Monday, November 27, 2006


Isn't it true that when you look for one thing, you often find other things you didn't even know were missing until you rediscovered them?

As usual, we cram everything we can into our days off work - like everyone else on the planet! Saturday was quite the run errands, get all the stuff done you've been procrastinating waaay too long kind of day! It felt good to clear out so much clutter, dispose of some, rearrange some more and have a real sense of accomplishment. I feel more together now, bills are paid, closets are cleaned out, ditto for cupboards, entire rooms too!!! Rob took a sledge hammer to an old, cement double laundry tub. It was original to this early 1950s home and he had envisioned a use for it once upon a time. Well that time never came and though it stored vertically and acted as a strange, makeshift shelving unit, it was a huge annoyance for me and once in a while i'd start in on how i wanted that ugly lump of a thing GONE!!! I got my wish yesterday!!! yeeeee hawww!!! I have SO much room my in the laundry room. I pinch myself every time i step in there! While Rob was hammering away at that, i was up to my elbows in tissue paper, gift bags, seasonal decorations and a bunch of really, really odd things. . . . a plastic 'singing' flower *don't ask!* a rainbow light bulb, 2 pair of cheap swim goggles, some gigantic clam shells from one of our trips, old sheet music, ironing that is waiting to be ironed pffffttttt, like i'm gonna do it!!!, a desk top fan, some egg crate foam, a paper star with my oldest daughter's written name, surrounded by lots of little stick-on stars, a crazy eyeball necklace stone (with no chain). This kind of stuff makes me crazy.

All the spontaneous purging came about because i had been so ahead of myself with my Christmas shopping. . that i'd forgotten some of the locations of my various stashes!!! It took me a few hours, but i eventually did find the 2 small things i had wanted to find. Do you guys do the same thing? You start on one task, which kinda branches off and you follow up on a another sub task, at which time you then do a sub sub task. . well, you get the picture. This is how i work. I get so easily sidetracked. . . don't give me a job sorting through anything sentimental, cuz tasks go right out the window and i go right down memory lane, and there's certainly kleenex involved. Rob doesn't get that. . he just does one thing until it is done. This is something i admire greatly, but cannot do!!!! heh heh. . . oh well!

He gets sentimental these days with his 2 'babies'. . our van and HIS new truck. . . which, between Rob and our youngest daughter, KK has been dubbed "Shifty McDodge". . . *yes, its a standard* They're both getting after me cuz i haven't driven it it. . . maybe i'm a bit rusty with a stick, but i know i can do it. . just like riding a bike? (except with a clutch). I'd better take it out for a spin soon, get those 2 off my back! Anyway, on one of my subtasks I happened to glance out the kitchen window to see Rob in the driveway, smiling away, hosing and scrubbing up those 2 vehicles. (I called KK to the window and said to her. . "Look at your Dad!" We LAUGHED!!! He looked very 'man' happy. . you know that man thing with vehicles being more than vehicles. . they have names, personalities -- he's not really extreme like some guys who wash and Armour-All their tires. . . but he loves them significantly more than i do. *makes me smile at the difference between men and women!*

It's been a great weekend. .all that organization, gorgeously warm weather, family dinner, making cookies with the grandkids, market jaunt and musical fun thrown in the mix too!!! but it's 1:10 a.m. now, I have work in das morgen. . . and i'm kinda pooped - gute nacht, meine kinder!!! this is me, signing off -- over and o u t !!!!!


Lindsay said...

Ha ha..Shifty McDodge is an excellent name for the truck! I do that frequently, I'll start dusting, which will turn to cleaning out closets, rearranging my DVD/CD shelf, then glass cleaning, etc. Who knows how many tangents I may go off on every time I start doing something?!

Tee said...

I love the feeling that comes from doing all those random chores.

I am SO like that - meaning to clean one thing and getting side tracked. Before I know it I have 5 half done projects and a bigger mess than when I started. LOL.

Infact, even when I was a little kid this happend. I'd be sent up to clean my room. Hours later I'd be found reading books, an old journal or playing with some previously forgotten toy. LOL.

Getting rid of the cement tub sounds like FUN! A sledge hammer! I've never gotten to use one of those. Call me over next time. Hee hee...

Kathryn said...

hee hee. . Shifty McDodge!!! We were driving somewhere, talking about the Simpsons "Max Power" episode. . at the end of which Homer wanted to name Marge either "Busty St. Clair" or "Hooty McBoob". . and after her protests, he said: "Hooty McBoob it is!" So Shifty's name was sort of inspired by that whole 'remember the Simspons episode'!!!!

Ladies. . what is it with us and getting sidetracked in our chores?!!!! All 3 of us do that anyway!!! heh heh. . .

Tee. . I too would have LOVED to get a piece of that sledgehammer action. . but alas Rob had it reduced to rubble before i even knew he was thinking of doing it!