Saturday, July 01, 2006

My Canada

Happy Birthday, Canada!!!!

You are my home and native land.
I love your rocks and trees and water. . some people may joke that's all you are, but we know better!
I love your mountains. . they make me feel so small and fill me with awe.
I love your oceans and your lakes, your rivers - life giving and sustaining.
You are diversely and beautifully cultured -- so many nations in one. We all belong.
You have enduring symbols, heroes, icons, celebrities, sports -- Banting, Trudeau, the maple leaf, the beaver, basketball, the loon, Tommy Douglas, hockey, Tim Horton's, RCAF, The Great One, Canadian Tire!!
You're self-effacing and modest.
Your heart is peaceful.
Your social programs, though certainly flawed, are so appreciated.
Your politicians, though clay-footed, govern and advocate for all of us.
Your democracy and freedom - though lacking fanfare and trumpeting abroad - is precious and too often underappreciated.
Canada. . i don't tell you often enough how much i love and appreciate you!
I love your 'flavour'. . not too strong, not too bland. . to me you're just right.
I love your tolerance, but please do guard against being so completely open that you don't stand up for anything, especially your own founding principles.
I was born within your boundaries and will most likely end my life within those same boundaries.
I've traveled to other countries. I've seen their beauty and experienced their flavour.
For me, there's nothing like coming home to you.
Canada, its an honour to be one of yours.


supersimbo said...

canada sounds fab................i am currently going through a very "pissed off with my country and culture" phase...............feel like slapping the s@*t out of someone ................apparently though i cant do that..........think id lose my job and all that jazz! Somedays i love this place and well sometimes i lose glad you feel as you do about Canada........may you always enjoy and embrace those things that make you Canadian, God Bless Canada!!!

Kathryn said...

Oh, Ally. . thank you asking God to bless my country. I ask God to bless Ireland too!! What a gorgeous land you inhabit, rich in history, resilient and passionate people. . hence all the troubles, i suppose? just misdirected passion. I'm so sorry that your country has had so much tumult and tribulation -

The older i become the more i love and appreciate my country.

emma said...

Yea, happy (belated) Canada Day!! Hope you really enjoyed it... similar to ally I go through phases of liking Ireland... its a beautiful country, but sometimes the people (us, me) are just plain stupid. But yea, I guess thats partly our heritage... I'd like to change that though.

CMC said...

Also Happy Belated Canada Day, my boss at work is from vancouver, and was goin on about it all last week, im also coming to canada in september, really lookin forward to it

Kathryn said...

thanx, CMC!!! It was a great day! I hope that you have a great visit here in the fall?! September is a great time of year . . not too hot, not cold - just right!!!

Lindsay said...

Canada is a great country!! I always consider myself lucky to be a Canadian,and there aren't too many things I could complain about. We have a nice well-rounded climate, good food, beautiful scenery, comparatively low crime rate, and a good government that usually makes smart choices(you know what I'm talking about...(*cough*not invading Iraq *cough*)!
The way I see it, if the worst thing the government does to us is overpay us on bonuses and then make us pay them back but does not write the amount owing on the bill, we've got it pretty good. Happy Canada Day!!!!

Kathryn said...

you're so right, Linds. . we do have such an easy go of things, when you compare our 'trials' to those of the developing world. Canada is an awesome place to call home!!