Monday, February 19, 2007

January pics

this is my favourite corner -- my reading place. I love the dark, earthy colours, The sunlight here in the morning washes over everything.

dining with the family . . . From the top left of the table: in white is Alice, next to her is Dale (our sister in law and Rob's brother - from Winnipeg). Top right: Mom, Heather (Rob's sis), KK (our youngest daughter), Savanna (our niece - H's daughter), Linds (our oldest daughter), Eri and James (our grandkiddies) and me in the red shirt (Robbie is taking the pic, of course!)

Last 2 pictures were taken from Middle Eastern Night - girls' night out!!! This soiree was held in my living room -- decor, food, music and after-dinner belly dancing - all as authentic as possible! We had a blast!!!! Rob made a table especially designed for lounging on the floor on pillows. It was such an adventure -- imagine 'traveling' to such an exotic place and never leaving your house?! Monika, MaryLynn and Donna. . . i love you girls!!! We have SUCH fun together!!! I already have some ideas for something completely different!!!!

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faith said...

Hey Kathy...Just posing to say see ya later as I break for lent. I hope you will be able to pop by to see what the boys have to say on my blog. I'm sure they will have some interesting things.

J9 said...

Wow, I'm jealous of your reading corner!

Your grandkids are beautiful! Shows you how out-of-touch I've been, I didn't even realize you had 2!

ally said...

great pics.
hey linds looks pissed off! she is making the face i make when i am about to blow a fuse!! lol eeeeek
I like the chair, looks comfy

emma said...

any reason why ally has apparently left like 10 copies of the same comment lol? Looks like you've had a lot of fun lately Kat! And I'm in agreement with almost everyone else... the chair and the corner look so inviting...

Kathryn said...

Hey Faith! I was thinking of you today as i ate my pancake supper! Rob and I were talking about Lent. . I will pop by to see what's shakin' on your blog!

Janine!!! its so good to hear from you, girl! Ah, my reading corner. . i love it. . Yeah, Eri is 3 years old now -- i'm so out of touch with everyone from the S.A. until now, that is! i'll write you a letter, then we can catch up.

Ally -- Linds does have that look, eh? maybe cuz she was stuck at the end of the table!! Yes, the chair is sooo comfy! I wish i could carry it with me to work!!! bah!!!

Emma! Hey hon! So nice to hear from you. I'm going to get those CDs in the mail to you this week. . i haven't forgotten! Aren't Ally's million comments hilarious?! heh heh. . i'll do some deleting.

Lindsay said...

Well, I wasn't exactly pissed off, just mildly irritated - Erica made a game out of asking me to take her to the bathroom like, literally every 5 minutes, and she was just beginning to make toilet training progress so I had to take her! Most times she didn't have to go at all, she just wanted to get out of her seat and run around! Not only that, but sometimes I feel weird 'fake' smiling for pictures, I look much happier when I am genuinely amused!