Saturday, March 31, 2007


Oh, I will not let this post be about the 'p-word'. It will be short because of it, but i'm tired of being overtaken by and defined by its unwelcome presence in my life!

Don't we all love new?! My friend, Sherri posted on spring and her post inspired me to think more of the way spring makes us feel. It has this effect on people who've gotten through a period of dead/cold/barrenness. Spring is like the earth being literally resurrected every year -- from no growth to new growth, from frigid wind to warmer breezes, from relative quiet to birdsongs. No wonder it does this renewing this inside us!! I feel like i am being simultaneously resurrected !!! Each year it amazes me and it may be a Canadian/cold winter phenomenon . . . but we 'hibernate' quite a bit in the cold months and once they're finished, you see EVERYONE out of their houses!! Dog walkers, skateboarders, bike riders, more joggers, kids decorating sidewalks with pastel chalk. Everyone feels it. . . new life in the streets! It feels like a neighbourhood again! It feels now like everything needs renewing, whereas a few weeks ago I was still in 'winter mode'. Didn't seem to have that desire to change or grow, as if awaiting the solstice to bump start me into full living. I've been more conscious of the effect of 'middle age' on my skin, so i was entranced yesterday by a skin care infomercial for "Reclaim" featuring "Age Braker" -- i have to admit, i want to buy some!! Perhaps even my skin needs renewal?! *I'm thinking of Springsteen's 'Dancing in the Dark': "Wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face. . " (my room, my yard, etc?!) Last night Rob and I went out and we bought the inspiration to re-do our room. . . a new bedding set. Got a great deal too! Chocolate brown with pinstripes of gold and light blue -- there's the palette for the whole room. The contrast between the old colours on the walls, floor with this new colour focus is jarringly ridiculous!!! It won't be long before the whole thing is new. . .renewal can't be held back!!!! Once you get your mind into it, everything else follows.

Think new. . . feel it and enjoy it!


Tee said...

I had Spring Fever. Our weather was in the 70's. It was warm, things were blooming and then this morning -*BAM*- the temps have dipped back down to the 30's and we've had flurries... God is playing games with me. LOL ;)

Kathryn said...

oh yeah, playin' games!! Its happening here too. . blech.

I still have a touch of Spring Fever, but i get mad as i look out at snow on my deck! I don't care about anyone bringing sexy back. .i just want spring back!!!