Wednesday, May 31, 2006

so slack. . i know!

hi ya!!! How are you all? My apologies for not writing sooner. I seem to go in fits and starts. I'm so T I R E D . . . blah. . . Work today was hard. . i was 'in house' today. . as the hospital-wide computer module i usually tie into was down all day for an upgrade. So, I was filing in the muggy 'corporate storage' dungeon. . I have SO MUCH respect for the girls who do this on a regular basis. It is physical work! Lots of lifting of heavy piles of charts, bending to reach the lowest file banks, pulling out tightly wedged ones and shoving them back in. It was really nice to work with my co workers in person!!!We usually just share a cyber connection - occasionally seeing other at staff meetings and the office brunches. We had a great lunch feast today, courtesy of our boss. So nice. It was equally nice to share a table with everyone! We had one of the private anterooms reserved for us. After lunch I saw my friend Karen's Dominican vac pictures! I saw my friend Peta, who looks like a million bucks despite battling cancer. . she came in to visit us after one of her treatments. Man, today I felt like a troll that was let out from under the bridge! REAL PEOPLE!!!! Working from home is a tough gig. It has its good points. Sure if i wanted to i could sit in my PJs and work like that all day. Yes, its true that I don't fight traffic. On the yuckiest days I'm safe and cosy in my house. No, I don't have to do my hair. Yes, I can sleep till the last minute and then just turn on the computer and 'go to work'. . but it gets lonely really quickly and I REALLY hate that. So it was such a treat to go in today. . I felt so connected.

I danced my *** off tonight!!! POW!! Last evening of the spring session! Monday is our early summer session. I have that song "All She Wants to Do Is Dance" in my head. . and yes, its true -- all i want to do fitness wise anyway is DANCE. . I still can't believe how incredibly enamoured I am with it! All the steps, all the moves. I love the stretching. The mind/body connection is so cool. Dancing isn't just about muscles moving, its about feeling and learning new ways to move yourself in your emotions as well. Remembering the patterns, sequences, keeping count, learning technique, honing it twice a week, every week - it amazes me how it all meshes and synchronizes. The comraderie is unique. Everyone learning and improving together, surprising each other with how we can master even the toughest routines. Going from awkward, tentative beginnings to fluid, precise endings. I will be forever blissfully happy if I can do this for the next ??? years with all my new friends. . what an amazing group of women they are!!! I'm especially excited to be bringing my 2 daughters to the June session!!!! They're really jazzed. . me too!!! I hope that they love it as much as i do?!

Well, its late. . Rob's got a movie still for us to watch. . I'm gonna be up a long time - i may miss some of it?!!! zzzzzzzzzzz. . . . The movie was "New World" with Colin Farrell -- i didn't miss any of it. . really enjoyed it - a bit 'artsy'. . the cinematography was luscious. I didn't catch the credits, so I'm not sure who was responsible for that; superb work.


Krista said...

Like a troll let out from under a bridge! Hilarious!!! You're too funny! :)

I can appreciate what you say about being so isolated working from home. I've always wanted to be able to work from home, but perhaps I've never fully considered the down falls of having a home office.

Dance away lady! No better exercise than having fun! :)

Lindsay said...

I didn't know Peta has cancer, how is she doing?

Kathryn said...

Hey, K! thanx for the encouragement! There IS no better exercise than having fun!!!

yes, I am the troll! I get out once in a while. . the home office does have its drawbacks, though some nice pluses too!

Linds, Peta is doing well. She's had a couple of surgeries and is doing her chemo now. She has a great attitude and she looks really good!

Lindsay said...

I can't wait to start dance class, it's going to be so great...

Idelette McVicker said...

Hi Kathryn

I found your comment on another blog where you mentioned Danielle Strickland's book Chaotic Order. I am working on an article about her for an upcoming issue of an ezine I do--you can check it out at I would like to feature her new book as well. I have the book and I'm reading it, but I think it's a bit overkill to have me do the profile plus a review of her book. So, that's where I was wondering if you would be willing to write a review of the book? It would be really great if you could.

If so, could you email me at idelette at shaw dot ca please? Then we can talk more details, if you wish.

thanks so much,
great grace,

Tee said...

LOL - I often feel like a "troll" when I go out in public, being a SAHM. Maybe that's why I feel like people stare at me? I thought I may have a paranoia problem (or people REALLY ARE staring at me), but maybe I'm just not used to so many human eyes roving around in one place.... People! Public! Ack! LOL.... Maybe "hermit" would be better than "troll" - because even if I weren't a SAHM, I'm shy in public and feel more comfortable at home.
When I'm able to get over that and communicate I do feel that "connection" though and it's powerful! I wish I could get it to happen more often. It's hard.
Sounds like an awesome day - lunch from the boss is always fantastic! That's probably the only thing I miss about working. ROFL.
Keep dancing! :)

Kathryn said...

Linds. . dance will be great!!!!

Idelette, I sent you an email!!!

Tee, You stand proud!!! SAHMs rock!!! I was one for years. . well, i worked part time in the evenings. . but I was at home all day with my kids from day 1. It is a different lifestyle and sometimes you do feel like a bit of a troll and/or hermit!!! But you're not!!!