Sunday, September 18, 2005


So, this was my daughter's idea! a little look at my new hair. the colour in the room here is rather golden, but if you look closely you will strands of purple in there!!! *along with blonde and dark brown*

My hairstylist, Jenny loooves when I come in, cuz i let her do whatever she wants to my hair! Its kinda like the old Forest Gump saying about the box of chocolates! At lunch today my mother in law looked at me and said "Oh, Kathy you've had your hair done." I said "Yes". . . she didn't say anything *which means "I don't like it."!!!! So, I said "I love it!" She then started talking about "Dame Edna"!!!! oh my, i guess maybe i'm looking like a crazy British man in drag?!

We went to a wedding yesterday and i had quite a few people commenting that they liked my crazy hair! Phew!!! every time I come back from a visit with Jenny i am progressively more 'out there' with the hair - its so fun! We talk and talk about everything under the sun. . she's more like a young friend than a 'hairdresser'. Its always time well spent and she makes me feel confident and fabulous!

At the wedding reception we danced and laughed with our friends - luckily we were all seated at the same table!! *thanx John and Eva!* It was awesome. . the dinner was great, the cake was sweet and light - they had a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!! (it seemed SO 'Vegas') but the chocolate was really too sweet. . didn't stop people from dunking their fruit kabobs in there, cookies, twizzlers - I guess I don't get out much, cuz I have never seen such a cool thing!

Anyway, this post is a short one. . we've gotta drive KK back tonight - we haven't seen her much this w/e and we really miss her when she's gone! tomorrow's dance class!!! WEEEE!!! something to anticipate after the monotony of a work day. Oh, we also went to the apple farm this afternoon! We got some yummy McIntosh and some Spartans (for baking). The kids had a blast running between the trees and picking the apples. Took some great pix - which i'll get on here in the next day or two! Robbie even let Jimmy steer the van as we drove through the humungous farm!!! what a thrill for a 5 year-old, eh?! We all made sure to tell him that only on this farm could he help Opa or anyone else with steering.

well, I'm gonna sign out now. . . we're all on the cusp of another week . . what's in store for us i wonder?!!


Kevin said...

Hey Kathy,

Your hair looks really good. The purple is just barely noticable on my monitor, but the cut looks very young and fun. I think it defintitely suites you.

Lindsay said...

You look really good in that new profile photo! Your hair looks great, don't mind bala! It was SO funny when she brought up Dame Edna! She reminds me of Marie Barone sometimes - the whole unintentional insensitivity thing she always does!

Kathryn said...

hey guys, thanx!!!

yeah, your grandmother is often very much like Marie Barone!!! though a much nicer mother in law than that crazy, fictional Barone woman!!!I love that show! man is it funny!!!

faith said...

I love the hair!!! I'm going to get highlights too...but not purple ones.

I love chocolate fountain! hmmmmm....*drools*

Tracy said...

Your hair honestly looked fabulous Kathy. I think purple highlights are so much fun. I like mine better than my caramel highlights! Good for you for letting go and taking the chance. Who wants to end up an old biddy with a standard fro anyhow? I know I don't! More purple, here I come! :)

Kathryn said...

yeah!!!purple is the colour of royalty!!! I too tried the caramel highlights. . i did not like them at all, so Jenny got out 'the swatches'. . we had a look at them and she suggested red or purple - i went with the purple.

we don't want to look like old biddies!!!! so true. I don't think we're in any danger of that!!!

You can't see it in the picture, but there are 'shocks' of blonde in the back, all layered. . that Rob absolutely loves. .

you're right, its very fun!!!

What colour are you gonna get, Faith?

Denise said...

look at you. Woohoo. I'm not that daring. Look's great though.
Time for class....pray the Bible - you would love this one, Kat.

Kathryn said...

hey hon! you may not be 'hair-daring' but you certainly are life-changing moves daring!!! You've gone on many different mission trips all over the world and now you're living in the poorest postal code in Canada. . downtown East side Vancouver! your neighbours are addicts and prostitutes. You ARE daring! More importantly, you are daring to love those people and live in the same broken down old hotels as they do and you are learning from them, building relationships with them. Now that is daring.

hair shmair!! Its nice as far as it goes and its fun trying new things.

You know, I love praying the Bible - i wish i was there with you all. .so that I could join you. If I was able I would be there. I am so happy that you are there, Dee.

Krista said...

Hey Kathy!

I meant to say how beautiful your hair looked on Saturday...I was a little preoccupied with Jo-Jo though! Sorry! It looks just as cool as you are! :)

I think I accidentally ignored many people that I shouldn't have....oops!

It was nice to see you outside of the blogmosphere!

faith said...

I will just get blond (though I'm blond'll be blonder!) the purple would work at school but not my job unfortunately!

Kathryn said...

thanx, Krista! I'm a bit bummed now, cuz i can't it to do the same thing!!! d'oh!!! oh well.

It was really nice to see you, Bob, Tracy and the cute baby cousins!!! don't worry if you couldn't socialize as much. .looking after a little toddler is a handful!!

Faith! blonde shades on blonde will look lovely. . gotta show a picture when you get it done!

supersimbo said...

hehe funny hair rocks!
you have the pics thing sorted now!

