Saturday, April 29, 2006

joyous feeling - you know? LIFE!

What's not to love about a day that begins with sleeping in?!!! I'm of two minds when it comes to sleeping in. . . my first mind nags like this: "Oh, what a waste of time! Think of all the things you could have done." My second mind thinks like this: "AHHHHH! That was great!!! No work, no 'should' or 'have to' just 'want to'! Freedom!!" So, guess which mind won the battle this a.m.??? You guessed it. . . mind #2!!!!! WOOOH!

Do you have those days where you feel just generally glad about things? I had one today. . it was so releasing, i felt released from the work grind, i felt released from the structure of the Monday - Friday routine. Saturdays, for me, always feel so promising - hours of time to walk, read, visit the market, shop, get things done around the house, see my grandchildren, my daughters, spend more time with Rob, see a movie, cook the way i like to when i have time, bake the same way, travel around the region. I don't always get all those things done in one Saturday, but I appreciate the chance to pack as much as possible in!!!Spring has got me itching to change things around. . i have so many ideas, its time to get to work on them. We have our anniversary coming up May 2. . married for 25 years - neither one of us can believe it. . together now for a total of 29 years. Great years.. absolutely great!

Today was a belated birthday celebration for Mom, who's been so busy, this was the first chance we had to mark her special day! I planned the menu earlier in the week. . roast beef, yorkshire pudding, gravy, steamed broccoli, corn, mashed potatoes. Rob shopped for the food today while I got started on the desserts, which are always done first. . Carrot cake cupcakes - made with fresh ginger, real maple syrup, pineapple and spices, cream cheese icing, topped with fresh strawberry slices -- chocolate-topped coconut/condensed milk squares and fresh strawberries. . I had a blast!!! I love any chance to get busy in the kitchen -- its one of my favourite ways to be good to those I love.

We had a great meal together, after which we enjoyed a trip to the park - the kids slid and ran around and swung and saw the deer and the birds, the ducks and geese. Lindsay and the kids went on their way home. KK, Rob, Mom and i enjoyed a drive in the country - saw the cows and horses, even a couple of wild turkeys!! took a rollercoastery side road and screamed like we were on a ride at Wonderland!! Capped the trip off with a stop at Timmie's for drinks, then dropped Mom off and headed home. Rob and I went for a walk, then watched CSI taped from Thursday!!! and THEN saw "Tristan and Isolde". .

Its late now, i'm gonna close. Rob's playing guitar downstairs, I love when he does that. . I love living in a music house. . what's not to love about staying up till 2 a.m.?! squeeze every bit outta the one day and bite into the next one! heh heh. . . I'm an incurable nighthawk. I may just sleep in this morning. .


supersimbo said...

great post kat......your last wee thought has had me pretending to be tom waits.......... nighthawks at the diner is a great album!!!! you got me singing it!!

Kathryn said...

heh heh. . made you sing! Now of course I must check out that album! If you say its great, I have full confidence that it is!!!

Of course I slept in today!!! had more travelling dreams, plane, train, on foot, connecting from place to place - on the run.
My mother in law would claim that I had been lying on my left side (which she says is the 'dreaming side') LOL!

Lindsay said...

Sleeping in...a luxury that I know nothing about! Sleeping in for me is 8:00 at the latest. This morning would have been lovely to stay in bed until 9, I stayed up last night until 2 a.m. and I was quite groggy! That was a great meal last night, good English dinner. That Yorkshire was heavenly! I like it in the muffin shape better as opposed to the toad in the hole form, it's lighter and tastier.

Kathryn said...

ah, Linds you are a young mother, of course you don't know what sleeping in is!!!! I remember the exhilerating feeling Dad and I had when you and KK were old enough to get up on Saturday morning, get your cereal and watch cartoons while we had a bit of extra shut eye!

Glad you liked the meal!!! I liked the yorkshire in the muffin tins too. . I'd like to buy proper popover pans, they will make them even lighter and higher. . i used the dry mustard/dijon mustard/sugar rob on the roast (very British) the only thing that would have put it over the top would be may roast parsnips. . love those!