Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Jimmy Jo Jo Shabadoo!

James is 6 years old today!!!
James loves to ride the seadoo and scream: 'woo hoo'!!!

James loves trains and planes and cars.
James has many names: (these are just a few)
James, Jimmy, Jimmy Coco Pop, Jimmy Jo Jo, Mr. McGoo, Puddin' (he gets this from great grandma!) Bud and Bud-boy.

James loves to be swung around by Opa. He's just winding up here!
James hates to sit still.
James loves history.
James is a little prankster.

James is just starting grade 1.
James loves grown up books.

James likes to be in perpetual motion.
James has cool hair.
James has a big heart.
James fills our lives with joy.
Happy Birthday, Jimmy! lots of love always and forever. . . . from Opa and Nana Posted by Picasa


Krista said...

What a beautiful tribute to your sweet grandson! Nana's are the best! :)

Happy B-Day Jim!

Lindsay said...

Awwww! My little sweetheart..

Kathryn said...

He's such an awesome little guy!!! Can't believe he's 6!!!!

Tee said...

That is so cute and parts of it even rhymed!

I hope his parents show him your blog today!

Happy Birthday to JoJo! ;)

Sherri Lavender said...

Happy Birthday Jimblee!! (I think you forgot that one!)

Kathryn said...

i'm going to show James the blog next time he's here, and I'll read him all of your wonderful greetings! Jimblee (awww, makes me think of 'baby James')

Lindsay said...

Don't forget 'brother', Erica's constant name for him - she rarely calls him by his name. Figure that one out, I can't!

Jenn Finucan said...

Bon anniversaire James!
Love Auntie Jenny, Uncle Brad and your cousins Bryce, Alexa and Brooke :)

Kathryn said...

it's hilarious the way Eri calls him 'bruh-dur'!!

we'll make sure to get your message to James, Jenn!