Monday, August 29, 2005

cynical observations or life experience?

These are some things that I often think about. Its pretty much the voice of experience with these observations and they do seem very "Murphy's law", i know. Let me know what yours are! If you're breathing and you have a pulse, you have 'em!

Do not adjust your computers, thoughts are random and are listed strictly in the order that they were thunk.

* bras are stupid and must have designed by men (women would never torture their own kind)
*you won't get sick until its the weekend, or time for your holidays.
*your big bills will always be due before your next pay.
*when you plan an outdoor event the weather will be atrociously uncooperative.
*if you see a really great article of clothing or pair of shoes, it won't come in your size.
*you will always need to buy gas after the prices have been jacked up.
*after you pour milk on your cereal you will be somehow detained and ruination of the crunch is inevitable.
*when you think you are getting a jump on your tasks by throwing a load of towels in whilst multitasking, you will forget said towels and they will turn stinky in the washer, necessitating a second washing.
*your car will not fall apart until the day after the warranty expiration.
*if you are assured that medication side effects are rare, you will get them.
*if you decide to dine in the great outdoors, just know that the bees are only pretending to be busy amongst the flowers.
*line ups at grocery store -- okay there probably isn't a 'fast line'. . its just a shared mass delusion and even if there was, you wouldn't pick it!!
*never drive behind an old man wearing a hat. . . try it and you'll see
*women's figure skates are horribly uncomfy and must also have been designed by men to get back at us for stuff. . . maybe nagging, maybe being right about so many things, who knows?
*pots and pans will always be made to 'soak'. . cuz nobody wants to deal with those suckers right away.
*you will often get all the way to the store, put stuff on the conveyer belt, when you go for your bank card and realize that you don't have it with you.
*a child will never be as sick any other time as they are in the middle of the night!
*when you shouldn't get your clothing dirty, it will become soiled. . . you've gotta know that.
*hype often leads to disappointment.
*if your dog has peed on the floor during the night, you will step directly in the puddle first thing next morning.
*your nose will run when you don't have anything to wipe it with.
*if your spouse eats spaghetti and garlic meatballs for supper, you will pay for it at bedtime.
*speaking of bedtime, if you get over tired you will have insomnia into the wee hours like me. . . so, on that note. . .must get some shut eye.



supersimbo said...

really good observations kat....

Dale said...


Kathryn said...

i forgot the one about during the work week the weather will usually be gorgeous - and on the weekends if often won't be. sometimes it happens weeks in a row and makes me wonder if we are being toyed with?!

Sherri Lavender said...

my vote is for "cynical observations"

Kathryn said...

ouch. guess you don't have any then?!

Lindsay said...

So true! Bras: Lace bras are always better. I don't know why, they just are. Bills: financial pile-ups ALWAYS happen when you can least afford them! Towels: Why do they get so musty? Bees: dining al fresco amongst bushes, trees and garbage bins is always a bad idea! Grocery lines: if you pick the line with one person in front of you, that person will always either have TONS of stuff, or need a price check, or is having a debit card crisis, or something. Kids sick at night: there's a physiological reason for that - the human body is at its weakest at night and first thing in the morning - you're most likely to have gastroenteritic problems at these times, and high fever and coughing fits as well! I hate when I stay awake past my usual time and then am unable to sleep! And, this always seems to happen when you need to get up early in the morning and need the most sleep!

Krista said...

You'll always get a zit (or glasses, or braces) just in time for school pictures! LOL!

Kathryn said...

heh heh. . too true!!!

Lindsay said...

Yeah,just like that awful stye incident right before the church photo session! That picture needs to be burned, seriously.

Anonymous said...

I hate bras too!

Whenever I wear white, I get food on me...or whenever I eat something with a tomatoe base (no matter what I'm is attracted to me)

Kathryn said...

we could burn that picture there, 'one eye'!!!! LOL!!!! but how would we have fun looking at your crazy eye, and our shiny faces, and the general horrid quality of the picture?! Its priceless because of its awfulness!!!

more women who hate bras!!! I really, really hate them. .

and yes, white clothing is def. a magnet for highly staining sauces, foods. . I don't slop a lot, but Rob does!!! he's funny. Hey! has anyone tried the new "Tide To Go" pen?!!! its great!

Tracy said...

I think they're both - a tad cynical as well as just life experience. I'm sure I could add a number of items to the list, but I can't wrap my head around it right now.

Ahh, of course! You head to the store to pick up something specific that you've been thinking of getting for days, but once you get there, you totally cannot remember what it was that you wanted.

That's one of my specialties. :)

Lindsay said...

Yeah, the white clothes thing! Every single time I wear my near-white khakis, without fail, I spill coffee on them. Maybe I spill coffee on all my pants, but it's just on the white ones that I notice them?!

Kathryn said...

good ones! equally frustrating!!

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