Saturday, February 11, 2006

Eri Fairy

This is our little granddaughter, Eri. She just turned 2 on Feb 8. . . (this picture is a few months old) Today was a combination Valentine's Day bash and Eri's b'day bash!! We dined on chicken cordon bleu, twice baked potatoes, cauliflower with a cheese bechamel sauce and peas.

Dessert was a delicious chocolate/strawberry cream cake (made by Auntie KK!) decorated with little heart gummy candies circling the bottom and teeny heart-shaped sprinkles on top (which Erica called "baby candy") We had cranberry/raspberry sparkling juice and shortbread iced heart cookies with the most beautiful, large, red strawberries ever!

There were gifts: my little ponies, dora pj's, pretty clothes and shoes, bedding for her new bed, an artist's desk (she's really into drawing) even a big wheel from her Mommy and Daddy! We played with balloons and parachuted a sheet over the kids, which they found very exciting! Then we bounced balloons on top of the sheet and whipped them into the air. Mike wrapped the kiddies up in the sheet and carried them around the rec room like a shopping bag, which made them squeal with laughter. Who would think that a simple flat sheet could be so versatile and fun?! Finally, we put on fiddle music and danced!!! Lots of photo ops!

There were treat bags to take home, containing delicious Reid's chocolates, jelly beans, fruit leather, little toys, valentine's crazy straws and for the grown ups, Tim Horton's coffee shop gift certificates, picture frames, chocolate and candies PLUS beautiful carnations for the women!

All's quiet now. Linds, Mike and the kids are home, KK's gone dancing with her girlfriends, Mom's gone home and Rob is watching hockey. I read my book for a bit, but I'm sitting now at the computer, here in the dining room, and as I look around I smile , remembering our party and I smile as I take a good look around at the baby pink and white streamers criss crossing the room -- the centrepiece of pink tulips and candles on the table, clusters of pale pink, white and red balloons, tied with valentine ribbon hang from either end of the curtain rod and from the chandelier. Beautiful remnants, which I'll leave for at least another week, because I love decorations so much! We all had a lot of fun -- what a great day!! Eri's had her 2 celebrations in one week. We're not so sure she really understands being an age, we're not sure if she understands why all of a sudden she gets this big cake with candles and gifts?! But she was soaking it up! She enjoyed ripping the paper away from the parcels and taking the tissue out of the gifts bags to discover so many cool things! Oh, i'm enjoying these little honeys now while they still love to come to Nana and Opa's house!. A time will come when they will grow up and be busy with their friends, I know. I'm not wishing anything away. . . grateful for every hug and kiss and happy time we have!!!

As Valentine's Day approaches, I hope that you think of love and life and I hope that you celebrate like crazy !!!!! Pour it on like there's no tomorrow. Posted by Picasa


supersimbo said...

ah cute kid!!! valentines day kinda isnt a deal with us..........i mean cherith and i!! the food all sounds great....

Kathryn said...

Eri is such a sweetheart, as is her big brother! The food was yummy and the whole occasion was fabulous! every day is a great day to celebrate something!

Tee said...

The menu sounds delicious! YUM! I can't believe your family has an Aunt KK!! My little sister's name is Katie and my first son began calling her "KK" years ago!

I have never heard the name Eri. Is it short for something? It sounds cute. (And boy does she need a cute name because she is so cute herself!)

Nana and Opa's house sounds so much more fun than Grandma and Grandpa's house. I like it! Did you know "O-pa" is a term used in Korean to mean "Big Brother" (but is used for any male older than you. I used to have a group of Korean friends and had a few "O-pa"s. :)

Any plans for Valentine's Day or are you partied out? :)

Kathryn said...

you mean there are 2 Auntie KK's!!??? WOW!!! We're not sure where "KK" came from? We think that our daughter's friends at school started calling our daughter "Kalyn" "KK! Everyone calls her that now, well except for her sister, Lindsay, who just calls her Kalyn or Kay. I often cal her KiKi!!

Eri is short for "Erica". . She's got us all wrapped around her little finger!

The party was so fun! Yeah, i'm pretty much partied out!!! But we will do something special on V-Day for sure. . I have Rob's gift bag to give him and he has stuff for me that he's hiding. I will probably cook us a nice dinner for 2! maybe some jasmine rice, grilled chicken, roasted veggies. . maybe a nice coeur a la creme with 5-berry coulis for dessert! (non fat version, which is very yum!)

Do you have any plans for your fam?! You seem to me to be a very creative, celebratory type of woman!! am i right?!

Hey, that's so cool about the Korean word O-Pa and what it means!!! Rob's family is Norwegian, Opa and Oma is Grandma and Grandpa. . . but I wanted to be "Nana" cuz my grandmmother was "Nana" to us and she was so dear. I want to be just as dear to my grandkids as she was to me and my sisters.

Lindsay said...

Man,that food was delicious! The twice baked potatoes were heaven! Erica had a great time. Remember James and that little jig he did to the fiddle music? Hee hee!

Kathryn said...

it was a great time!!!!! James' jig was adorable!!!!! Glad you're back online!!! yay!!!!