Saturday, December 17, 2005

Norwegian pines smell good

Believe it or not, Rob and KK got our tree on Tuesday evening, and i didn't get the lights on it till tonight!!*Friday* procrastination. . . I hate putting the lights on. . . i always seem to get saddled with this odious job. . all because one year I saw a professional 'Christmas tree lighting expert' on CityLine (tv magazine type show) demonstrate lighting the tree from within. . i.e. in the 'trunkal' area and concentrating the lights there; which admittedly looks fabulous. Incidentally they must be white lights, and cords must match the colour of the foliage (green!). After watching this segment, I happened to open my trap and mention this great little trick and Bob's your uncle, I've been in charge of lighting ever since. Weird, I grew up believing that the putting on of the Christmas tree lights was the man's job?! Oh well, I'm not really one for perpetuating gender stereotypes!! (though a little voice inside my head always says "this is a man's job" whenever i do the tree lights ! *does this seem like some weird dichotomy to you?* But really, the cutting down of the conifer in this family is the man's job. . though I could totally do that too!!! I am woman hear me roar. I think sometimes my 'equal opportunity' attitude towards these types of things puzzles my old school mother in law!! Which always makes me laugh.

When Rob and KK went to get the tree at the tree farm i had only one stipulation: FRAGRANCE! I wanted to be able to smell evergreen!! Too many Christmases I have been disappointed with Scotch pines totally devoid of aroma. Rob doesn't have any sense of smell, so he's just not concerned about it, but I want to walk in the room and say "ah!!" I have this thing about scent. . yeah, yeah. .

So, tonight i wore long sleeves - smart girl - avoided the arm hives- thank goodness! I put the political debate on TV, and listened and occasionally glanced up at the 4 candidates as they bandied big promises and pointed jibes. It was a strange way to decorate a Christmas tree. . no mood music. . just yapping politicians generating lots of hot air. But I wanted to catch the debate. . cuz I need to know how to vote!!! Kinda hate that politics is at the forefront the week before Christmas. I'm on a political epanel, so I had to be able to answer all the questions that would follow, which did, and i did!!!

Speaking of procrastination and greenery. . i have fresh boughs, swag and 2 wreaths sitting out on the deck, in the snow, waiting to be hung!!! AHHHH!!! we're crazy. . we get these Christmas accessories then we wait till days before the' big day' to display them?! We haven't even put the lights on the bushes outside!!!! We suck!!!! Rob bought the lights 3 weeks ago!!!

Maybe tomorrow will be the day all this comes together?! Please let it be so!!! I love to go down to the basement now. . the gorgeous Norwegian pine smells wonderfully piney. . and I'll forgive its seeming inability to retain needles, scads of which I have pried from the carpet with yards of duct tape!!! KK decorated last week, so the house looks warm and holiday ready - inside anyway!!!

I hope that you're all having a tad more success with your own decorations, preparations for the holidays?! I'm 90% finished with the gifts, so at least I'm ahead of the game in some ways!!!

Its the most wonderful time of the year. . . ding dong ding dong. . .


Lindsay said...

Yay for smelly Christmas trees! Ours smells good, too. I don't know what kind it is, I just pointed one out to Mike and said, "That one looks porportional." and that's the tree we got! It took all of five minutes, but then again we picked it up from the South Cambridge centre parking lot, we didn't cut it down ourselves from a farm! We didn't even tie it to the hood ourselves! We've finally made a dent in our Christmas shopping, too. We have just a couple more presents and stocking stuffers to pick up next week and the present for our adopt-a-family kid and we're all done! James is going to be so happy we got him his Shake and Go Racers. It was lucky, because the clerk we spoke to said they were in high demand and we happened to grab the very last one!

Kathryn said...

yeah, real trees are so lovely, aren't they? I've always found that trees from lots have better smells than ones you cut down yourself!

Wow, we're proud of you guys, getting a present for your 'adopt a family' child. . that's what its all about, eh?!!!

Way to score on the Shake and Go's!!! James and Eri will be so excited at Christmas!!!

Lindsay said...

Well, the adopt-a-family thing is for work. Every team has to buy a present for a member of this family, and I have to buy an outfit and maybe a pair of socks for a 3 year old boy!

The Phantom Piccolo said...

I'm back!! Power on and everything :)

Kathryn said...

Well then i'm proud of you and your coworkers, Linds. That family will really appreciate those gifts. Our office does that too. I think a lot of work places do similar things, which is great!!!

Carri, so glad to hear you've got your power back! phew!!!

Tee said...

I had good luck with the lights this year because we bought a fake pre-lit tree. HA! I was lazy this year and now I can be lazy for years to come. I miss the evergreen smell but that can be bought in candle form and I'll be OK ;)

Kathryn said...

wow, i like the sound of a prelit fake tree!!! That would be so EASY. . . no needles on the carpet, no getting jabbed, no adding water to the bucket, no mess!