Friday, March 02, 2007

Some more pics!

i didn't want to let my blogging slide. . so i'm doing something here that doesn't require much typing, which is too painful these days, unfortunately. . . .

First pic is taken at KKs "Dean's Honour List" ceremony at her university. . Rob and I both had that day off and it was such a great day!

Second pic is taken at Eri's 3rd birthday party. . . . . . this is her 'princess castle cake'! Made by me, KK and Rob!! It was a toughie, but so delicious and what a great result.

Third pic. . . . the grandkiddies in Opa's chair, eating popsicles! CUTE!

Fourth pic: Lindsay in 'the reading chair' . . in the days before my corner shelf went in! Posted by Picasa


J9 said...

Congrats to KK! What an awesome accomplishment!!

You know, your struggle with daily pain makes me think of a line that Rick Warren (author of The Purpose Driven Life) used in his simulcast for 40 Days of Purpose: "God isn't concerned with our comfort, He's concerned with our character." In other words, if he's putting us through a trial, it's for a purpose: to teach us something. I can't imagine going through the kind of pain you must be experiencing, but I remember how Job was rewarded after everything he went through, and I believe God must have something absolutely wonderful waiting for you on the other end of all this!!

emma said...

Glad you're still tracking with us :) Hope the pain eases a bit too, miss hearing your thoughts!

Kathryn said...

hey, Janine! Thanx so much for those encouraging words. I agree. . God is concerned with developing our character and there is always something he can teach us. I'll tell KK about your congrats. She'll be happy to hear from you!

Emma. . thanx hon.. i miss blog blogging. . picture blogging is okay, but not as fun as writing about something! I try to keep up on all the blogs, at least to read them - drop the odd comment.

Lindsay said...

That cake had the best icing ever, didn't it?

ally said...

Kat great pics, i am gutted to hear that its painful to type, i feel for you and look forward to seeing a return to the "super long Kat post" which i love and miss! Will be praying for you and Rob and the family, grace and peace mate.


Kathryn said...

oh yeah, Linds. . that icing was THE best! mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Ally. . thanx so much for your kind words, bud. I appreciate them. Thank you for your prayers. there is nothing in my life that doesn't hurt -- right now i can't imagine what it would feel like to feel better. Sometimes i get so upset (only Rob knows). . .but on the whole i find its better to steel myself, carry on, live life with modifications and not let this win.