Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I was thinking this morning, as i flossed and brushed my teeth, of how i always start brushing on the top upper right part of my mouth. . without fail. So i purposely switched this morning and started on the bottom left. it was weird. . threw me off. Then as i worked today, i thought of all the little strange things i do and this mental list started growing.

i can't throw out greeting cards. . i have been saving cards since i was 15 -- people signed their names or wrote personal messages!

i accumulate huge amounts of paperwork in a pile on top of the filing bin and wait till the pile begins to tip before i file it.

i read several books at once

i have this thing for buying the latest fitness DVD - its like a fever. . must have them!!

i take my beverages with me throughout the house and absentmindedly leave them wherever i stop

i must smell the dishwasher soap tablet before it goes in the machine

i don't drink coffee, but i often take the lid off the coffee container, to smell it

i will leave a few spoonfuls of food on my plate and say i can't eat any more, which drives my husband crazy!

i get my knickers in a twist over misspellings and grammatical errors

i must do a spider check every night before going to sleep

i often have to leave the room when people eat with their mouths open or make 'smacky' noises with their lips

i leave unironed clothes in the utility closet, where they remain for many months

i always try to get out of cutting up the broccoli and lettuce on grocery day

i can't sleep if the closet door is ajar

if i hear a funny line, i find the need to repeat it out loud while laughing.

i don't like talking on the phone

conversations with and comments made by anyone on an average day remind me of songs lyrics

i can't walk slowly

i can't stand getting gas and always try to get out of it

i can never go to bed early - i seem to be incapable of turning in at a decent hour

most times when i go to hum a song, its "I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Raitt - i don't know why. . its a beautiful song, but there are many beautiful songs and you'd think once in a while the humming playlist in my brain would change?

Well i think that's enough of me.
How about you? wanna share some of yours???


Jessica Lewis said...

hmmm... i think i have a LOT of quirks. When I am in the washroom (or bathroom, or restroom) I always hit the paper towel handle 8 times before I tear off the piece of paper. I find that it's the perfect ammount of paper to dry my hands....

Ellie said...

You're 2 funny!! My oddest quirk would be everything has to be even ..even if it's a house or Allan giving me a kiss ..if he kisses me on one cheek he then has to even it out on the other ...and I like houses with windows on both sides of the fron door (same goes for trees or bushes ).I'm not obssesive compulsive but I will get up in the middle of the night and even the sofa cushions out :P And my hair always has to be parted down the middle even though it's curl and you really can't tell one way or another .Any clothing that is off one shoulder but not the other would not be found in my closest (it would drive me nuts)...Hmm written down I look a little OC ..but really I'm NOT (though Allan and Hailey would tell you otherwise) :P

kathryn said...

ha ha! Jess, good quirk! i thought of you when i was at work today, every time i went to the washroom and had to hit the paper towel dispenser!!

Ellie. .you're so cute and even! lol! i have a thing for stuff being askew. . . it drives me crazy! can't sleep in a bad with the sheets not tightly tucked at the bottom.. . or with the covers all messed or uneven! i also hate when i put my socks or tights on it the toe part isn't lined up properly. I also HATE baths, because as you sit in the water, all your own skin cells and dirt re-cover you. blech! i could shower before or after a bath. . but can't be bothered. . so i just shower.

Anonymous said...

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