Thursday, February 16, 2006

how are you?

This post is about you. I usually talk too much anyway!!

How has your week been so far? Have you been working? having some days off? What have you been up to in your leisure hours? Any cleaning or fixing up? playing some music? studying? Anything you love on TV that you enjoy watching?!

Have you been well physically? emotionally? spiritually?

What do you think of the winter olympics? been keeping up? (me -- just minimally, very little)
Are you excited to think that spring isn't far away?!

What's your new favourite little thing these days? a tool. . a make up product. . . a favourite item, book, CD, fave breakfast cereal, etc.

Do you have any comforting winter rituals that you enjoy? like putting on your robe and slippers and curling up? maybe going out to do some kind of winter activity, then warming up afterwards?

How's your car behaving these days? good, i hope!!?

Are you cooking up plans for vacation time sometime during this year?

Seeing your friends? Entertaining?

Are you volunteering any place? thought about it? even donating blood or something? food for the food bank, etc? sponsoring a child in another country?

Seen any good movies at the theatre lately? Any on your must see 'big screen' movie list?
Rented any good ones?

Well, i'm kinda sleepy. . .so i'll sign off. . but I really hope that you're having a good week!

bye for now.


Dale said...

Hey, Kat! What have I been up to this week? Well, for one thing I've been trying to get back into reading more of the blogs I used to frequent last month or before. I've also been doing some praying and chatting with some brother Christian musicians about whether or not God wants us to get back together and get out playing again in a new band (and it looks as though God does want that). I'm also catching up on some other web site projects I have been doing for a few people. Plus I've been enjoying my new baby boy! Life has been good for me!

Kathryn said...

hey, bud! So good to hear from you. I'm glad that things are going well for you!!! I bet your little boy is the cutest. . i love babies!! I really hope you do form a new band. . that would be so cool. Glad that you're getting back to reading some blogs too. I've missed you! I hope that you'll be doing some of your own blogging now and then. . when you're not quite so busy!!

emmsy said...

I'm great thanks! This week i've been dosin' about school and the Wash Basin. And today I went to work. Oh the joys! My current favourite thing is listening to music I havent listened to in ages, which is really great. How are you?

Kathryn said...

Here I go, I'm going to answer all your questions!
My week's been pretty uniform, pretty normal. No, not a whole lot going on...
I've been pretty well, although I don't think I ever really woke up on Thursday. I was pretty bedraggled that day, what with not having time to have a shower OR a coffee that morning(shudder)but other than that, no illnesses to report! This winter our immune systems have been working overtime. It's great, especially considering the misery we went through last winter!
Olympics - I've been watching a bit - I saw the men's alpine skiing with the moguls(is that what those bumps in the hill are called?)and some snowboarding and downhill skiing, but that's about it. Oh yeah, we saw some figure skating, too.
Hmmm, favourite thing..I don't know about this one, I like all my things!
Winter ritual - I like going for hikes in the woods when it's not too cold for it. The fresh air in your lungs and the exercise feels really good.
My car's been behaving, except for that strange rumbling noise the right rear wheel makes when you step on the brakes!
I think we might go to Huntsville for a week and visit Mike's family this summer..I'd like to go camping up there, it'd be an experience!
Seeing friends - I don't ever get to see them, but I do talk to them on the phone a lot. We're going over to Mike's friend's house Tuesday night to watch him feed a mouse to his snake! Now that's what I call fun!
Volunteering-I'm planning on clearing out my cupboards and giving the food bank a whole bunch of stuff. I know it's not technically volunteering, but it's all I really have time for.
Movies rented - We rented The Brothers Grimm not too long ago, and honestly, it wasn't as bad as all the critics were making it out to be. The special effects were really what carried the film, but the storyline and acting were not too shabby, either!

lindsay said...

Aaaah! That last comment was actually Lindsay. I always do that....!

Kathryn said...

hey Lindsay and Emma! Sounds like you're both working hard.
I like to do to that too, Emma. . listen to music i haven't heard in a while. . makes it 'new' all over again! I'm doing well, thanx!

Today was Lindsay and James and Eri visit day! Me and Rob and Auntie KK got to play with the kids for hours! *and Lindsay got her blogging in here. . on our computer!* Huntsville for a week sounds great for you guys!! Good that you're giving some food to the food bank! excellent way to help others!!