Saturday, December 31, 2005

hockey's on, i'm baking cookies

Hey ya!! How's everyone on this exciting last night of 2005?!!! Some of you have already started the first day of 2006 -- its weird, eh? thinking back to 1999 and the international freak out re the Y2K bug?!!! time flies and all that nonsense is forgotten. Hey, we get a leap second tonight, as a teeny, little bonus! It seems the old blue marble isn't spinning quite as fast as it used to.

Robbie and I have had an interesting week. . well, okay it was actually rather yucky with both of us being under the weather - so when we weren't working, we were laying around cuz we felt so yuck. A couple of days into the week I took a turn for the worse, as is my stupid body's habit, and Rob kept in a bit of a holding pattern, but now seems to be improving. You know, how i told you in my last comment on the 'sick' post that Levaquin is miraculous and was even my new beloved word?!! I take it back. . . because as I surfed all your blogs last night to see what was up with you, and to help relieve the tedium of being lethargic and ill; i felt this intense itching on the backs of my legs. It got worse. I had just taken my second 'wonder tablet' about half an hour before i started blog reading. Then my arms and hands started to itch and i lifted my arms up and looked with shock at swelled up, angry welts which seemed to be rapidly spreading!! YIKES!!! You know the globes with the countries raised up from the flatter parts? They felt like that. It seems that because I'm allergic to Cipro, which i already knew, I now have a cross reactivity with Levaquin and all its 'relatives', which I didn't know! I just thought, well the doc knows i'm allergic to several drugs. . and this new one wasn't on my 'allergy list'. IT IS NOW, BABY!

The itching was getting ridiculous, so I decided to go into the full length mirror to assess the situation. . i looked at the backs of my legs. . . OH MY. . . . red, ginormous hives up and down the backs of my legs. . my a#@ was completely covered in hives. . . it was kinda funny, though scary. I felt like one of those red bummed primates on the discovery channel. Definitely the 'itchy and scratchy' show last night! I called the drug store. . . the pharmacist told me to get some antihistamine right away and to keep taking it every few hours and to contact my doctor in the morning. He then told me to be on the lookout for difficulty breathing, swelling of the throat or tongue. . I started to panic a bit. . . this scenario is way too familiar with me, having been hospitalized several years ago by another drug reaction. ay yi yi. . . at such times you have to separate your physicality from your psychiatry!!! Anxiety is quite the fooler. . . so I didn't want that faking me out. I popped the Benadryl and went to bed - slept like a log - that stuff is like horse tranquilizer!!

So today I'm on the antihistamines and i'm kinda 'loose'. . wouldn't want to operate any heavy machinery, eh? I still have a red you know what, but at least its fading, the rash that is, not my a!#, though i wish it would!!!! I can't take my new pills until the hives have gone. . the doctor thinks that because my system is so 'on guard' and sensitized, that any antibiotic i take may cause another reaction. Can't i just be friggin' sick? Why this crap???!!!! GAH!!!!

Now to get away from the topic of illness and its inherent yuckiness . . i just made some great peanut butter chocolate chip cookies! YUM!! Glad i'm not allergic to peanuts!!!!! *touch wood* (i touched my head!) ha ha. . .

Rob's watching hockey. . which is one thing we don't share - but that's okay. He loves to watch the odd game, i do my own thing. We had a great chinese dinner for 2. . . Golden Dragon rocks!! No MSG!!! Its a quiet New Year's Eve for us this year. . which is quite nice. We're going to watch "Wedding Crashers", hope its more funny than crude? KK's gone out to ring in the new year with her friends -- dinner and a house party. Lindsay and her family are probably kicking back at home too, having a family NY's Eve. . . so its just me and my best friend!!! ahh, true love!!! I love him so much. This is our 29th new year's eve together!!!! fogeys or what??!!!! heh heh. . .

I'm not feeling especially philosophical, even though its only 2 hours till midnight and another big, 365-day chapter in the world history book is about to be written -- its a big deal!! Let's see how it goes. Who knows what's in store for us? Well, God of course, but for the rest of us, we just have to take it as it comes. Happy new year, fellow babies!!!


supersimbo said...

yikes kat sounds like you been through a tough week.......happy new year and i hope your ass gets better!!! tee hee, serious though, hope you feeling better soon.......

faith said...

wow wee!

No fun being sick...I hope it all clears up!

Happy New Year by the way...I didn't even make it to midnight!

Kathryn said...

yes, its been a bit tough. . but trying to keep on the sunny side of life here! I woke up new year's day *today* to a whole new outbreak of hives!!! Covering all the same areas and adding a few new areas just to mix it up a bit! I took my rings off cuz my fingers were itching and swelling up. Sunday its hard to get in touch with a doctor. . and I didn't feel sick so I sure didn't want to go to Emerg. Did some surfing and it seems like hives just do this, appear, disappear and reappear again. So, i'll just wait it out and keep scratching!

Thanx for the sympathy, guys! Happy New Year to you both. . and Faith, you're a wussling! My sister in law called at 8ish last night, cuz she was headin' to bed! another wussling!!!

Tee said...

LOL - Happy New Year. Sorry about the hives but the description was funny :)

The Y2k thing - too - how anti-climatic was that? I was prepared for the world to explode and nothing happend. LOL.

I remember when I was a kid and Prince came out with "I'm gonna party down like it's 1999" and I was like, "Oh man! Can you imagine! It's going to be great that year when we can use that song!" ... ROFL.

Kathryn said...

thanx Tee! The hives were crazy. . yesterday i was covered in a red rash. . only a few hives. . the rash was almost head to toe. . took some Benadryl and it disappeared. . but i was like a crazy, drunken woman. .My legs were all rubbery and i was stumbling if a tried to walk, i was sleepy and just weird. My family laughed. . . i hate that stuff. . but it does the trick. . I am almost completely hive and rash free now!!! and i'm taking my new meds. . and happy!! I feel so much better.

Yeah that Y2K was insane. . the hype! They showed this bizarre 'movie' at church in which ppl were depicted tearing apart their furniture to burn it for heat, cuz their computer-controlled furnaces weren't functional. . Planes were dropping from the sky. . it was SCARY!! I don't think i've ever seen such b.s. on celluloid, as i did with that ridiculous excuse for a movie. So glad its dire predictions and scenarios never happened!!!

Yeah, Prince's song. . what a good one too! I used to think the same, then it WAS 1999. . . i remember the big fuss too when it became 1984. . George Orwell "War of the Worlds". . .ppl were freaking out! LOL!