Monday, January 30, 2006


Random is good. It often breaks up holding patterns and routines. Which i love! Cuz i get soooo sick of routines, even though I realize that I need them. Do you ever notice the random things all around you and within you? I've been noticing some lately. . .here are a few random examples.

A falcon swooped into our next door neighbour's back yard, grabbed a little wren in its talons,
flew to the black walnut tree at the front of our house and, accompanied by half a dozen
jealous crows, dined on his little feathery entree in full view of my window, as I typed away!
Talk about random!! I'd never seen a falcon close up. He was large, with a snow-white breast and almost furry legs. His wing span was gigantic. As he ate his catch, the crows who sat on the higher branches of the same tree took turns dive bombing him in the head, in a concerted effort to get him to drop the prize. They seemed merely to annoy him, like a swarm of large, pesky flies buzzing about. All this kerfuffle drew quite a crowd of curious human onlookers on the street below, school kids, parents, craning their necks and tilting back their heads to observe this rare sight. Once dinner was done, off flew the falcon in all his majesty, accompanied by his squawking attendants. Random!!

I happened to look out this same window this afternoon to see a young guy lying on the street! Random!!! He did a sloppy somersault and then got up, adjusted his skewed touque, straightened his ski jacket and bent down to pick up the skateboard he had placed on the nearby boulevard and walked away. I didn't see anyone else. . well, with the exception of the recycling truck, whose driver was yelling something to this strange boy, but i couldn't make out what he was saying. d'oh! That was really random! It made me laugh.

My family has this habit, when seeing things on our travels that are lying on the road or sidewalk, of saying "Random piece of wood.", "Random shoe!", "Random pop can". This never ceases to amuse us!!!

Do you get those random things in your head that just aren't at all connected to your thought train?! Sometimes when those little 'brain pop ups' come along, they get spoken out loud and anyone who listens is always puzzled and most probably makes fun of you!!!! I try not to do that. . but sometimes i slip!!!

Random songs. Over one week ago now this random song popped into my head and I can't get rid of it!!! Ever heard "Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song" by B.J. Thomas?? This song and my brain are having a strange little affair. The jangly tune is scrolling through my mind and the words are doing the same! I don't want this to be happening. Help! I need a musical exorcist!!! Know one i could call??!!

Do you get those random cravings for food? of course you do!!! Sometimes i'll suddenly want some baked beans or maybe corn fritters. Maybe some salsa con queso. . in which i like to dunk mini pretzels. Ever want some home made chocolate chip cookies really badly?!!!! (with all that melty chocolate) geez. . can you tell i'm trying to be good?! That's always when those random food thoughts start surfacing!!! I saw a Pillsbury cookie commercial at lunch break. . a gigantic cookie was broken apart, the melted chocolate chips flowed onto the golden brown cookie. I was drooling. That giggling doughboy of theirs is the devil.

Here's one last random thought. I'm soon going to dance class. Our first ' dance through' with no extra demonstration or instruction!!! ay yi yi!!!! This session is especially challenging, with some hip hop, some jive and even some quick step. Every song has a different routine and all the songs are danced consecutively. . there's a huge variety of music genres. . . it is so entertaining!! We do get the odd break for water, in which we all pant like dogs in July (and drink like them too!!!) but you know, I couldn't possibly love it more if i tried!!! oh my gosh i could do this every single night of the week!!!

Anyway, keep an eye out for 'random' in your every day and enjoy! I think every day holds at least one random occurrence. Thank God. . a day without something different than 'the usual' is like a day without sunshine!! (we've been having too many of those lately!)


Krista said...

I like random, and I think I often make mental notes of the random. Random people doing weird random things are the best! Bob and I saw this guy sitting on the side of the road on Fountain Street last weekend. He had his legs stretched straight out, and pulled them in real quick when our car pulled right into the turning lane. What was that dude even doing there? Was he out for a walk, and needed a break? Was someone going to pick him up? Was he thinking about jumping off the 401 overpass? Eeeks!

Random food cravings are annoying to me. I pretty much have to have the food to satisfy the craving. I had a Froot Loop craving last year, and it kept coming back on a weekly basis until I finally cracked and bought some. I've been craving Kraft Dinner for about 2 weeks, I'm not sure if I'll be able to stave it off much longer!?

I like the "random shoe, random pop can" thing that amuses your family! Glenn and a friend used to do this thing where they'd yell out of the car to a pedestrian, "going for a walk, eh?" - that used to just kill me! Glenn told me a year or two ago that he was driving the Downhere van in New York city with his shirt off - so, since his window was down, he decided to broadcast to all of New York that he was driving with no shirt on! To me, that is crazy funny!

Hope you see some crazy funny random things today!

Kathryn said...

so true! love it! wow that guy sitting on the roadside, maybe he was the brother of that guy lying on the street in front of my house?!

i agree, you pretty much have to give into those cravings in order for them to disappear. So, you know what to do. . go buy some KD!!!

heh heh. . love the 'going for a walk, eh?' LOL!!!! and your crazy, shirtless brother!! Speaking of lying on pavement, Glenn was walking with a bunch of us to Copps Colisseum, when he decided to suddenly lie down on the sidewalk!! Sherri then said "I'm Glenn, pay attention to me!" It was so random and hilarious!!

No random today. . but i'm still hopeful!!! Oh, actually that's not true. . an old friend randomly dropped by with James and Erica's hats that Lindsay had left at the hairdresser's, this friend followed Lindsay and the kids. I hadn't seen this girl in ages. . and my hair was all stupid and pulled back and i had the magic bag around my shoulders and she'd just come from getting all purtied up. Maggie was barking like crazy, like she does to every visitor. So, that was random!

Tee said...

I like that you blog about things most people think aren't important or interesting enough to include in their posts.

I like random things, too. When we first moved here I noticed there was a yellow rubber ducky nailed to a telephone pole about a mile from the house. I wondered how long it had been there. It was there for months - I missed it the day I realized it wasn't there anymore.

As for random songs and food - that happens to me daily.

The only way to get rid of those are to eat/listen. :)

Kathryn said...

thanx, Tee. . i think?! HA HA. .

the little rubber ducky nailed to a telephone pole?! how randomly adorable is that?!!! I'll bet you missed the little squeaker when it was gone!

I miss the graffiti that used to be on an overpass in town here. . i was driving along one day, when i looked up and saw this random message: WAKE UP! YOU ARE NOT A MACHINE!

That is my all time favourite graffiti. . and a memorable random thing, it really resonated within myself. . i love that.

Krista said...

Crap! I saw a random box of Froot Loops in someone's recycling bin this morning as I was walking the dog. Now that craving is slowly returning....

Tee said...

LOL - I just re-read my comment and see it could be taken in different ways. LOL! I meant it as a compliment! I meant that most people overlook some of the most interesting things to blog about because they're so small and random. You have a keen eye :)

Kathryn said...

Krista. . i can't help but feel partly responsible for that re-emerging craving for Froot Loops!! HA!!!

Tee. . you are cute! thanx hon. I really love blogging, don't you? You and Krista are good with incorporating images and such into your posts. . which i just LOVE. I don't seem to have that knack. . perhaps if i looked further into how to do that i would. . but prob not!!!

I'll just enjoy yours! here's random for you. . . I'm eating valentine candy hearts and jelly beans now. . and i shouldn't be!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!