Monday, June 04, 2007

is blogging on the way out?

i don't know, what do you guys think? is blogging starting to drop off? Are the interactive cyberactivities that much more fulfilling? Facebook, Myspace, MSN, whatever else there is out there? I find FB easy to use and kinda fun, certainly more instant and more about back and forth 'talking'. There is something about sitting down to write something. I don't think i could ever give that up and yes it is a solitary thing to do but it brings its own reward - letting things come from your heart, your mind, your spirit and giving them shape, choosing the words, seeing what you feel in writing. Its a thrill that 'wall writing' can't even touch. Though you do put yourself 'out there' having phrased your vulnerabilities or vanities, hoping that what you say will resonate with somebody? anybody? help them? give them a smile? and with blogging you always wonder. . .your ego wonders! and i do hear this in other bloggers' posts. . "Does anybody actually read this?"!!! Its even tempting to keep score of how many people visit your site (though this is something i've never done, because i really don't want to know). All things considered, i still enjoy blogging and checking people's blogs. i like to read what they're thinking , what inspires them, what irks them, amuses, all kinds of other things. i love communication but i notice the effect remote closeness has on me. I sit to write, i read other people's writings - feeling connected, yet oddly disconnected. Keeping the world at arm's length, but at my fingertips. Sure its great for keeping in touch with geographically-distant friends/family, but its bizarre that i have more cyber than actual contact with people who live in my own city!!

Why don't people call? visit? These things take precious time. I think the pace of life has almost dictated such innovation. Virtual contact brings control, choice - to read or not, to make comment or not, how to block/inspect comments prior to allowing them, how to keep away the spam, control how much personal information you divulge, choose what time of day or night to access, its very convenient - customizable but relationally stifling at the same time. Do you feel more free to express yourself here and perhaps more inhibited in face to face encounters? Everyone searches out their own methods to make communication technology work for them, this has always been true. I don't know though, there is a different feel in the 21st century. Fewer boundaries? More danger? Is it too much for us? Can we handle it? Technology races headlong and consequences trail in its wake.

We're all in this, i'm not grousing, just making observations. i'm thinking about the implications of computerization as it relates to our lifestyles, our friendships, our ways of informing, sharing, bonding, distancing. . it is interesting. . . .


emma said...

I'm tracking with you... I think you've hit the nail on the head with a lot of that post, even just from my own experience. Time is our most valued 'commodity' now, we don't mind giving you five minutes over the internet to read your blog and know whats going on with you, but to make the effort to physically go and be with someone... it takes longer, takes effort, takes time.

It's easier to be vulnerable via online communication. There is a freedom to be vulnerable, but there is also a wall, a barrier that keeps us from being too vulnerable... we can stop, pull back, delete at any time.

Tee said...

This post described some of the thoughts I've had tongue-tied up in my brain and have been unable to unravel. You do that often actually.

This is something I think about more often than I'd liked to admit - after all - it's not "real" life - why should I care? But I do, because what I experience through blogging is very real.

Blogging has given me a voice - a voice that I am unable to use otherwise because of my shyness. It also gives the blogger a platform and an audience - which most of us don't have access to.

Blogging helps me to work through thoughts and feelings, to learn, to bounce ideas off others, to evaluate myself and grow.

I don't have a blog counter on my site. I had one long ago and it became an obsession - the numbers - how high could it go? Why did the numbers go down? Did I say something wrong? ... no, I couldn't write like that. I have to write what I feel moved to write and nothing less.

I feel the connect/disconnect. I feel friendships that somehow leave me lonely. But I'm thankful, because otherwise I would have never "known" these people at all.

Blogging is a blessing and a curse, but more so a blessing, and that's why I keep doing it.

kathryn said...

really great stuff, Emma and Tee! Thank you for sharing your own feelings on this subject. . true too. I appreciate both of your blogs and i always appreciate your presence/wisdom/affirmation here on mine! xo p.s. I'm really glad to 'know' you both!!!

Denise said...

I'm in the same spot.

I've taken to sitting at home with a word document open on my laptop almost all the time - cause there are often so many thoughts going on in my head, if I don't get them out, I might just explode!
Some of these thoughts are between God and I, some I will share, others...stay typed on the page.
I enjoy reading others blogs and finding out what's going on in their lives. It give me the chance to stay somewhat connected to those I don't see often, but also gives me things to pray specifically for in their lives, which is something else I enjoy greatly.
However, we cannot allow this form of communication to hinder us from being vulnerable in the community that exists around us. God has called us, as his followers, into community with others-why do you think Jesus had 12 ppl with him so often!?! We can't forget or hide from the reality of community, it isn't healthy.
just some thoughts! =)

kathryn said...

thanx for your heartfelt comment, Dee. i love how you use your blog surfing to pray for others. . love that!!! and the last paragraph really hits me, cuz i don't assemble with any other christians at all. . .and i feel worse for it.

Amy said...

I love blogging because it gives me an outlet for writing. Sometimes I feel pressure to keep updating it, and I do have a counter on my site (which was very eyeopening) but I hardly remember to check it now. It's not an obsession, just more of a curiosity point.

I think Emma's right aobut how it's hard to give people more than the few minutes it takes to read their blog, but at the same time there are people I would have no contact with but for blogs. I love the way blogging makes me feel like I'm connecting with the world...both through my own blog and others.

kathryn said...

Amy, i like what you have to say also. People who like to write and express themselves in that way really do love their blogging. i'm with you there. All of your comments, women, your own blogs -- i've been able to appreciate them because of 'blogging' and i'm glad! women are great communicators for the most part and its cool that these comments have been from the women. i guess for us, anyway, blogging is a great tool in our "communication tool box"!

Denise said...

Kat - while I think its important to "assemble" physically with Christians(and I pray that you will find this), it can also be beneficial for us to "assemble" with those who aren't physically near us. That's one thing that I love about blogging - and facebook - it keeps in the loop with other Christian community that I desire, crave, want and need.

kathryn said...

of course you're right, Dee!!! assembling can mean different things these days. Thank God.