The Phantom Piccolo said...

Awesome hair! I have red hair and I'm terrified to do anything with it! I once put in a "temporary" black hair streak for a college party (supposed to wash out in 30-40 shampoos) in the fall. My hair apparently clung too hard to that color - I was taking Easter pictures with a slight green tint to that strand!

Congrats on an awesome hairdo!

Kathryn said...

Hey Piccolo!! thanx for stopping by!!!

Thanx for the compliment! I'm really enjoying this hair. . i feel more 'fun'! Did your black streak look good while it was in? my hairstylist said that some people's hair just soaks up the colour evenly and it really stays. If you're terrified to do anything, don't. . just enjoy your red hair, girl!

Dale said...

Holy hair change Batman! No, just kidding, it looks good Kat. It's a great way to stay young looking. I, on the other hand, am going prematurely gray (it runs in my family) so I just buzz off my hair instead. I kidded my wife about getting a mohawk - and I would if I could - but she veto'd that idea and politely reminded me that my boss wouldn't be amused. I have a feeling she's right. LOL

Kathryn said...

hey Dale!! thanx, bud. This is why i do crazy things with my hair. . cuz i'm going gray (started turning that way at age 20!!) and since I can't buzz it all off!!! *eek* i do this! I think you're wife's right about the mohawk!

How's the home schooling of the kiddies coming along?

Dale said...

Started at age 20 eh? Sounds like we may have similar genes. LOL Hey, you're not supposed to agree with my wife! LOL

Homeschool is coming along nicely. Breanna (our oldest and the only one being schooled at this point) is enjoying third grade, especially science (as my blog suggests).

Our second oldest, Shannon (who has CF), had her annual checkup at Strong Memorial in Rochester yesterday and the doctors were again amazed at her health and growth. They can't explain why she isn't showing signs of lung deterioration but my wife and I know it's all in God's hands.

Our youngest, Meagan, is a handful as always. She should be a great pal for her brother (still no name chosen) when he arrives this winter.

Kathryn said...

so nice to hear about your kids. I didn't know that one of them had CF. wow. . that's heavy duty, Dale. You're right - God is with her and all of you as you go through it. you all must be so excited about the little one, soon to arrive!!!

Dale said...

CF heavy duty? Yeah, it is I guess. It hit me pretty hard when we first had her diagnosed. My first thought was "My girl is going to die before me" and of course "Why?!"... But God has, as always, shown Himself to be even more "heavy duty" when we just rest in Him. We tend to take stock more of the blessings we have, enjoy the little things in life more often, take pleasure in the time spent with family and friends, etc. We've come to grips with the fact that any year she could suddenly be taken from this earth because of her illness. But we've place her in God's capable hands and we thank Him daily for the time He has given her with us for however long it will be. And God has blessed us for that I think. So far she has shown no signs of lung deterioration whatsoever (puzzling all the top CF docs at Strong Memorial), has a normal growth rate, and remains as healthy and active (if not more so) than most kids her age. The average life span for someone with CF is roughly 30-35 years so if God continues to maintain her health she has a very good chance of living to my age or even older. (There are a few CF patients at Strong Memorial who are in their 50's and 60's and research continues to make great strides towards an eventual cure.)

Kathryn said...

with your faith in God, your positive attitude and your appreciation of life, i think you all will be just fine, Dale. Thanx for talking about that. You are all brave. The life expectancy for CF patients has gone up by quite a bit! I remember reading a book years ago about a CF patient, a little girl. . the life expectancy then was late teens, at most early 20s. thank goodness its improved.

Dale said...

Thanks for your comments Kat. I appreciate them.

Paula said...

I just had my hair done too! You should have seen people's response! It was great...even humans of the male gender noticed, which shocked me no end!

BTW - Dame Edna's not really british :)

Sherri Lavender said...

love it!

Kathryn said...

hey, thanx Paula! I know what you mean. . i had the same response to my recent hair cut and highlights! men were complimenting me. . usually nobody even notices when i get it done! much to my chagrin - cuz i always notice when people have theirs changed. I guess it took purple to turn anyone's head?!!!

ha ha!!!

Thanx, Sherri!!! I love it a lot.

Lindsay said...

Dame Edna's not British? Where is he/she from?

Alexis said...

Kath: I forgot to mention how much I like the new look. I think it is fabulous and suits you. Is it easy to keep and do yourself.

I have been trying to find a new hairdresser who can do something new and fun for me at a reasonable price. Where is this Jen. Is she reasonably priced. I want a new look for all the special events I have coming up in October.

Alexis said...

Kath maybe you should post a before and after shot

it might be real cool for people to see the comparisome

Kathryn said...

Hey Lex. . thanx!!!

its pretty easy to do. . though I'm gonna go back to Jenny and get her to give me a 'step by step' . . including the products on how to get it to look like she does! I'm going to another wedding Oct 8. . so I will be going to her that morning, just so that she can do it for me!

She's about $35 for a wash, cut and blow dry. . She's at the Wellsprings Spa - her name is Jenny Smiley. . she's wonderful! She's young and fun and does great hair! I would absolutely recommend her. The spa telephone number is in the phone book. . i don't have it up here with me. .