when preparing food for company. I have my hair pinned back when cooking for the fam. I think that restaurants should be even more SCRUPULOUS with their habits and cleaning, but I suspect that not enough of them are! I prefer home cooking.

So ya see, i'm a selective fussypants. Some things get my knickers all in a twist, others i'm mellow and unconcerned with.

Lindsay said...

In restaurants you have to have your hair in a ponytail if it will fit in a ponytail, but hairnets are not required, although I think they should be! I'm a fussypants, I think, especially with kitchen cleanliness. I hate the way dishsoap on the counter leaves that gross ring of soap and grime! I'm also fussy about crumbs on the floor and counter and the shininess of stainless steel!

Kathryn said...

fussypants! its not such a bad thing, eh?

oh yeah, crumbs on the floor. .ick.

Sherri Lavender said...

Well, I think I'm less of a fussypants than I would have thought... but definitely somewhat of a fussypants... but fussypants can be a very good thing... I think it helped me to prevent getting gastroenteritis when my hubby & son both had it!

Kathryn said...

yay for preventing that nastiness! you know, i think everyone is an f.p. about something or other!!!

Lindsay said...

When it comes to preventing the spread or communicable illnesses, fussypants-ness is a must! When James had the stomach bug last winter, I wore gloves to clean up the puke and I washed my hands so often that they actually began cracking and I had to buy special lotion! I didn't catch it, though, so the fussiness paid off!

Krista said...

Banana bruises used to gross me out, and they sometimes still do if I'm in a fussy mood, but I'll eat it if it's reasonable small. I love doggie kisses, unless said doggie has stank-breath! I prefer to prep my own food, but I don't go crazy over it...anymore. Never iron, often leave messes(lazy), my carpet is crap so I don't get too worried about spills, don't care if people wear shoes unless they're really dirty/wet. I do like the feeling of sand between my toes - I like letting go, and digging my toes in!

I like my routine though. And cheap chocolate? No way! I like making every calorie worth it!

supersimbo said...

i apparently am a bit fussy...........greta fun post kat

Denise said...

I hate it when the food(s) on my plate touch each other, AND I eat everything one at a time(one food genre at a time, meat, veg, so on...), my bills are always the right way in my wallet and I used an outhouse that was nailed to the floor and had NO toilet seat, all summer!!! But I will not use a port-o-potty unless its 100% necessary!
I'm a little fussy! =)