Friday, September 09, 2005

small things

I love small things, little things. A few years ago I sat in church at the funeral of a dear, sweetheart of a woman* I miss her*. The last time I ever saw her alive was when our band went to her house to sing some of her favourite songs to her, as she lay in bed dying. It seemed like a little thing to sing her some songs, but it wasn't-- it was a huge thing disguised as a little thing. We all stood around her bed in a circle to sing. It was hard, the emotion was crackling in the air and stabbing at our hearts. I climbed into bed with her. She couldn't talk much at that point, but she grabbed onto me and didn't want to release me. She looked so small in that big bed, so little. Anyway, at her funeral her husband talked about how her life was all about 'the little things' I took that to heart and i listened to him talk about how the love of his life made lives better with all the little things that she did and all the things that she said and how these precious little things all piled up to build this lovely legacy.

Isn't that so perfect? To think that you can live a life made up of little things and you can make a difference that way. Sometimes it seems there's this pressure people feel to make a big splash in life, in this world, win a Nobel prize, succeed in business, be known, do something 'important' and noticeable. The world has its high voltage luminaries, but it also has it 'votive candles'. . little lights that cast a warm, beautiful glow.

The secret is not in the long range plan or the 7 successful habits for financial freedom. It isn't investment portfolios. Its not about acclaim or degrees. Its not the curriculum vitae or the accumen. Its not lifestyles of the rich and famous. Its not celebrity or recognizability. Its not in accumulation and acquisition. My friends knew the secret and they're right, it is in all the little things. . . little looks, a smile, a wink; little words - 3 in particular. . little deeds, good ones, kind ones; small moments that bring big realizations, small steps, little changes.

I like 'small' because it gets my attention and it has this capacity to contain 'bigness' within itself -- it fakes me out every time. Wisdom from the mouths of children, a lifetime of love conveyed in a look, a touch; eternity hidden in our hearts, a massive tree contained in a little acorn.

yep, good things do come in small packages - some cliches are just so true.


supersimbo said...

big amen kat..............small things

faith said...

All of life is 'little' things...I guess all of us have this secret desire to be remembered to, 'go down in history' but often the people we remember most are the ones who we bump sholders with everyday, and not the ones who 'wrote the books' or 'were amazing speakers'...

Kathryn said...

yeah, little things. All of life is made up of so many small things.

Tracy said...

I know about the little things. I'm a virgo. Details have always been of great interest. I must have been born an observer (and I thinks my son was too). For as long as I can remember, I've always noticed the little things, the details, things it seems nobody else noticed. And you're right Kathy, they can be very powerful, and wonderful.

Kathryn said...

that's cool!

i also find that much escapes my notice, except for maybe when i'm down or distracted.

Tee said...

Beautiul! The other day I was educating myself on how small things make a difference in this world, too :)

Kathryn said...

well i left out a little word in my last reply! What i meant to say was that "Not much escapes my notice. . " silly me! obviously that little thing escaped my notice!! LOL!!! please nobody say 'liar, liar pants on fire'!!!

Tee, I like how you describe educating yourself. That's wonderful.

Kevin said...

Oh what a breath of fresh air!

It *IS* so easy to buy into what you said: the big things. The nobel prizes, etc. Thanks for reminding me that the little things *are* important.

Movies and media teach us that life is all about reaching for the almost impossible. It's nice to hear that the small, and the kind, and the good are worth doing.


Kathryn said...

yes, Kev - you're so right. The small, kind and good are so worth doing. Its so easy to get jazzed about achievement and accomplishment, etc.

I don't know of anyone who doesn't or didn't at some time have those feelings of wanting to be the best at something, wanting some sort of fame, wanting recognition.

In your studies this year, as you work with 'big subjects' keep yourself familiar with the small things too. I know you will!

Alexis said...

How true it is. The women you speak of touched me in a very small way with words that have changed my life forever and will never be forgotten.

It is the small kind smiles, words, and touch through hugs that can make all the difference in the world.

It is the thank you, the hello's, the unexpected phone calls, cards, that make the difference.

It is about making others feel how you want to be treated, with kindness, love, understanding and compassion.

It is all the small things, which add up to be the big things.

How powerful is that

Thanks for a great share Kathy and you have just motivated me in my next blog.

Kathryn said...

yeah, i miss Heather. . she was so wonderful. .

I'm glad this little thing (blog post) could inspire you to do something on your blog!