Saturday, June 21, 2008

learning curve

learning is so much easier for children
adults have a much harder job of it
there's a lot we have to unlearn in order to learn
there are obstacles that must be removed
we've worked so hard to get here -
the place of knowing
we've have had decades to become set,
like cement
nothing sinks in.
nothing short of a jackhammer can break up that concrete
noisy mess
removal of what was known
being in the place of unknown
feeling unwise, humble and small


electroluminescence said...

mmm intense.
i already feel that sometimes and i'm a few weeks away from 21!!!

i love your blogs.
thanks for all the compliments on mine.... i don't post anything thoughtful or intelligent these days.
just photos and jabberwocky. hahaha.
but you are my most faithful commenter.
so thanks. it makes my day!

Gina said...

My dear friend, you are brilliant!