Friday, September 01, 2006

Port Dover - 2 weekends ago

lying down, under the fishy umbrella.
deep breath in. . . . . .

exhale ,

lying in the sun with Robbie on a beautifully lazy day.

the sound of the waves,

the gulls.

sitting at light house point. . didn't want this day to end!!! Posted by Picasa


emma said...

Seriously, I continue to be amazed that you and Rob are grandparents, you look too young!!

supersimbo said...

guys guys guys!! Our summer is gone and your pics have made me jealous!! lol you are enjoying the new camera?

Denise said...

Oh summer! Its beautiful here in Vancouver...maybe I'll head to the water after work.

Kathryn said...

emma. . you're too cute!!! We are definitely on the young side to be grandparents. . but we really enjoy being young enough to run around and chase them and play and all that fun stuff!

Ally, if it makes you feel any better this weekend is CRAP! The rain and wind. . (tail end of tropical storm "Ernesto"). . blech. It's nasty weather - cold and icky. . such a sudden change from the gorgeous weather we'd been having. Yes, LOVE the new camera, bud.

Dee. . girl. . you are so lucky to live in warm Vancouver!!! (though we'd have a fabulous summer, so I shouldn't complain)

Lindsay said...

Port Dover is my favourite beach, there's so much to do there besides swimming in the lake - there's shopping, restaurants, bands playing, the usual tourist trappish kind of stuff! You always see someone you know there on any given weekend in the summer!

Lindsay said...

Stupid's just about gone now, which is good, but yesterday was nasty!

Sarah Potts said...

Hey Kat! How are ya! I was just taking a look at your blog! Yes, I look at Sherri's blog a lot! Love it! :o)

See ya on the boards!

Kathryn said...

totally agree, Linds. . Port Dover is fantastic for all those reasons!!! I love swimming in Lake Erie. . it's clean and sandy and gorgeous. Lake Huron? rocky, slimy and gross. . boo!

Hey, Sarah!! thanx for stopping by!!! I'm so glad you did. . You are always welcome here. Do you blog? If so I must visit!!! I always stop by Sherri's blog too!

Electroluminescence said...

i love love love your photos.
i just wanted to come say hiiii!!!

Kathryn said...

awww, Cherylyn - you are a sweetheart! I'm glad you came to check out the pics and visit!! i should get a photo account up and running. . me lazy.

i'll check to see if you have a blog and i'll visit if you do!!

faith said...

I want to come play too!

Kathryn said...

awww, Faith! of course you can play! i hope our weather warms up again. . the last few days have been yucky!


The Phantom Piccolo said...

This looks so peaceful! I hope you guys had a good time!

Kathryn said...

Hey, Carri!! We had a fabulous time, thanks!! It was a very peaceful day.