Saturday, August 06, 2005

night time

you know, i love the night for so many reasons.
the cooler air is such a relief from the day's intensity
the velvety bluish blackness of the sky - isn't it so gorgeous? it appears almost touchable. .
the winking stars - they look so teeny, its hard to believe they are dying or dead planets! harder still to realize that the light we see has taken so long to emanate from its source, that the source may no longer exist?!!!!
the luminous moon -- there's something about that orb. . its serene and austere, not a scrap of life on it, freezing cold, even so, it seems we've assigned it a warm personna! So much more mellow than that hyperactive sun, it shines benevolently upon all the lovers in the world, yet takes the rap for all that craziness among the 'lunatic' fringe! strange, eh?
the night time stillness, you can almost feel it. . even strain to hear it. .
the sleeping. . . ahhhh, love sleeping.
the way light glows in the darkness, its comforting. . allows us to 'tame the beast'. . . if all was total blackness, i don't think i'd be so rhapsodic, more likely terrified!!!
Still, I feel like the night time is my time. . i was born after midnight !!!there's a reason i'm this way!!
I even married another night person and had 2 night children! (though 1 of our daughters has little kiddies, so she's had to cross over to the 'other side', but she'll be back. . right Linds? *wink!*)
I love to drive at night, i love the glow of the instrument panel on the dash. . i love the way the headlights and running lights cast those helpful pools of light onto the darkened asphalt. i love the sound of djs voices at night on the car radio. .
I love to walk at night, love to hear the echo of my footsteps. . walk over my street light shadow on the sidewalk.
Its so cool how sound travels at night. . . speeding trains and jets flying overhead can sound like cataclysmic events!!! thunderous!
I love to be outdoors at night -- its magic. I like the smells of night, the loamy earth smell, the damp, dewy florals from roses and honeysuckle vines. . .now with no competition from the busy daytime vehicle exhaust, they lightly perfume the air.
I can think at nightl, its like my brain 'sighs' at night. . .
I can breathe at night. . the day's chaos and 'forced labour' ha ha . . has ended and i'm free!

How do you feel about the night? are you a night person or a morning person?
If you like the night, what do you like about it?
Do you hate waking up every morning? are you grumpy?? (i find it torturous!!!)
OR do you spring up from your bed singing and jumping. . . up and 'at em, RISE AND SHINE and all that hooey? all that stuff's foreign to me and seems not to be in my DNA!?
maybe i should take up coffee drinking and get that artificial boost in the a.m.? join the rest of the world in its caffeine-induced alertness?! nah. . . i'd rather stay sleepy and hope it will gradually wear off. . . which it invariably does by around noon!!!! heh heh. . .

its time to say 'goodnight'. Notice how nobody ever wishes you a 'badnight'? there's a reason for that! (actually lots of them listed above!)


Denise said...

I am a night person - in terms of staying awake, that is. I do not have very good night vision, so stick me in a dark spot and I'm lost!
I actually had a team member walk with his hand in front of my face this summer for minutes and I didn't know he was doing it until we came into a clearing...yikes!
Mornings =BLECH!
Hey, could you pray for me? Looks like TWC will not be happening for me and I'm super discouraged. I wrote a little on my blog.

Kathryn said...

oh, not eating your carrots, eh? maybe you need night vision goggles?! LOL!

hon. . i will certainly pray for you - i will check out your blog entry. . you know how excited i was for you, cuz you were gonna do that and you were gonna be a warrior in Vancouver. . i know its a big chunk of change to go there. . and you just got back from Ecuador. . i just WISH there was some way that you could do still go?!

anyway, Dee. . . its certainly not the only good thing you can do, right?

supersimbo said...

night time.............mmm yea i dig it more than morning.....i am grumpy until about 11am!!

Lindsay said...

Night time definitely beats daytime hands down! I hate the baking sun, the traffic, the telemarketers calling and calling and calling.. I like the moon and the stars, too. It IS wierd that a lot of those stars are actually long dead, and that it takes that long for us to see them as they are hundreds of light years away! Fascinating! Most of those teeny little stars, dead or alive, are actually much, much bigger than the Earth's sun!

Anonymous said...

oh oh...I'm at my best before noon! I cringe at the thought I might marry a night person who will expect me to stay up past 10:30...

Kathryn said...

yay, we have a brave day person!!! yeah, hon, you'd better marry a day person. YOU'RE CUTE!! don't worry, us night hawks are in awe of you!!!