Tuesday, November 07, 2006


i love to create. my creativity runs along certain tracks, which is, i guess, what makes the creative force within me specifically mine. i love how this is true for everyone, whether they think that they are 'creative' or not -- they are.

i'll share some of my thoughts, if you'll share some of yours. . . okay?

I love to be in the kitchen. I feel very natural there. . like its my place, my thing. My childhood sandbox was an imaginary diner, i had lots of pretend customers. My Easybake oven was my first experience with heat and my sisters were my guinea pigs, when it came to my learning how to make actual meals. . . God bless them, they survived!!!

For me, my kitchen is a place to bring what nature provides in and then create with these provisions to give to others. It makes me happy. I feel joy. I never think of creating something in the kitchen as a 'chore', i never view cooking or handling food as a task - i think of it as a sensory experience and a chance to give. Physical food is life and treating that food with respect and care is a great thing. When i think of all the wonderful things there are to add to food and do with food - i find myself totally inspired. Why settle for something to just fill the hunger gap, when i can incorporate the best and freshest ingredients to create layers of flavour, and texture and colour. I love the sounds and smells of working with food, i love the challenge of mastering a technique, teaching myself, experimenting. I think about creating things all the time. I look at the raw components and think "What can I make with this?" This is one part of my life that never switches off. that's what i've wanted to say about creativity. . . . when you have things that so interest you and engage you -- you couldn't switch them off if you tried, that's something you're meant to do!

Another thing that's always been with me is an undying love for words. I don't like them, i don't think they're okay. . . i really love them. I can't remember a time in my life when i didn't. I can express myself verbally to a degree, but i feel like when i write there is nothing i can't say. I've gone from stories in grade 1 to blogging right now. . with so many stilted, bumbling, affected attempts at expressing myself in between. But its always seemed to me that the words forgave me if i didn't do them justice, which makes me appreciate them more. I've spent time writing when i feared that if i stopped the flow it wouldn't come back again. . i've had times when i felt a strong urge to pick up a pen and have been amazed with what spilled onto the page. I've learned not to force. I've learned about dry times and abundance. It makes me cringe when i look back on some of my stuff, but some of the more special things help to atone for the flops. I feel lucky if i can come up with a memorable phrase or 'the perfect sentence'. Its about being fearless and being okay going out there, knowing there's as much of a chance of screwing up as there is of making something wonderful. Creating is about being open, receiving all of life around and within and as those experiences mix with your personality and steep in your soul (emotions, will, mind) they come out as this creative energy. This process can't be rushed and can't be faked, though i've tried to do both with miserable results. Its all so mysterious and exciting!

i really love creating celebration in every day life. . i love to decorate and put thought into little, wonderful details that make the whole thing that much nicer. i love to shop for current or future festive occasions. . it really excites me when it all comes together and makes others feel good and happy. . i feel really fulfilled.

i'm trying to understand that creativity is being able to integrate all the parts of my life that i might tend to compartmentalize. I think that i impede my creativity. Maybe i'm limiting the flow from what could be a surge to a mere trickle. . i get used to less and don't ache for more because i've settled and gotten apathetic. Switching off parts reduces the whole.

when i think of inspiration, there is just so much that can do this. some of the most basic things that inspire me would be just the material world itself -- the elements -- earth, water, air, fire. . i feel love within me when i look at the world, love for its maker, love for its beauty. i want to touch these things, photograph them, smell them, be in them. . (well, maybe not fire?!!!!) In these things I see God and feel his presence. I feel at home in water. . another long-time love in my life. . . water. . water. . how much more could i love water?! I have a lot of water dreams and depending on my psychological state at the time, the water can be raging, flowing or still, deep or shallow.

I'll stop there. . but I really would love to hear what some of your things are. . do you love to create? and if you do, what do you love to do with your own creative energy? How do you best express youself? What/who inspires you??!!! tell me!!!


FreeThinker said...

Thanks for sharing. Hmmm ... how am I creative? Well, one thing that comes to mind is postage stamps. I used to collect them, now I use them. It takes several small denomination stamps to add up to the required US$.39, so I like to find a "theme" (Presidents, National Parks, butterflies, space, etc.) among several stamps and attach them to the letter. Really catches the eye!

Kathryn said...

hey, freethinker! welcome. . I'm glad you stopped in for a visit! I think you've got a creative name, ditto for your hobby!! costs me $.51 Cdn to mail a letter. . i'd like .39 better!!!

emma said...

Water.... oh I am with you there.... I am at peace and happy on the water... it is a beautiful thing. Kayaking, canoeing, sailing, bodyboarding, swimming, paddling along the sea... how beautiful. Makes me feel so peaceful. I love to just sit and watch the ocean tide coming in and out.

Kathryn said...

totally, Emma!! LOVE water. . rivers, lakes, oceans, ponds -- all gorgeous, all have the same effect on me too! ahhh. . .

Tee said...

Gosh, we have so much in common - and I couldn't have said it any better! I love cooking and writing, too. Thanks for this inspirational and happy post. It's also a good reminder not to take the little things for granted.

faith said...

one of my favorite things is when I get a new recipe that I've never tried before, but know that I will like and it turns out better than I thought! gosh I love to cook! *sigh*

of course drawing/painting too is good.

Kathryn said...

ah, Tee!!! its always great to hear from you! We ARE very similar!!! cooking and writing. . so fun. You're a very creative woman.

Faith!!! hey hon. . another chef!!! isn't being in the kitchen the best? and you have such a talent with your painting and drawing. . i WISH i had that, but i'm sadly untalented in those ways! you don't even wanna see anything i do!!!