Saturday, November 04, 2006

some great finds!!!!

All i set out for this morning was a walk downtown to the market and I ended up finding some fabulous, little things that made me so happy and these little things merged into even more happiness as the day went on, but i'll get to that. .

The sun was glorious today, made all the difference to my too-long-without-UV rays spirit. .
The tedious work week was behind, the freedom of Saturday was before me and that alone felt really great. On weekends my mind can be light. I get a break from the constant, daily bombardment of medical terminology. Being a medical scribe for my city puts me in a strange place. I literally handle people's distress, their heaviness and panic with my fingertips. If it could just stay in my fingers , but it soaks in and affects me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Weekends, I don't want to think. I throw off memories of accumulated sorrow and disease and trauma. Friday evenings, I crash. I know you're all probably the same. . the end of the week you're tired of routine, of job duties, tired of structure .. . am i right?

I like to sleep in a bit on Saturday mornings, then I get my walking music ready and i dress for the weather and go to the farmer's market. I love to have a 'soundtrack' playing. It elevates a walk to a whole different level. Now, if there was a place where you could put in your order for the ultimate autumn Saturday, this would be the day you would want. Chill, not cold. Clear, fair sky with just enough white cloud to please the eye, all the better to contrast the brilliant sun. I like to walk quickly, it gets the lead out and makes me feel alive. As i covered ground i noticed that some of the trees were still unwilling to part with their leaves, though enough fell for ambience and it wasn't lost on me. I rounded a corner and passed a huge, old mansion - slate gray trim, limestone block, dark and stately. Most of its landscaping was equally muted, with the exception of a large, ridiculously red bush - purest crimson. I could not stop staring, it made me feel so great.. .. and i wished so much that i had my camera to show someone. I hope that you can picture this anyway. This city has such beauty. I love the heritage buildings everywhere, almost like living in 2 centuries simultaneously.

Of course i had to stop on the bridge. The sun glinted off the water's surface, drawing attention to the swirling river below. Even though its a homely shade of brown I love to look at it, just because its water and it calms me. Another couple of blocks found me at the first market stall looking for something good and it wasn't long before i had bags of leeks, peppers, pears I bought a remembrance day poppy from a blue-uniformed cadet, purchased a giant Jonah Gold apple for Rob from a cute vendor who called me 'sweetheart' - which made me smile, though i put it down to the pink, girlie coat i was wearing and i headed indoors for some fresh buffalo mozarella and focaccia. That was enough for me. I had every intention of being good by avoiding the chocolate shop across the street. . but i think they have a tractor beam and i found myself there in under 2 minutes. I was slightly ashamed that my resolve was so crumbly, but the mint meltaways proved too powerful.

As I made the reverse trip i passed through the square in which 2 huge, old presbyterian churches bear architectural and geographical witness to a falling out of the nth degree. . . occupying land kittykorner to each other, the fractured congregation could remain a stone's throw, yet so far apart. It must have been so weird back when the split happened. Every time i see the spires, all i can think of is disunity and rivalry. Knowing their history, today I found it hilariously childish that each would have a competing fundraising bazaar on the same day, starting and ending at the same time. . I took a notion to attend the 'mother ship's sale and found some of the coolest, little bargains ever!!! salt and pepper shakers for 25 cents!! cool, wooden ones - i have been searching everywhere for some that i liked!! I found a gorgeous, antique-looking glass bowl for 75 cents!!! and some other items that i cannot say. . because they are Christmas gifts for my oldest daughter, who reads this blog!!!! All i'm gonna say is that they were insanely good bargains and they will make her very happy!!! (I even got some for myself, which thrilled me to no end, but which also must remain secret -- shhhhh!!!)

Just after I reached home with my bags of treasure, Rob and KK came home with great news -- our 9-month search for a second vehicle is over!!! We are proud almost owners of grey, 5-speed Dakota truck, to be picked up in just a few days. Glory be!!! Lindsay and the kiddies appeared on the scene just before we went to get the groceries - their timing was perfect! The full moon seems to make Erica extra feisty, at least that's her mom's theory!!! So, she was quite the little handful today - outdoor voice non stop. . oh, me nerves! The cherry on the top of this day would be Rob's blessed Leafs winning their game tonight. Hallelujah! We just spent a tense couple of hours watching MI III. . and what a slam-bang rollercoaster ride that was!!! Fantastic movie to end an especially great day. You never know what a day will bring, do you? But when it turns into an 'everything's comin' up roses' day that brings smiles and happiness - how great is that?! We all need those days once in a while and when they come along they're magic.

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Lindsay said...

Sounds like a great day! I'm quite excited to see what you found for me at the sale...I'm sure I'm going to love it!