Sunday, June 08, 2008

do you ever wish?

i suppose its possible for people to go the whole span of their lives
without ever seeing anything truly fantastic
and i also suppose it depends entirely upon your definition of 'fantastic'

i'm inclined to think that there is so much fantastic going through us
and past and around us every day
and we are unaware
we are.

i often fail to notice the spectacular, especially when daily routine throws a cloaking device
over marvels and mysteries.
i miss things
when i take so much for granted the way i do

simple things that used to boggle my mind, but no longer seem to. . .
what is grass made of? i don't mean the breakdown of elements and such
but i want to know where did the elements come from? and how, together, do they make a blade of grass?

how is a grouping of rapidly dividing cells able to form a person?
i've read all about the particulars of cellular mitosis and division
and time tables of when and how and amniotic fluid and blood supply
but how are the cells given their widsom to do these things?
how does the soul/spirit permeate a developing human?
and how does it separate from the body with that last breath?
these things are fantastic.

but somehow, i can only see grass and babies
these are miracles
they are things we could never replicate
or duplicate

computers are intricate servants
we have created
with chips and glass and wires
running the world now.
how fantastically frightening and thrilling
and yet sometimes all i see is keyboards and monitors
i hear about RAM and bits and bites and binary code
and i'm not amazed
am i crazy?

once we become familiar with something
we lose our wonder
looking for the bigger fix

i watched a movie last night
exotic places
amazing natural wonders
far-fetched and extreme situations
and i thought to myself:
"When have i ever seen or experienced anything so colossal?"
and i answered myself. . . "never"
and i'm sure everyone else in that theatre would say the same
which is why we were all there
vicarious bunch.
drinking in stories, true or not
with endless thirst for more

more amazement
more fantasy
to escape reality?
or to point to our destiny?

do you ever wish to be amazed?
astounded? shaken from the mundane?
i do. .
but i've begun to realize that perhaps i have been
and didn't even know it

1 comment:

electroluminescence said...

i can relate to your posts so very muchly.
your words are pretty much my favourite.
i just LOVE how you can actually turn your thoughts into words! beautiful words.
i am so guilty of the same things.... totally complacent about things that are wondrous and complex....
and at other times... my mind is just blown...

It's overwhelming when you get even a smidgen of understanding just HOW epic & colossal our world really is.